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Ava wants to know who Franco thinks tried to kill him.  He remembers his conversation with Carly, but decides not to tell Ava about it.  Ava informs Franco she spent Kiki’s whole life protecting her from him. Franco swears he’s changed, and Ava doesn’t need to keep him from his daughter anymore.  

Shawn is thrilled he and Carly are not responsible for Olivia’s shooting. He promises to tell Sonny the true story. Carly wonders who the second shooter could have been. Nevertheless, she’s glad the target is off their backs.   
AJ’s angry Nikolas could have given Liz the recording.  She admits she heard it by accident, and accuses him of being selfish and self-absorbed.  AJ wants to explain, but doesn't get the chance. Carly walks by, and Liz angrily calls her a slut. Carly is confused, until Liz tells her that she knows about the tryst. 
Carly swears it was a lapse in judgment.  Liz understands they’ll never be friends, but thought they had reached an understanding. Liz wonders why Carly would sleep with the man she was dating.  AJ didn’t cheat, because they were not together at the time. He begs Liz to understand.  
Liz thinks Monica’s behavior at the door that night makes sense now, but questions why AJ didn’t tell her the truth that night.  AJ didn’t want to hurt their chances of getting back together, and wonders if she’s going to dump him again.  Carly swears it will never happen again. She tells Liz that AJ really cares for her, but he's insecure. She also believes he overreacted, as did Liz. AJ begs Liz not to cut him out of her life, but Liz has to think about it.  
Tracy finds Luke at The Haunted Star drowning his sorrows, while trying to figure out a way to fix his health. He receives a gift basket, which contains a DVD.  Tracy thinks it’s from Franco, but it turns out to be from Helena.  Helena reveals if Luke has the DVD, she’s dead and Luke will be soon.  Helena explains while Luke was unconscious on The Haunted Star, she changed his earring for one laced with the toxin. This way, the poison would slowly kill him.  Helena informs Luke there is a way to reverse the process, but he has to figure it out before it's too late.  
Alexis wants Nikolas’ advice about Shawn.  Nik figures out Shawn is Sonny’s new enforcer, and tells Alexis to make a clean break. He warns she’ll end up like Sam, who accepted Jason being a killer. Alexis knows she's not innocent, and brings up Keifer. However, Nikolas reminds Alexis she had no intent to kill him.  They end up talking about Liz, and Alexis is surprised to hear Liz knows about AJ and Carly. She wonders if that clears a path for Nikolas and Liz.  Nikolas didn’t want to win Liz this way, and is uncertain of their future.  
Connie thinks Olivia has feelings for Sonny.  Olivia wonders the same about Connie.  Sonny’s ready to tell them something about the shooting, when Shawn interrupts.  Shawn explains to Sonny he didn’t shoot Olivia, and the police do not have another suspect yet. Sonny tells the women he had nothing to do with the shooting, but promises to deal with whoever did.  
Ava tells Franco he’ll need her help in winning Kiki over. She warns it has to be her way or the highway. Franco wonders how she’ll pull it off. Ava tells Franco they have to pretend to get back together.   Franco’s surprised by her idea, but Ava claims she believes he’s a changed and better man. She knows they can show Kiki he's changed together. The two kiss.  Ava declares they just might be able to sell this to their daughter.     

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    Loved the Alexis/Nik scenes.

    Good Carly/Liz/AJ scenes.

    I called it on Helena killing Luke from the grave.

    Ava intrigues me. Franco still annoys me.

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    Loved the Aj/Carly/Liz scenes, they were actually funny, and I’m glad Carly didn’t chew Liz up and spit her out like I expected her too lol

    Good call on Helena poisoning Luke Perkie!

    This is horrible of me to say, but Luke can die so Helena can win. I don’t care much for him. I wonder if Luke will have to go to that clinic where Robert and Robin are to search for his cure.

    Love me some Ava, I hope she’s more methodical/sinister than Faith was. FrankenTodd..meh..still don’t like him. I want to see more of Ava, she’s my favorite newbie, and MW is fantastic. I can’t wait until her story unravels more as we go on.

    I don’t really like where this triangle with Olivia/Sonny/Connie is heading because it can only lead to Connie’s DID coming back as I don’t think she’ll be able to handle her cousin and best friending boinking her ex-fiance..awkward…but since whatever alter will probably be taking out all this wrath on Olivia, bring it on, I’m all for it!

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    I love the character Ava and I’m noticing that she is receiving comparison to Faith Roscoe. However, I hope her character is developed a lot better than Faith was. So far, Im enjoying her though.

    Thought the AJ/Liz/Carly scenes were good. And I liked that there was confrontation between Liz and Carly yet it didn’t turn nasty. What always made me love Carly is the fact that she knows she makes mistakes and is self-destructive but she owns it.

    I’m on board now with a Olivia/Sonny/Connie triangle but in the end I would prefer him with Olivia.

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    I liked Ava until I saw this pairing with Frodd. Now that I know we’re going to have a Carly/Frodd/Ava triangle it just makes me dislike RH more.

    I too would like to see Sonny with Olivia because Connie is just too wimpy these days.

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    TV Gord

    I enjoyed Alexis’ reactions to the news that Liz found out about AJ’s romp with Carly. Even a little Alexis always makes me happy!

    Another funny moment was when Helena insulted Luke’s wife, and Tracy was indignant at first, until she realized Helena meant Laura.

    The only gripe I have about today’s show is that the Ava/Franco scenes seemed to be a repeat of yesterday’s show. There was a lot of rehashed area covered in those scenes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Connie and Olivia deal with each other in the battle for Sonny. Unlike some others, I don’t believe they plan to revisit Connie’s DID. They seemed to put a bow on that storyline when Connie returned a few months ago.

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    Even though I am a card carrying Niz fan, I don’t want Elizabeth to kick AJ to the curb over this. Ultimately, they were broken up. And while I do believe he should have fessed up when she did, I can understand why he didn’t. The man’s kind of a coward.

    However, what I do think she should do is, stop seeing him exclusively and date both men instead. I know soaps are all about slut-shaming, but why not? Liz hasn’t gotten any play in forever! And I think by giving both men a fair shot she (and the audience) can find out which person she’s ultimately more compatible with. I know her reasons for not giving Nikolas a chance go beyond AJ, but I really wish they would go this route. Quiz and Niz fans seem to be evenly split, so, why not give this triangle the (balanced) writing it deserves.

    Also, loved the faces Carly kept making in the background!

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    [quote=TV Gord]

    Another funny moment was when Helena insulted Luke’s wife, and Tracy was indignant at first, until she realized Helena meant Laura.

    That was funny! Helena said that bovine ex wife and Tracy look pissed for a second and was like Oh Laura. I laughed so hard at that.

    All the Liz/AJ/Carly stuff was good. The way Liz didn’t yell and just played the tape and told AJ bye was good. When she called him a mama’s boy was good. The way AJ was just whining and blaming Nikolas was so AJ. I wish he would have manned up and instead of playing the blame game just admitted what he did. He spent the whole time blaming Nik then he told Liz about how SHE broke it off with him and he was going to drink, bla bla bla. Basically he blamed Liz and poor Lizzy went soft.

    I did like how she called Carly a slut though. I also liked her bringing up Jake and Josslyn. (Imagine the stories if Jason’s son hooked up with Carly’s daughter. TIIC really screwed that up!) I liked that Carly saw the error of her ways and didn’t try to yell at Liz. I liked that Liz didn’t yell at Carly. I also loved the fact that Carly actually supported AJ by telling Liz that AJ really cares for her. Carly didn’t have to do that.

    I really hope ConKate turns crazy again and picks up a knife and has visions of Olivia as a cake and stabs the crap out of her. I don’t want to see the Bensonhurst girls fighting over Sonny.

    FF Ava and Franco. I just can’t. I don’t have the strength to endure Frodd.

    Tomorrow I will have to pour Tabasco sauce on my eyes..Sabrina/Patrick scenes in bed, PUKE


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    jeremy in chicago

    The last two days were pretty great – IMO that has a lot to do with who was and who was NOT on screen (I’m talking to you, NuLu/DanteSabrina/Felix/Ellie/Spinelli/Britch/Taylor/TJ/Molly/Cole Thornhaart).

    Alexis/Nik – could watch them all day.

    Olivia/Sonny/Connie – NOT feeling this. This triangle is a classic example of writers not being able to think of anything better. It’s lazy writing. I appreciate the effort b/c I love Lisa LoCicero and Kelly Sullivan has grown on me a lot over the years. But this is not the kind of story Sonny needs. This triangle could end up being a bit comical and incestuous, I’m not sure… either way, it seems forced instead of natural. Sonny needs a new pairing – preferably with Ava. Maybe with Olivia in the mix. But Connie has run her course, IMO. I actually think her days are numbered now. Sullivan is great but there’s no story.

    AJ/Liz/Carly – Liz saved face by not overreacting. I think this will just open her up to more of a triangle. Really, neither AJ nor Nik did anything wrong other than lie. Something Liz has done a million times. This triangle needs another female in the mix, though. I’ve always wondered why Carly and Nik never got it on.

    Franco/Ava – best scenes of the last two days. Maura West is KILLING it. Seriously. Yeah, she is like Faith. But Faith was awesome so that’s ok. I totally hate Frodd BUT… I will admit that these scenes were great. I think Ava is definitely still out to kill him, though. She wants his shares and then she’ll go after him, just pretending to be into him again. She is evil, this one. I would really like to know how she is related to Olivia (who I just KNOW is alive… ;)

    The tweens – who cares. Incest is about the only thing that makes it interesting. Though we all know Lauren is not really a Q. She isn’t Franco’s daughter, either. Unless Franco being Daniel’s donor is a red herring.

    Luke/Tracy/Helena – It is what it is. Namely, Geary going off to Europe for another hair transplant and fun time with the boys. At least he’s not running off to visit Holly or some such nonsense. The problem I’m going to have with this health crisis is that Bobbie and Lucky won’t be coming to town, which makes it hard to swallow.

    Lucy/Scotty/Laura – sure, why not. It’s not like they have a real story.

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    jeremy in chicago

    [quote=logan_echolls][quote=TV Gord]
    Tomorrow I will have to pour Tabasco sauce on my eyes..Sabrina/Patrick scenes in bed, PUKE


    Exactly how I feel – absolutely repulsive. If Robin were dead, she’d be rolling in her grave. God how I miss her. Patrick actually sucks now, which I never thought possible.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]Ava and Franco. I just can’t. I don’t have the strength to endure Frodd.[/quote]

    I was appalled at RH’s acting during the scenes with Ava and Toddco. It was just really, really bad acting on his part when he was trying to “act” frustrated. It just came off like typical Todd Manning and completely overdone.

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    Loved this episode. Great dialogue and even AJ got a classic Quartermaine zinger: “Let’s motor over to my island and play hide the scepter.” Alexis and Nickolas have a great non-sexual chemistry that is missing on every soap– friends or relatives that talk like adults without their being a sexual conquest between them. Helena’s appearance was a great surprise– possibly the greatest soap opera “video recording from the dead” monologue ever. Can we get a new Emmy category for that?

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    I’m not trying to be funny at all, seriously. I’m elated prettyflower actually quoted me. I love your posts.

    Jeremy in Chicago, didn’t you use to do recaps on soaptownusa?

    I will say I’m kind of scared a lot of heifers will start giving away earrings for birthdays, Christmas, etc to poison ppl. I can see some crazy girlfriend doing that to her boyfriend if he cheats on her. Thanks Helena!

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    Loved the Liz/AJ/Carly scenes. Loved that Liz reacted in a hurt and confused way regarding Carly and was not screaming at her.

    Why does this show constantly make digs at overweight people? It’s so vain and unnecessary.

    Ava and Frodd have great chemistry. I love watching Ava do anything.

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    If I remember correctly, Nic kissed Liz around the same time that Carly and AJ did the deed, and Liz went back and told AJ what had happened, how Nic wanted her and that she had told him she wanted AJ. So, Liz did the right thing, and AJ kept his mouth shut about sleeping with Carly, so yeah, Liz has a right to feel betrayed by him.

    I didn’t appreciate the bovine comment. Helena has always used nasty words to put down Laura before (like insipid, boring, etc), but not about her appearance. I hope TPTB weren’t trying to get a dig in at GF because she actually looks like a normal woman. There are about 4-5 women right now on GH who look like they could stand to eat a few more sandwiches each week.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]I’m not trying to be funny at all, seriously. I’m elated prettyflower actually quoted me. I love your posts.[/quote]

    @logan_echolls – I love you too. We need to get PJC back on here because I’m not putting up with the GH bullies who hide as super tired Dynasty queens.

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    [quote; mipeony]I didn’t appreciate the bovine comment. Helena has always used nasty words to put down Laura before (like insipid, boring, etc), but not about her appearance.[/quote]

    I completely agree with this and was surprised that Constance Towers would have said it.

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    In regards to the negative comments….well maybe its because they are true. we know that Tony and Genie are having some issues and that is why Luke and Laura is dead in the water. I miss Stavros. I want sexy Stavros back on my screen for that bovine…

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    Loving Helena, and the Luke thing. How great to have it on his signature earring! Helena looked amazing as always.

    I took no offence with the bovine comment, I just thought it was a synonym for “cow”. And it’s been pretty standard to call women cows without it having anything to do with one’s appearance or weight. And yes, Genie looks great :)

    Had to love Liz and her bitchface coming out at AJ. I’m glad they seem to be at somewhat civil terms with Carly. I hope she realizes AJ did not cheat – how could he when they were not together?

    I had to roll my head and lmao @ Carly and Shawn for just thinking they were off the hook. Excuse me? You’re not off of anything. The fact that there just happened to be another shooter who actually hit the target doesn’t erase the fact that you fired a shot that nearly killed an innocent bystander. Had to roll everything on the hypocrisy!

    I can’t believe I have to fast forward Maura freakin’ West. But I do, just can’t stand the scenes with the F-character. Please get them out of the Quartermaine mansion, and get some Real Quartermaines on there.

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