Kelly Rutherford Files For Bankruptcy Following Costly Divorce

This is a sad tale. Generations, Melrose Place and Gossip Girl alum Kelly Rutherford has reportedly filed for bankruptcy. According to TMZ, the blonde beauty's divorce and custody fight with ex-husband, Daniel Giersch is what has left her over $2 million in debt, with less than $24,000 in assets. From the article:

Here's the problem — she spent nearly $1.5 mil on legal fees for her bitter divorce/custody war with ex-hubby Daniel Giersch.  We've learned she's asking the family law judge to make him pay, but now she's waving the white flag by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


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    OMG I’m getting old! I remember Sam Whitmore on Generations……so young and beautiful with flawless skin and sleeping with her college professor on the first episode. I ran from the school bus and popped in that VCR tape so I could see the newest addition to the Soap Community. Time flies bye, that’s for sure! I was in middle school at the time.

    Crazy episode…LOL. I was in disbelief for the first 3 minutes…. until it was revealed that we were actually watching “Tomorrows Another Day” at the very beginning (soap within a soap).

    Hope she gets her personal life all straightened out. If I had $2 million, I wouldn’t spend $1.5 on legal fees for a divorce (unless I absolutely had to!) I don’t know all of the details, but whew….I’d have just divorced/shared custody and kept my $2 million.

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    They have shared custody but the husband was kicked out of the US so his custody time is in Europe which means she either has to move there or go long periods without seeing the children when she works here. Everything about the case seems like an old Lifetime movie except she hasn’t been given sole custody which frankly seems unlikely. I, too remember Generations and watched Gossip Girl, the whole thing feels sad.

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