Will NOSY Taylor Spill Brooke and Bill’s UGLY SECRET on The Bold and the Beautiful? (VIDEO)

Boy that Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) sure does chap my hide on The Bold and the Beautiful! Just when my Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) was in the clear—thanks to having mercifully miscarried Dollar Bill's (Don Diamont) little penny saver—here comes the meddling M.D., trying to tell Katie (Heather Tom) the truth! 

Funny, I don't remember St. Taylor, Patron of the Hypocrites, being so quick to wanna divulge to Ridge (Ronn Moss), her deflowering of Dr. Duke Lavery, er, James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) all those years ago! Also, remember when Tay-Tay was porking Rick (then-Kyle Lowder), in between getting drunker than Cooter Brown at a family reunion?

Where were all of her tried and true Pollyanna monologues and speeches about "boundaries", "decency" and what not, when she was being penetrated by Brooke and Eric's (John McCook) son? God, I'm gonna miss that sanctimonious pot stirrer.

If Taylor and Tylo really leave, who the heck am I going to yell at from my couch, while watching this story?! Check out this week's B&B promo after the jump.



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    Well, hopefully so. To me, that is the *only* good thing that could come out of Taylor leaving, is if she leaves with a big bang and announces her rival’s misdeeds to the whole nation.

  2. Profile photo of sponge89

    I wondered how they were going to explain Taylor’s departure (and good riddance, by the way). Now I know. She is going to spill the beans because she only wants to hurt Brooke. She is the only one who doesn’t actually care whether Katie drops dead of a heart attack. It’s going to be awesome when Eric kicks her hypocritical butt to the curb.

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    House of Plantagenet

    I can’t wait for Taylor to bust open the world of Brooke “the slut” Logan. Katie will HATE Brooke and bring and end to the Logan Sisters. Without Stephanie keeping Brooke in check, Taylor is the next logical person to do it. I love that Taylor is far more aggressive with Brooke than she use to be. Happy Birthday, to the AGING Whore from the Valley.

    BTW, is Hunter Tylo leaving or isn’t she. First she was going, than she was staying. What is going on?

  4. Profile photo of edgeofnight

    I love Taylor and her daughter but the writing has been horrible.
    Liam can’t make his mind up on anything.
    The people I like the most on the show Taylor, Steffy, Thorne
    seem to be leaving or never used.
    I have watched the show since Ethan Wayne was on.
    But when Taylor and Steffy go so do I. I was hoping for better writing
    but that is not going to happen.

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    What has Hunter Tylo done to her face. They could buy a duck..slap a black wig on it..add a little voice over and walla the new Taylor. The duck would probably give more facial expression.

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    I gave up on HTylo a long time ago. The woman has not only a character you cant root for, but her acting abbilities are as bad as her facial expression.

    I had big doubts about Steffy leaving, but isnt this refreshing. ANd does KM (Hope) has actually chemistry with this new kid? Or was it just mine imagination. Could there actually be something unexpected and someone turns Liam down…

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