Paula Deen Faces Matt Lauer on Today (VIDEO)

Matt Lauer finally got his sit-down with embattled celebrity chef Paula Deen on Today. The Southern cuisine connoisseur  skipped out on their previously scheduled interview on Monday, claiming “exhaustion”. This was after admitting in a deposition to using the N-word in the past.

Since the revelation, The Food Network dropped Deen from its stable of chef and sponsors began to jump ship.  Deen tried to do damage control, but based on the PR and branding experts USA Today consulted about her appearance, Deen’s image now provides mixed results at best.   The experts provided the newspaper one word assessments, as well as more in-depth analysis.

David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision, a Suwanee, Ga.-based public relations and branding agency
One-word assessment: "Bombed"

Allen Adamson, managing director of Landor Associates, a branding agency
One-word assessment: "Well-rehearsed"

Watch Lauer’s interview with Deen after the jump!

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  1. Profile photo of sillytee

    oh wow she used the N word in ‘the past’!!!!!!!! crucify her!!! beat her with a stick of butter!!! ooo!!! aaah!!! and let Quintin Tarantino get awards for using the word in his movies 1000 times!!

  2. Profile photo of

    I had the zoom on and I did not see any tears in her eyes. I mean, I know she did not want to have the eyeliner run but it just seemed like an acting gig.

    I’m sure she’s more than sorry and her and everybody else will think before they use words like the “n” word. I think Shawn Robinson said it best last night on Access Hollywood. All groups have their own names, it just doesn’t work when others outside those groups use those names.

    I’ve never watched Paula Deen’s shows or anything, but nobody needs to be chastised or crucified like this. If everyone who has ever called me a name had their picture splashed on the internet and got fired from their jobs nobody would be working.

    Other people’s names do not define me. I define myself because I know who I am.

  3. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    Fire Matt Lauer already. I think he was just fucking rude to her and wouldn’t let her talk. She is from the South, and we don’t interrupt people when they are speaking…’s RUDE!…… interview or not. I’m gay, and you know what….there are jokes about gay people… Big Whew! I’m white: there are jokes about “Honkeys”….. big whew! I couldn’t give 2 shits about the jokes. If she treated her black or any other class of customers/employees badly or demeaning, then I think we have an issue. If not, then she is totally being raked over the coals for nothing!

  4. Profile photo of giogio

    I dont think she was acting at all. I dont know how that appeared that way. And what does Susan Flannery have to do with this? What dragged her in to this?

  5. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    Let’s add another label to this messy broad: FAKE.

    She’s a liar (butter is healthy!), a whore (diabetes, yall!), a racist (…), and now a fake after that disastrous performance today. Meryl Streep she ain’t.

    Go back to your plantations and your butter, we ain’t buying your southern belle routine any more!

  6. Profile photo of Archiesfan48

    Personally,as a POC,I’m not impressed with Paula Deen OR Quentin
    Tarantino.(*frowns*) I think that they are,both,cut from the same cloth.
    And IA giving QT an Oscar,for using the N-word,a thousand times,is a JOKE
    and INSANE! I had NO idea that it was THAT easy to win an Oscar! SMH!

  7. Profile photo of AZLiam


    You are certainly entitled to your opinions; however, I consider anyone who throws out statements and stereotypes about other people they’ve never personally met by calling them whores to be in the same class as the people they are trying to cut down.

  8. Profile photo of DisillusionedGHfan

    I agree with Paula over the way those who are allowed, or choose to use the word throw it around and do so in front of those of us who are told we can never say it [rightly so though]. I agree it should never be said, it’s an abhorrent word that harkens to a time when we treated people like cattle and property and it’s beyond shameful.

    What I am putting an end to is this, those who think they have redefined the word and embrace it within their community, you do NOT have the right to use it either, regardless of your perceived change of definition. When I hear Kayne West lyrics, or Jay Z using it, I find it as reprehensible as anyone else attempting to use it. While these two continue to do so, Macys has not pulled Kayne’s merchandise from their stores, nor has Samsung ended their affiliation with Jay Z and the latest samsung phone. You cannot tell one segment of the population it cannot use a word, one must lead by example. The double standard stinks to high hell and I think people are reaching a point where it’s not going to stand any more.

    When I do hear the word, I get up in the faces of those using it, I don’t cringe in silence. Being black does NOT give you a free pass on the disgust of that word and it’s origins. You don’t have a pass to use it. PERIOD! …you don’t have a free pass to allow the ruination those who do, until you clean it out of your own mouths! (for those of you who DO use it).

    I was taught to be respectful, that word is disrespectful from any mouth who uses it and disrespect angers me.

  9. Profile photo of ChiSammi

    Oh Paula. Poor misguided, Paula. :~

    People aren’t raking her over the coals for saying the n-word. All she needed to say is “I said it, I’ll never say it again.”, then go out and find a way to redeem herself by volunteering or take a trip to Africa (joking). Instead, she’s digging herself a hole by acting as ignorant and fake as people believe she is. This has nothing to do with Tarantino, or rappers, or anyone else but Paula. The more she loops herself in with that bunch the less sorry she appears. They all get away with it because the businesses they work for make loads of money off their cr*ppy language. Food Network does not. End of story.

  10. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    It’s interesting how people can perpetrate, participate, and express approval of racism without even realizing, admitting to themselves, or even care that that’s what they’re doing.

    Oh well…..

  11. Profile photo of blake3b

    There is something off or fake in some things she says. The part where she avoids Matt’s question and talks about holding and consoling her friends just says a lot. Not only was she avoiding answering the question, but she makes herself seem like a savior. Does this woman not have any good PR help? Every time she talks she makes it worse. A great PR team would have her answers rehearsed like Sarah Palin after the Katie Couric fiasco!

  12. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    I love her and will continue to buy her products and watch her on whatever medium she ends up on…as for Matt and Today I will never watch that show again…he was disgusting and rude.

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