Will Rose’s Thorns Prick Neil and Leslie on The Young and the Restless? (VIDEO)

Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) should be on top of the world in Genoa City. He's heading up Jabot's fashion line; dating a sexy, younger woman. His kids and grandkids are healthy and thriving. Why on Earth would anyone want to take the ultimate buppie down?

Today on The Young and the Restless, Neil and Leslie (Angell Conwell) discuss the latest clues in the Case of the Mystery Blogger. Will all roads lead to Rose? Watch the teaser after the jump!




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    this has got to be the most boringest storyline on all the soaps right now. I’m happy Kristoff and POC are getting more airtime on Y&R but geez this beneath them.

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    The only thing that I think would save this dull storyline at this point is if the show was being SUPER SNEAKY and their press release about the casting of Leslie Stevens was fake and when Rose is finally revealed, it will turn out to be Drucilla! I know Victoria Rowell elicits a lot of mixed opinions here on DC, but I think it would be a great reintroduction for Dru–especially now that VR’s #1 nemesis, Michelle Stafford has finished taping and is leaving the show. Maybe Dru floated down that river all those years ago and Gus found her? Or she had temporary amnesia and got involved with Gus? The timetable isn’t too far-fetched since Summer has been SORAS’d to 18 and Dru’s “death” was before Summer was born. Anyhow, who else could be so (irrationally?) mad at Neil and his new lady (the daughter of her ex-lover) and that Lily has seemingly forgotten all about her mother and has lofty expectations that Dru might think Neil pumped her head with about relationships and life?

    We all know soap couples are more interesting when there is drama and strife (rather than happiness and sunshine), so this could create a most interesting triangle that is interconnected: Neil, Leslie and Dru! It would also help Sharon to have her best friend back in her life.

    If this Rose character is really (actress) Leslie Stevens and just a puppet of Senator Wheeler (as I suspect), then this is going to get old(er) very fast. If Rose is really DRU, then we’d be cooking with gas!

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    Actually,I’m kinda curious to see who this mystery blogger is. :)
    I wonder who,in Neil’s past,doesn’t like him enough to want to ruin him. :~
    As for this storylne being beneath the POC,well,at least it’s not ster-
    eotypical or redundant CRAP,such as the “work” that MAB did for the POC,in
    the cast. |( Harmony and Sophia,anyone? ;)

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    I don’t find it boring, but I would like for it to speed up a bit.

    The part that I like the most is that I can’t figure out why Neil’s being targeted.

    I just hope it’s not a let down once we do.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I like the pacing of the stories. Traditionally in soaps it could take a whole year or 2 to even get to the climax of the story. One thing Josh is doing is taking the time to set-up stories.

    With the past regime storylines lasted 2 to 6 weeks and then were dropped like a bad habit for the next one. There were also little to no connections between them. Other stories didn’t seem to pan out or got late starts because they you could quickly see that they didn’t know what to do with a character after the big fan fare they gave for bringing them on or saying that they were going to do something with an already established character. This was also something Bill Bell was famous for. The set-up often took months for the ball to get fully rolling, but it once it started you understood what the prequel was for.

    On the other hand we actually have 2 storylines going on with the black characters so that is especially good!

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    [quote=pferrando]I don’t find it boring, but I would like for it to speed up a bit.

    The part that I like the most is that I can’t figure out why Neil’s being targeted.

    I just hope it’s not a let down once we do.[/quote]

    The whole Gus story, was a letdown, so I expect more of the same. We need some more talent, like Tyler. That is a joke, just in case.

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    I’m sorry but the blogging didn’t work when Phyllis was doing it because WHO CARES abt none celebrities. For one thing, lily n Devon just got jobs and showed they can work. Cane is an guy who’s gotten by on charms alone. Neil is not a big wig in any way shape or form and Leslie… Well she ain’t no Vance Abraham’s because if she was her dead daddy’s friends would know who she is.

    So who is reading the blog? No one but the winters it seems and the cops cause they have to to solve the dull drums of this story.

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    Oh… and Bring back Dru already. I will say 90% of us what that character and Victoria Rowell back now to truly stir up the pot in GC.

    I would buy Dru flirting and sleeping with Tyler to show Lily he is a man-pig and seeing how Dru expertly handles the fall out from Lily’s anger at her and Neil’s frustration.

    PLUS, it would be great to see old Leslie back to fight for her man once Dru comes back to town to fight for HER MAN!

    HOT HOT HOT!!!

    And Sharon needs her best friend back in town to give her support and some direction.

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    Is it me or are the scenes between Noah and Tyler written with a great deal of homo-eroticism? I watched that episode and repeated the lines where Tyler says to Noah are you happy to see me (paraphrasing) and Noah responds that he’s all tingly to friends last night at dinner and everyone had the same reaction, that one of them is in the closet.

    May be my wishful thinking at work since I still can’t understand why this show has soooooo many lost souls on it just floating by in life with no real goal in mind. Also, with the Defense of Marriage Act done with in the land, I was thinking that Y&R needs to get a main character come out of the closet and be strong and proud on the show.

    Floating by/lost souls: Sharon. Noah. Kevin. Devon. Tyler.

    Since Noah would rock the house as a gay man on the show and touch every fabric of the show, he would be spectacular! (WISHFUL THINKING)

    Love that the Lily/Tyler story is now picking up steam and we’re seeing a real divide within her real family with her actions towards Tyler and that Neil and Devon aren’t being STUPID MACHO men in what their seeing between these two secret admirers. Actually liked that Neil fired Tyler but it didn’t deflate his ego one bit. It would be nice to see him react to the economy in that he’s not getting the work he thought he would get as THE BEST DESIGNER. (I basically do what he does for a living in the fashion world and can tell you those egos are huge and fall hard)

    Over on the Phyllis front, I was actually GROSSED out that she would flirt with NOT HER DAUGHTER’s potential boyfriend (brother) BUT WITH THE SON of HER own boyfriend!! Honestly, she would rather destroy Jack twice by potentially having a tryst (or whatever the plan was) with Kyle and then revealing, oh yeah, Summer is your daughter?! STUPID.

    Avery, just walk away from Nick. This guy has sooooooo much baggage on his plate and is such a Newman wimp… what they hell happened to the Newman spawn from oldest spawn Victoria to middle demon Adam to baby brother Nicky, not being able to reveal their thoughts or concerns or secrets to the ones they love and pathetically whining?!! Adam is on the verge of choking back tears every time he sees Chelsea. Victoria jumps to the wrong conclusion all the time and whines ALL THE TIME and takes the most drastic steps in the end of every story. And Nick can never just OPEN up since Cassie died that Phyllis should have called him “THE BIGGEST MOST PATHETIC LOSER she has ever opened her legs to”. So not Victor’s kids and only slightly the tough Nikki off spring.

    What’s Jill’s angle?! I hope she is made Chairwoman of the Board at Chancellor if not CEO in Katheriine’s will.

    Don’t get me wrong, peeps, I am thoroughly ENTERTAINED with Y&R. The writing is spot on, the stories are entertaining and I love all the actors… except, I am sorry nuOLDKyle. Bring back the last one. And I loved the scenes with Chloe and Kevin the day before AND can’t wait for residual fall out from Chelsea’s baby paternity to strike Chloe.

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    @pcj722-I guess I’m one of the 10% that doesn’t like Victoria Rowell, but I must admit that DanMan869’s scenario sounds EXCELENT! And I also admit that the character of Dru would really shake things up and probably improve the acting of fellow cast mates just to keep up with her, but I don’t care for her…but a recast would be Awful! Nobody else can play Dru like she did, that’s for sure!!!

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    So confused. I was starting to think that the mystery chick dating (?) Adam was Rose. No?

    I’m not sure where I stand on the return of VR, but I do agree that I would give the show major props if they could actually be pulling this off without leaks.

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    Why can’t this be Sophia? She was hurt majorly by Neil. But of course that would have no connection to Rose. Well I guess I will try again. lol

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    But would she do that to the father of her son? I’m not quite sure.

    It’s interesting because no one’s comments I’ve read really seem to pin a good scenario down. So far I’m interested.

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    Yorla … don’t worry; it’s just yojoromo4469 trying to stir her pot again.

    pjc722 … actually there is almost homo-eroticism going on between Carmine and Fen in addition to your observations concerning Tyler and Devon. I still doubt that anyone is going to be outed in the near future though.

    Phyllis trying to seduce Kyle is beyond ridiculous and it is almost embarrassing to watch her yet again in action. Even as a gay male I can appreciate when a woman is sexy but I just don’t find Michelle Stafford (and therefore Phyllis) sexy. So many here seem so wowed and bowled over by her but I found the scenes between Phyllis and Ronan awkward, flat and dead. Taking this step which will destroy Jack yet again is just Phyllis101.

    The thing about the blogger is that whoever it is knew exactly what to look for and where to find it in Neil’s abode. If we could narrow down our suspect list then maybe we’d have a bit more of a clue as to the identity of the culprit.

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    Tedew, agree with you about every thing, phyllis & kyle is ridiculis & she is no longer that sexy woman of yesteryear.
    As for the blogger, could it be that Rose was working with Wheeler, who could have had someone wreck Neils apt last mo.

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    hey mon

    I am glad that KSJ is getting a story-line, although I hope that JoshG doesnt ruin this s/l like he did with Marcus Wheeler-Gus Rogan. One week Marcus is on 4 days a week, Gus is on 3 days. The next week, Marcus is in jail, and Gus dies of a sudden heart attack.

    So let it move a bit quicker as to revealing who Rose is, and then keep her around a bit longer than ol Marcus and Gus were. Dont blow it this time, JoshG.

    One of the few times that Tyler has been stomachable were his scenes with Gus. And I really wish we could have seen Marcus tear up once or twice thinking of his dead daughter Stephanie.

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    I hate to say it peeps but some of the stories right now remind me a great deal of MAB.

    Some. Or the premise of them. Josh n his writing team are doing a bang up job on dialogue though.

    So the story with Phyllis faux seducing Kyle is awkward. I LOVE MICHELLE STAFFORD but her come hither seductive dance with Kyle is so awkward I muted it and just watched it. There is nothing sexy abt it. Plus it’s the most asinine reasoning to keep summer from sleeping with her brother. Mommy will sleep with your potential bf destroying her relationship with your REAL DADDY n you, summer, so you won’t be has crushed when you learn your daddy ain’t your daddy.

    Really?! The only way to write Phyllis off is this crap? Why not have Daniel call in a few weeks and say his daughter is terminally ill and Phyllis leaves to be there for them? Leaves door open for actress or character to return when all is better.

    Or just leave as is and recast the character with any number of unemployed former top soap stars out there. Martha Byrne or the Kelley Hensley who played Emily on atwt. Sure she would die hair red to work.

    I just hate STUPID STORYLINES that ruin good stories.

    It’s official, Jill phelps failed when she recast Abby. The actress has no spark or energy of emme rylan. And we are talking abt Wisconsin here not china or east Russia. Chavez is getting paid well on the gcpd and aprtments can’t cost that much in genoa city that he has to pick up an extra shift just to pay his rent. If that’s the case, Abby dump him cause the man isn’t poor, he’s just horrible with money and a caveman.


    It would be fantastic if fen and carmine hooked up!

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    It would be fantastic if fen and carmine hooked up![/quote]

    I know! I’ve been writing fan fiction about this pairing for a long time. It would be an excellent way for Carmine to “insert” himself into the Baldwin family even more.

    Can you just imagine the Big Guy and the Little Guy? Hot…

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    pjc722 … actually we here are thinking that new Abby is quite good (and also does look like she could be Ashley’s daughter). I think she’s showing quite a bit more maturity in her own life and what she offers others.

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