Taylor to Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful: “This Isn’t About Hate; It’s About Truth”

The Prada-clad poop hits the fan today on The Bold and the Beautiful. Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) is hellbent on ruining Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) birthday party, by spilling all to Katie (Heather Tom) about Brill's secret rendevous.

I wish Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) would just haul off and jab that hateful shrink with his tiny sword. The one around his neck, people! Meanwhile, Thomas (Adam Gregory) is trying to figure everything out. Oh Tom-Tom, just stand there and look pretty.  Watch today's B&B teaser after the jump!  


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    While I deplore how Brooke has been written and that they have pretty much destroyed the character, they cant write Taylor off this show quick enough for me.

    Shes never served a purpose other than to blame the world for her problems.

    They had an opportunity to let Brooke gracefully take the reigns Stephanie left for her but instead they had her sleep with her brother-in-law.

    It would have been preferable for Taylor and Brooke to bury the hatchet but instead they revert to form; Brooke is a slut and Taylor is an annoying harpy.

    Who is writing this garbage, they have been telling the same story for two and a half decades!!

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    Of course it’s about hate. Why does Taylor have to be concerned with the truth? It shouldn’t be inteinteresting to her
    what Brooke’s latested scandal is about. Taylor is laughable and it’s a sick behaviour.

    I won’t miss Taylor. Good luck to Hunter Tylo anyway.

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    Brooke a ho plain and simple I’m sorry, and yes Taylor can be a pill.. How many times is Brooke going to sleep with another woman’s man either her enemy or her sister? After while she has to have some kind of self control-

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    I’m so glad Hunter Tylo at least gets a bang of an exit, and gets to be the one to blow the Slut of the Valley out of the water!

    I mean really – her birthday? Shouldn’t that tell Brooke something? She must be turning 52 or so by now. And yet, she still finds nothing wrong with seudcing and sleeping with in-laws, being a mistress and already having had five children, yet not using birth control? Girl, you’re not 25 anymore!

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    Damn it if this show didn’t give me LIFE today!!! Loved it, watching Miss Taylor spilling the tea all OVER the place at Brooke’s party and the best thing? There’s more coming on Monday!

  6. Profile photo of Bryan

    This OLD tramp really needs to pack it in, who cares if Taylor exposed her, she needed to be. I mean if we had someone in our lives who was this out of control with her body and choices, we be ready to pack her off to a sanitarium. she’s nuts!!!

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    Why is Taylor that bad person? After YEARS of Brooke breaking up marriages and being inconsiderate of others, this is the least she deserves. Boo hoo, she doesn’t get to enjoy the cake (the dessert that is).

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    I…CAN’T…W.A.I.TeeT!!!! Til this Bitch Taylor is gone!!! Why didn’t somebody, ANYBODY buss her in her mouth?! I would’ve whooped her ass! Oh YES!! She is pathetic! To do that, at that moment, was awful! And before any 1 jumps on my back, I’m not saying Booke…well, Brooke AND Bill aren’t wrong. But Taylor is out of pocket! And to say that she cares for Katie is hogg wash at best. Hell, they all wrong far as that go. Brooke and Bill for sleeping together and Katie basically giving them the thumbs up! Then, this enormously well endowed, with the nutts of an elephant Taylor and her two cents! Not to mention everyone in that room that wouldn’t SNATCH her ass up and out the room! WTF?! But it made for good drama thought huh?! LOL!!!

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    On today’s episode, I thought Bill was right on w/all he said to Katie. Hopefully she will see how true it is about how she behaved and not blame them. I do like Katie/Bill and Brooke. Hope they can move on from this, but probably not. To keep it going Katie will really seek revenge on both of them. The end result will bring Brooke & Bill together…may take a year, though.

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