SPOILERS: Will The Truth Set Summer Newman Free on The Young and the Restless?

Michael/Lauren/Carmine: Things start to get very interesting with this trio. Paul watches Carmine flirt up a storm with a Lauren-bot and starts to wonder if the bartender is incapable of putting the Fenmore heiress behind him. Meanwhile, Carmine shoots Lauren a text to cajole her into resuming their affair. Will Lauren give in, or continue to focus on rebuilding her marriage and family?

Michael's potential client is charged with snuffing out her husband and his side chick! Will this case hit a little too close to home for the legal eagle? Carmine's obsession will intensify.  Watch for the sexy barkeep to the Baldwins some horrifying news.

Tyler/Abby: The two hit it off very well. What will Lily think about this?

Neil: Memories of the past flood his mind.

Nick/Avery/Phyllis: When she catches the usually good-natured hunk being verbally abusive to his staff, Avery demands to know Nick's secret. Will Nick tell all? If he does, he better go into hiding, because Red is gonna be PISSED!

Summer: They say the truth shall set you free. Is Summer's Independence Day finally here?

Chloe/Billy/Victoria: After trashing his life even more, a messed up Billy gets advice from his big bro. Will Jack be able to help Billy repair his marriage to Victoria? Look for Chloe to continue to be a support system for her ex. 


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    Very good episode. The last scene with Summer and Jack is excellent. He is becoming her father the father she should have had from the get go.

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    I know right. They could have written her out in a much better way than this it seems so rushed. As if a group of interns from UCLA came in to write the story. All they had to do was just come out with it. All these other shenanigans are uncalled for.

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    no I do not like how they are writing Big Red exit. They making it seem like she keep this secret for year when this is all Nick doing. Now Nick is going to come out clean when it’s his fault not Big Red. I don’t like this at all it’s wrong on all levels Michelle is owed a way better exit than this one. I’m very Pissed!!!!! |( |(

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    hey mon

    I hear ya. Phyllis is completely innocent in the whole matter, maybe for the first time in her life — she’s innocent. But already with her putting the make on Jack’s stepson, she is ultra-guilty. I am wondering if Sharon is next to leave the canvas, as she is taking up with random businessmen she meets at a bar.

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    hey mon

    You’re right. Im wrong. The sad thing is, I knew that!

    Goes to show, your body can be fit and perfectly trim at 50 yrs old, but the mind still deteriorates.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Phyllis is still guilty of sleeping with two men at the same time which is how the whole paternity issue arose. :)[/quote]

    I presume, you mean at two different times, as I don’t remember them having a threesome.

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    As expected, JFP is annihilating Y&R with bad choice after bad choice.

    Michelle Stafford was FORCED to resign after enduring months of back-benching and horrid writing. Melody Thomas Scott missing in action, only appearing here and there to listen to Victoria whine. Eric Braeden playing second fiddle to everyone, not even a shadow of his former self. Sharon Case still taking it like a champ, making gold out of the shitty writing for punching bag Sharon Newman, etc. etc. etc.

    Of course JFP’s friends are front and center every damn day. Boring, flat blonde Jessica Collins is suddenly the star of the show despite her utter lack of talent. Steve Burton stuck in the year’s worst storyline with the chick who plays Chelsea -and yet, these two are on 3-4 days a week.

    Talentless Marco Dapper and no-hair model Readeric Whatever can’t act their way out of a paper bag and yet they’re on day after day. Same goes for the Shaggy lookalike who plays Kyle. How dare JFP pair this idiot up with EMMY winner La Stafford????? Bitch should be fired for that alone!

    I’m no fan of La Stafford or Eric Braeden. God knows they needed a reality check to deflate their humongous egos! But replacing these two ACTING TITANS with the likes of Jessica Collins and Marco Dapper?????????? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

    You know the show is in bad shape when ass-kisser Nelson Branco publicly berates the producers! That in itself is a major RED FLAG.

    Fire JFP!

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    Michelle is getting a shitty send off! She’s never been my favorite, but I think it has always been because of the s/l. But there were times I admired her brass balls! But to write her off like this sucks!

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    Ummmm… it was a bit all over the place for me. Not sure if I loved it for the dramatic reveals or just liked it for all the good acting and writing but not much for anything else.

    So Billy gets drunk over the uncombed one telling him to move out?! Did the actress who plays Victoria get the same clause in her contract that was rumored for Eric Braeden where every argument has one winner and it’s her?! I mean, Billy wins a restaurant while gambling which POSSIBLY POSSIBLY puts them in harms way of a bullet. YET, Victoria who made a deal with Billy not to work at Newman so they could start a family (and because said family could be harmed by her own father n brother) announcing she’s joining Newman and constantly whines about it after quitting?!

    Then we have Paul diving back into his PERFECTLY ACTING crying sessions in front of a headstone that just says RICKY WILLIAMS SON?! Come on, we’ve moved on from this story and where is Christine?! It’s not michael he should be talking to it’s his girlfriend! And if she can’t be there CALL THE DAMN CHICK.

    Then Phyllis… and I love Michelle Stafford but either she’s horrible as a Betty Boop or she’s just dialing in her acting in her COME HITHER performance… kisses Kyle and now Kyle drops everything for her?! Honestly, that’s one dumb ass man and story twist.

    AND WHY Is Jack a sap?! Michael and Lauren?! Is it possible that I am slowly… slowly getting tired of them getting back together? Carmine is hot but make him WACKY! Kidnap Lauren. Hold her in a cage. Make it MUST WATCH TV.

    Sorry, but Summer’s paternity reveal at the same time as Michelle Stafford leaving is poor timing. Honestly, RECAST ASAP otherwise a great tv moment is lost without a character to hate. Don’t have the recast 6 months or a year down the road because by then, Summer is having her own child cause of SOAPdom time.

    Nick has become Victoria with her whining and in the promos COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE BOTH Nikki and Victoria to a hair salon!!! I mean, one is worth half a billion and the other is married to a BILLIONAIRE. They surely can afford to have PAUL MITCHELL come back from the grave to do their coifs!

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    am watching TVGuide TVGN channel, they are interviewing cast members of Y&R as today was the first episode.

    So far they have interviewed Chelsea, NuKyle, Haley Hunter King, and Tyler.

    Asked: “with the passing of Jeanne Cooper, who will be the lead matriach of Genoa City?” ( Answer – possibly Nikki, )

    Asked of NuKyle “what storyline would you like to see? ” (Answer – the return of Diane Jenkins! )

    Interesting so far. I missed today’s episode as my main squeeze and I had other plans – dog sitting :(

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    ^^^^^ Why am I not surprised that JFP is pimping her stable of TALENTLESS Hair Models on the TV Guide channel???

    Shaggy and NotShemar have the acting skills of my left toe. And don’t get me started on pudgy Summer “Super Model” Abbott and human incubator Chelsea!!! Boooooooooooooooooring.

    I bet Jessica Collins was also “featured” and fawned over. That chick must have lots of x-rated pics of JFP and Marco Dapper! No other explanation for his/her sudden stardom on the show. Blackmail works every time, bitches!

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    you were right….. Jessica and Josh are on now, fawning all over each other. Question to Josh – who do you want your next wife to be? ( Answer: no real answer, they trotted out Jessica Collins.)

    To Josh: Who is your favorite leading lady? ( Answer: a 3 way tie: Avery, Fire Crotch, and Sharon, the human rug ).

    Nothing really too earth shattering….. just fluff.

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    oh no…… Steve Burton to close out the show…. what is his “tanning secret” the fans want to know…. geeze…. what a dumb question.

    He is kissing CBS’s ass / and Jill’s ass “for making this all possible for me to be on Y&R “for the fans”.

    Someone joked the new power couple should be Nick and Dylan….

    gag me with a spoon.

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    Santa_Barbara_4Ever, I loved Jill’s time on the best-soap-ever-written as much as you do, but I think we have to remember that was 20 years ago. Whatever talent she had back then has since been wasted on playing the petty, ego-driven games that TV execs like to play.

    LaDiva, tell the truth and shame the devil…. :beer:

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    I dont mind Avery at all. I like her and Chelsea. I will say that Phyllis is getting a crappy sendoff. Why is Phyllis doing this? I mean, for once, she has the slate clean, and she blows it by kissing Kyle. If I were Phyllis, I would’ve come clean to Jack about Summer already. Who cares how Nick feels? He’s the one that started all this in the first place. And Phyllis shouldn’t be mad at Avery. All she wanted to know is what the hell is going on.

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    why is Y&R using Beth Maitland like window dressing? She carries in a cake in one scene, goes up and down stairs, appears at a dinner party…. they could be doing so much more with this very talented actress!!!

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    I have been singing y&r praises and saying that I love the show. Not today. I hated today’s episode! The way they are writing this whole summer reveal just took a very wrong turn. The fact that Kyle does not even seem to care that he is kissing his father’s girlfriend and possibly thinking about doing more is just blowing my mind, not to mention Phyllis actions, nor Kyle just dumping summer like a hot potato. And there is no chemistry between Phyllis and Kyle at all. It is becoming sickening. I hope Jack finds out everything soon and throws everyone out of his house except for summer. Nick is a douchebag!

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    LaDivaYR, how right you are about JFP. Let’s go down the list of shows she’s DESTROYED as an Executive Producer!!!!! (1) The BRUTAL death of Frankie Frame Winthrop–Another World NEVER recovered after that; (2) The BRUTAL rape of Eden Capwell Castillo on Santa Barbara–the show NEVER recovered after that; (3) She KILLED OFF nearly ALL the Quartermaines, with exception of her precious Steve Burton, and made certain General Hospital went down the DRAIN with a TOTAL focus on the MOB!; and (4)…the thing I WILL NEVER forgive JFP for: KILLING OFF Maureen Reardon Bauer on January 11, 1993. The beginning of the END of a once great soap opera, Guiding Light. Has anyone ever heard of the “Peter Principle?” That’s JFP’s career in a nutshell!!! And, you’re right again LaDivaYR, for the record: WHO CARES about Avery or Dylan or Chelsey! DONE WITH THEM!!!! AND DONE WITH JFP!!!!!!!!

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    Could Victor possibly be turning a corner and may not actually interfere in his beloved daughter’s personal life? I kind of doubt it. He will continue to annoy with his incessant Billy Boys and so on. Victor has done so much more than Billy could ever dread to to his wife and family and yet he does not give anyone else an inch. Also, did not Billy sort of kind of help save the Newman clan a few months back? I still say that maybe Billy should realize that Victoria could be the catalyst for his afflictions and run far far away from her. Also … why does Victoria have control over John? Is John not Billy’s son biologically and Victoria is just his mentally ill adoptive mother?

    I don’t see much wrong at all with Marco Dapper’s talents on the show. His Carmine is quite disarmingly charming.

    Yes, the whole Kyle/Phyllis thing is rather silly. From Phyllis’ embarrassing “seductions” to Kyle’s return of affection. I do think though that Avery had every reason to immediately think of her sister as the culprit in all of this and Phyllis did have every reason to be very upset and hurt by that assumption. I just wish they would hurry up and spill the beans to all concerned instead of burdening us with the continued soap opera last minute interruptions.

    And yes … Paul Mitchell or someone does need to be brought in post haste to tend to the Femmes Newman coiffures.

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    Phyllis is keeping Nick’s secret is so Summer doesn’t go nutty. But how does sleeping with Summer’s boyfriend not do the same thing? Also as much as a MILF Phyllis is, she’s still your Dad’s girlfriend you’ve known since you were a tot. Hopefully Summer won’t try to kiss Jack.

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    hey mon

    A fairly good episode, saved by Peter Bergman and Billy Miller. The dialog between those two was pure Abbott gold. Even Haley King as Summer did a good job, and Melissa Ordway is trying.

    But Harley Sawyer as Kyle just cant do any scene at all, any justice. The kid just doesnt have it at all. Compared to Blake Hood, he is lost in the woods.

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    [quote=LaDivaYR]I bet Jessica Collins was also “featured” and fawned over. That chick must have lots of x-rated pics of JFP and Marco Dapper! No other explanation for his/her sudden stardom on the show. Blackmail works every time, bitches![/quote]

    Love this!!! It is so TRUE!

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    MS must have pissed JFP off! Usually she just kills off a main character to mark her territory,,,,,(see previous post summarizing her career)…..I don’t know what this shit is she is pulling with Phyllis.

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    I remember Jessica Collins as Dinah Lee on Loving back in the early 90s. I think she is a great talent. But WE ARE STILL GETTING USED TO HER CHARACTER. Avery is still new. It’s just too soon for her to be used as a lead.

    That’s my 2 pennies.

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    JFP herself admits her greatest career mistake was the killing of Maureen on GL.

    I’m with you on everything except for the Santa Barbara one. Eden’s rape was controversial and didn’t kill the show. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of backstage drama at SB along with major core characters leaving is what it never could recover from.

    I remember the outrage over Frankie on AW being killed. If I remember correctly, it was originally going to be Donna Love that was to be killed (but there was such protests over that, and that’s how Frankie was chosen.)

    I didn’t watch GL at the time, but I’ve heard numerous stories about the killing of Maureen.

    I started watching GH from time to time after GL was canceled. It was extremely mob heavy, but the show had some great talent that I love to watch (Nancy Lee, Laura W, Jane E,),…I watched off and on, but I tuned out the entire Franco with James Franco stuff. I gave it a chance at first and I didn’t care for it at all. I didn’t tune back into to GH regularly until the Head Writing changes and then EP changes.

    I’m not liking YR right now. Things are so different now days though. I honestly don’t know who to blame for things sometimes. Writers? EP? Or the network execs. It’s got to be a combination of all of them. If the network execs have to approve storylines, then they must have been asleep on the job when this mess with Phyllis came across their desks. I was moving furniture for My aunt this morning (A LOYAL CBS SOAP WATCHER FOR 40 Years). I said…Did Phyllis sleep with Kyle on YR or something? She said, not yet but it looks like she’s about to. ME: “I don’t like that storyline idea, and people are up in arms on the internet about it.” HER: “I’m pissed about it. It makes no sense and I just can’t believe it.” She usually doesn’t utter a bad word aboy YR…..but she is not liking the way they are ridding the canvas of Phyllis.

    This seems like character assassination. I remember GL did this to Harley on her exit storyline. A character that I had always liked became someone I just couldn’t watch. I had ff through it to keep from just getting pissed. That wasn’t JFP, but seems similar to what is happening to Phyllis.

    I bet Victoria Rowell is laughing her ass off right now though. tee hee hee hee.

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    [quote=hey mon]I can only imagine what Jessica Collins has done to get to the top of Y&R. But I sure would like to see the pictures. :davie:[/quote]

    I have seen a couple of pretty good shots of Jessica Collins.

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    It’s frustrating that they can’t seem to find a way to use Nikki. Why give the character a life-altering disease if you’re not going to tell the story of how she copes with it?

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    They really did. But from the Tuesday`s episode I am 100 % convinced that Sharon changed the paternity test. The look she gave when Summer talked to Faith and then when Summer gave the bracelet to Faith, Sharon looked strange. Also reading to Faith and looking at the picture where her in Nick were married we all know that she is convinced herself that they belong together. And if I am not mistaken she is off her meds. She is acting crazy and clingy. So I am waiting Phyllis to tell Jack and I expect Jack to kick Nick`s ass till next week. He deserved this for acting like an asshole and douchebag. But I am sure that Sharon is lieing and she changed that test, so she could have Nick.

  29. Profile photo of Mets82

    [quote=BrookeKKL]They really did. But from the Tuesday`s episode I am 100 % convinced that Sharon changed the paternity test. The look she gave when Summer talked to Faith and then when Summer gave the bracelet to Faith, Sharon looked strange. Also reading to Faith and looking at the picture where her in Nick were married we all know that she is convinced herself that they belong together. And if I am not mistaken she is off her meds. She is acting crazy and clingy. So I am waiting Phyllis to tell Jack and I expect Jack to kick Nick`s ass till next week. He deserved this for acting like an asshole and douchebag. But I am sure that Sharon is lieing and she changed that test, so she could have Nick.[/quote]

    That’s not a bad twist to the story if Sharon changed the test. What a way to stick it to Phyllis.

    I dont mind Jessica Collins at all. I like her but remember Avery, Dylan, Chelsea etc. all the “newbies”, are pushed because of the writers. I dont think Jessica, Melissa or Steve went to the writers and demanded they be in the lead. I think its something the writers have done.
    Hey, I’d like to see more of Victor and Nikki, especially with the MS. I think the writing for Phyllis has been poor. I dont even like the fact that Phyllis is yelling at Avery. For what? If anything, Phyllis should be pissed off at Nick and honestly why would Phyllis sacrifice her happiness? I mean she kissed Kyle, Jack will find out, dump her and for what? To serve, Nick’s arrogant ass? Are you kidding? I would have blown the whistle already. Forget Nick.

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    Both the characters of Avery and Carmine existed long before Phelps, and IMO are actually A LOT more interesting that many of the characters she’s intro’d. So not really FOJ’s.

    Carmine’s obsession with Lauren is getting good, and as long as Avery doesn’t have to interact much with Burton, I like her. But yes, they have forced her to be the main female character we see in GC. At least she can act.

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