DC #725: Awkward Daytime Emmys and Tough, Soapy Love

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels debate the ever-so-awkward 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards. They dish out some tough love to General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live, while applauding Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful and All My Children.

From screwing up journalist credentials to Aisha Tyler having to save the day, the production of the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards was an awkward mess.  Kristen Alderson and Chandler Massey won the Younger Actress and Actor Awards. General Hospital’s Julie Marie Berman beat out Katherine Kelly Lang in the Supporting Actress category. Billy Miller and Scott Clifton tied in Supporting Actor. Heather Tom reigned supreme as the Lead Actress winner. Doug Davidson’s tears helped him win Lead Actor. Jamey dishes scoop from the Daytime Emmy red carpet, press room and after parties. Also, who would win in a cry off, Davidson, Jonathon Jackson or someone else? Days of Our Lives pulled off a major upset by winning Outstanding Drama.

Kelly Sullivan is out at General Hospital. Who knew spending two years on a soap made an actor a veteran?  Does anyone actually believe that Monica would let the man inadvertedly responsible for Michael’s rape live in the Quartermaine mansion? GH cannot push the fact that Franco is a serial killer under the rug, in its failed attempt to make him a corporate raider. If GH cannot fix Franco quickly, should the ABC soap let Roger Howarth go at the end of his contract? When fans asked for more Quartermaines they expected to see more Quartermaine favorites, not new characters in the Quartermaine mansion.

Lightning did not strike twice for Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco. General Hospital needs to get Silas and Sam out of each other’s orbit, ASAP. Would Silas being part of a hospital takeover storyline, where he faced off against Patrick, save the character? Who could have guessed that, of the three former One Life to Live stars, it would be Kristen Alderson’s Kiki that fit back into the canvas best?

Maura West’s Ava Jerome has been a revelation, but she needs to be quickly moved out of the Franco storyline. GH should play up the Jerome mob history. Should General Hospital bring Lucas Spencer, a Jerome by blood, back to Port Charles? Would he make a good love interest for Felix?

Did Prospect Park really need Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson on One Life to Live? All My Children has been fantastic without Susan Lucci, but One Life to Live got Howarth back and has wasted him. Does this prove once and for all the success of a soap is less about the star and more about the writing? OLTL needs to be fixed quickly.

The Young and the Restless even more problems than General Hospital. Mark your calendars, because Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens is FINALLY over Villy. Summer’s paternity storyline and Phyllis trying to keep her daughter from Kyle has exposed problems with Y&R’s storytelling. Was it a mistake to recast Kyle in the middle of a major storyline? Has Y&R hurt itself by recasting so many characters? 

Jamey has a solution for Y&R’s Dylan problem. Why has the soap been telling such a lame MS storyline for Melody Thomas Scott’s Nikki? Jillian suggests a possible MS storyline that could have been epic. Luke wonders why so many couples—Summer and Kyle, Abby and Detective Chavez, Dylan and Chelsea and Kevin and Chloe—lack chemistry. Mel wants to see Tyler and Lily have sex.

Y&R’s single saving grace has been the Michael/Lauren/Carmine/Fen storyline. The DC gang doesn’t want to see Carmine killed off. However, if Y&R does get rid of Carmine, should GH snap Marco Dapper up? Mel is not happy about Adam’s storyline or hopping into bed with yet another new character. Jamey reveals how he thinks Y&R should have told Adam and Chelsea’s storyline.

Oprah’s OWN will air One Life to Live and All My Children over the summer. The DC gang addresses some fans holding a grudge against Oprah for not saving the soaps. If soap fans don’t watch, All My Children and One Life to Live on OWN will they only have themselves to blame, if Prospect Park isn’t able to make the shows profitable enough to keep them going?

Days of Our Lives has been on fire with multiple major storylines. From Kristen raping Eric to Brady and Nicole’s “just friends” sex, Salem is where soap fans need to be.

The Bold and the Beautiful has been must see soap as it leads up to Taylor’s revelation about Brooke’s affair and pregnancy with Bill Spencer.

All this and much more in this week’s 2.75 hour podcast!



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  1. Profile photo of luverica

    I haven’t listened to the episode yet but I’m sorry to hear about your home being flooded Luke. I hope you’re okay and didn’t lose much.

  2. Profile photo of tink05

    Finally my beloved DC podcast is back. I echo the sentiments of others to Luke; hope that your home didn’t suffer too much damage.

  3. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Thanks for all the well wishes! I’ll have to put in new flooring/carpet in the basement, but can’t do that until the next big rainstorm and I find out if the fixes made, such as installed sump pump and landscaping, worked. Had to move a bunch of stuff out of the basement, but thankfully that’s over for now.

    I was without my office and internet while I was dealing with it all so it made podcasting and blogging impossible.

  4. Profile photo of EricasBlackSon

    Could we stop joking about Michael and Nick’s rapes on these podcasts? Phrases like butt hurt, thunderclap, etc. It happens repeatedly. You guys wouldn’t dream of mocking rape victims if these characters were women.

  5. Profile photo of liason4real

    [quote=Luke Kerr]As I said on the podcast, the delay in the podcast was due to the fact my home flooded and we weren’t able to record.[/quote]


    I am sorry to hear about your flooded home, Luke.

  6. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Out the box, u guys are hilarious!!!

    LMAO @JameyGiddens Sorry to hear about your hemroids and ur “flooded basement” as well as @LukeKerr’s flooded basement. Thank U Michael Logan for standing up for Jamey!

    I think u guys should post ur Skype conversations LoL

    But yes, there were very few redeeming facts about the Emmys…. DAMN IT, I SAID IT THAT NIGHT, AND I SAY IS AGAIN, I MISS VEGAS!!! I was so happy for Kristen Alderson, I was very shocked at Julie Berman’s win, and it seemed like she was too.

    In all honesty, I initially didn’t get all the hipe about Heather Tom, but when Katie found out about Bill and Brooke’s affair recently, she made me a believer. DAMN IT Jamey, U could never defend Heinle!!! Why can’t they just get Sarah FUCKING Brown as Victoria Newman Abbott. If Sarah Brown shows up as Victoria, and they pair her with Dylan, I will stop hating Steve Burton and Dylan.

    I agree DAYS is on fire.

    GH: Though I enjoyed Connie/Kate early in the DID storyline, I’ve always enjoyed Megan Ward more in the role of Kate. And NO, Luke she isn’t a bad actress. AND YES, SHE WOULD A BETTER VICTORIA NEWMAN ABBOTT!!! I’m sorry to her fans, but she never made me NEED HER in the role of Kate. Right now, I’m enjoying most of GH. I’ve been hearing

    OWN… I’m happy that OWN is gonna have daytime soaps for me to watch with it’s prime time soap The Haves and the Have Nots. PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE THE FUCK QUIET!

    Unpopular Opinion: I have to say OLTL improved a lot for me. AMC has been on fire constantly.

    Y&R: Has its days when I just can’t but I enjoy majority of it.

    B&B: I like Wyatt, liked Rick n Maya, now don’t care. Katie Logan is a bad bitch.

  7. Profile photo of lauren329

    Pacing myself through the super podcast- started at the end– but “they can call him Snuffeluffagus” on Eric’s grandchildren calling him Eric made me drop my phone off the elliptical I was laughing so hard.

    I wish TOLN/PP would hire Jamey to do a short video to address the people who are complaining about Oprah- “Dummies!!!!!”, the Mustang analogy, the difference between airing and producing the shows- you guys hit every point on point. I don’t understand how this is anything but good news for fans of the shows & the fact that these people thing Oprah makes my blood boil.

    On the GH/OLTL 3 debacle, I’m a lawyer who loves contract stuff and this is how I would have wanted to approach negotiations last winter. If I was PP’s attorney, I would have advised them that they didn’t likely need the characters with all the vets they had in place- they did have some legal rights since they paid to license OLTL which does encompass those 3 characters- get ABC to pay you some money for the characters you now can’t use. Obviously, they needed cashflow and every little bit helps. If I was ABC’s attorney, obviously they were interested in keeping 3 characters/actors that had integrated well- offer some money/slightly slash the licensing for as long as these actors remain with GH, whatever and avoid the whole FrankenTodd mess. Down the line, when things are not so contentious, maybe talk about an occasional crossover. This is not hard- any fan with or without a law degree likely could have figured this out. Everybody could have won- including the viewers.

    Last thing, I do think OLTL is finding its way- it had a mega slump just a few weeks in (not helped by the ep reduction) but I do think its improving with some good new additions and movement on story. I agree Bo & Nora need something better but the younger cast is on fire. Because of that, I wish TOLN would market this show more to the 13-18 crowd (without getting rid of the vets)- I really think it could find an additional audience there.

  8. Profile photo of luverica

    Jillian, my podcast Diva, please stop calling A.J. a “bitch-ass”. You make me sad when you call him that. Sean Kanan told me to tell you, “I’m not really a bitch-ass. I’m just written that way.” :-)

  9. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    I love this podcast. Always hilarious. However, when talking about the Supporting Actor Tie, and Mel (or Regan, I often get them confused a day or two after listening to the podcast) called it a cop out, and Luke with no emotion in his voice simply says “A tie is not a cop out”, and sounded like Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black “When you grow up”, I almost crashed my car I was laughing so hard.

  10. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Glad to see Jamey finally onboard regarding AH and Villy. It’s become even more glaring in recent weeks that AH is just not up to the task of portraying this character in any sort of fashion that does her any kind of justice. In fact, I’d argue that the woman’s actually gotten WORSE in the last few months(still don’t remember her being this bad on AMC or Loving, but maybe I just have selective memory); she’s worse than any ten Yvonne Zimas in my book(yeah, I said it). At this rate, either recast–but PLEASE, not harsh, screeching harpy Sarah Brown–or write the character off for six months to a year and offer Heather Tom the sun and the moon to return.

  11. Profile photo of twb6yz

    DC I normally love the podcast but you need to keep it a little more balanced. A podcast almost 3 hours and other than the Emmy recap you barely spent five minutes on Days which I used to never watch but is amazing right now.

  12. Profile photo of

    DC is back and the podcast was on fiya!

    Luke & Jamey sparing always provides great fodder, and when you throw in Mel, Jillian and Reagan it always a great show.

    I agree that ppl want to bitch and complain about the mighty O and the PP shows of AMC/OLTL. Again it it a win-win situation for those shows & O!

    I agree Y&R needs to make some changes Josh/Jill needs to get it together and so on. The young characters are not the same as the young Nina, Chris, Danny, Tracy, Lauren when they were young, but again there was a different writer at the helm.

    B&B- Yes it on point, and hope Katie gets everything from $$$Bill and blast her sister Brook. Enough of Liam/Hope I’m so tied of them. $Bill should go chase after Steffy.

    Days- Is doing good and loving it, and I’m a few shows behind on GH and I do like it, but I do feel GH is better than Y&R.


    Heather Tom acting on point and somebody pls send Amelia Heinle HT acting real on this is how you act! Pls recast this role-

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