How a Teen Terror Continues to Save The Worst Couple Ever on Days of Our Lives

NBC's Days of Our Lives continues to be 40 minutes of sudsgasmic fun. Jennifer Horton's (Melissa Reeves) devilish son, JJ (Casey Moss), is proving to be the best foil ever to Dannifer's "epic love story".

I no longer feel so compelled to fast-forward scenes featuring Reeves and Shawn Christian (Daniel) together. Now that JJ is doing such a bang up job keeping them apart, I actually find myself rooting for the couple. Imagine that!

Daniel and Jennifer's brief bursts of sexual passion have also gotten much hotter, likely because their relationship has taken on a forbidden aspect. The Widder Deveraux is as horny as a cooped up housecat for her hairy medic. However, she's torn because of his absolutely disastrous relationship with her troubled spawn.Throw in Jennifer and JJ's Aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers)—who also happens to be Daniel's bio mom—and you have another classic, multigenerational family saga for the Hortons.

JJ follows in a long line of this upstanding, WASP clan's teen terrors. The very first episode of Days of Our Lives featured a 16-year-old Julie causing her Grandpa Tom (MacDonald Carey) distress, by shoplifting for attention. Who knew a kid being prone to taking five-finger discounts would still play so well in daytime almost 50 years later? Watch a recap video of Monday's episode of DAYS below.


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    I enjoy JJ as well–not in a way that makes me root for Dannifer. Not At All. Still. Never. But because I can live vicariously through him to torture Dan. Would be awesomely epic to have Julie around to stick up for JJ and take on Maggie. I sometimes get annoyed by how fast Maggie tosses away her Horton loyalties in order to stick up for her sudden son. I like the brother/sister chemistry between Moss and Mansi as well. He’s a good addition, IMO. Makes Dannifer almost tolerable. As I stated, I still don’t like them as a couple, but I agree, at least their scenes are watchable now.

  2. Profile photo of Cornfed

    What hurts the Dannifer coupling — in addition to the obvious lack of chemistry between the hairy surfer and homophobe Reeves — is the SAD SACK portrayals by both actors. The eternal A-N-G-S-T on the faces of Reeves and Christian make every scene indistinguishable from the next. What results is the constant use of the FF button. And they never seem to know how to style Reeves — one day it’s “hippy mom” with tons of jewelry, the next it’s go-go boots/clogs and too short skirts. WTF!

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    Daniel needs a REBOOT! Instead of the show trying to force feed us the idea that he is Jesus reborn, how about making him the womanizing lout that he was when he came to town…no shame…THAT is what would make me actually like the character.

    I don’t care for the character or the actor. Shawn Christian belongs in straight to DVD, unrated Cinemax movies.

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    BRUTAL and to the point, keep it comin angrierblackman! Music to my ears…

    Please let me see some ol’ school good soap soon…maybe i’ll check out OWN, when do they start the OLTL airings???

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    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE]… The eternal A-N-G-S-T on the faces of Reeves and Christian make every scene indistinguishable from the next. …![/quote]

    You call it angst. I call it constipation. They might not be good at their portrayals on the show; but they’d both be excellent in Ex-Lax commercials, at least in the BEFORE parts. ;)

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]You call it angst. I call it constipation. They might not be good at their portrayals on the show; but they’d both be excellent in Ex-Lax commercials, at least in the BEFORE parts. ;)[/quote]

    OMG so true! And I just saw the rumor report that Chandler Massey is done after current contract, so now with GH and Y/R on life support imo — and the best Days character being recast early next year — what hope is left for any soap? I’ve never watched B&B and don’t see it happening, not even Katherine Kelly Lang could get me to watch…

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    [quote=Margaret Thatcher]Lets hope the delicious addition of JJ (Casey Moss) menages to drive a stake into the heart of the ridiculous Dannifer story once and for all.[/quote]

    Well, that would be an extremely kinky way to end the relationship but I’d probably watch!

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    Maura West isn’t even stopping me from FF-ing thru the Q living room scenes. Only when Laura Wright showed up did i stop to watch a bit! But i feel that due to viewer backlash i think they are putting the brakes on any supposed Frodd/Carly romance, as this would forever ruin the character of Carly. It’s bad enough that Monica is missing, but we blame the writers for this, not the actual character…

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    Doc OfTheDocks

    I’m enjoying the angst that JJ brings to this sorry sack of a couple. I do not know the actor personally but I just can’t buy Dr. Dumbledirt as passing medical school….he was better suited to play the dumb carpenter on ATWT. There is nothing I find interesting about Jennifer either, the world’s older virginal igenue. Yikes. No wonder I don’t care for either of her children. Show me more Nicole, Kate or Sami scheming….or show me anyone else getting hot and heavy, just leave the snoozy duo on the back burner where they belong.

  10. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I do love the full-circle aspect of this story. Jennifer was herself a teen terror. Not only did she run away from school. She also had a habit of telling lies and had a drugs storyline. Sound familiar?

    I wish Melissa Reeves would play up the rebellious side of Jennifer a little more.

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    Nope, sorry, Dannifer is as boring as ever to me. Worst long term soap couple in years. Naggie’s, er, Maggie’s constant sobbing over and interference in her hairy egg’s love life is ridiculous and makes everything even worse. Poor Suzanne Rodgers. Her character’s been ruined just like every female that get stuck in story with Daniel. And the angry, angsty teen trope is as old as dirt and just as exciting.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    I had all but stopped watching DOOL because of the relentless pushing of storylines featuring Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves). She’s a lousy actress with one expression and the biggest dullard in Salem. I don’t understand her hold on Ken Corday but I have my own theory. Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) is given more face-time than anyone else on DOOL yet the soap manages to thrive and survive because the other actors are so talented. As for the Dannifer saga, it’s a cringe-worthy mess that has managed to transform Shawn Christian (Daniel) into a putz. Lets hope the delicious addition of JJ (Casey Moss) menages to drive a stake into the heart of the ridiculous Dannifer story once and for all.

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    ‘Something’ big needs to happen and Maggie needs to fall off the wagon. I know it’s been done before on soaps, but hell, that is as real life as it gets!……people struggle with addictions for a lifetime on and off. It would certainly create a soapy storyline for HER and not her as a prop in Dannifers storyline.

  14. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I could see them recasting Will, as TPTB are probably aware what he said on the red carpet, and are fully prepared. Not that they’re actually doing casting calls yet lol, but i could see them TRYING to recast. Drew Garrett could be good, tho i’d need to first see how he’s maturing. I do notice that Massey still has a habit of grinning in scenes when it’s not called for, so distracting. He was doing it with Lauren Koslow yesterday!

    Btw, yesterday’s Days was a big score for me, i watched almost every single scene, something i haven’t done with GH in months!

    James Reilly brilliantly had those BFF get-togethers with Kristen, Billie and Jennifer, and something like that could at least HELP the Jennifer character lighten up a bit. Tho i haven’t seen the show enough to attest if they gone this route already…Kristen could be the Ex Lax Jennifer sorely needs LOL…

  15. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    O jeeeeezus help. Surely he and Gabbi won’t ride off into the sunset together with the baby. I don’t have a good feeling about this at this time. Maybe as the storyline progresses I will be okay with what they do. I wonder if Sonny is staying……maybe Will breaks his heart and he moves on? Don’t leave him hanging like they made Bo do to Hope…..For all that DAYS is doing right (and it is on FIRE)…..there are still issues….

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    Hmmmmmm Will is very insecure overall. If they aren’t gonna recast, maybe they should do a suicide storyline. It happens all to often to young gay males. We’re losing Will anyway, so why not go full on drama? thoughts? No screaming at me please LOL

  17. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Thanks SoapArmageddon — liked the KC interview. Again, WTF with the Kool Aid drinking with Dannifer? My God, that has GOT to be one of THE.WORST couples daytime has ever produced! But appreciate that he went for it with Will and Sonny so i can cut him a lot of slack. Let’s get Peter Reckell and Sean D. back…and who is “Jordan” gonna be related to?

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