Victoria Runs Home to Mother and Daddy Mustache on The Young and the Restless

A drunk Billy (Billy Miller) returned home to confront Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about being pregnant. Victoria denied being with child. She said she was glad she wasn't pregnant because of his gambling, before telling him she was leaving.

One little Victoria went to Newman.

One little Victoria forgot to comb her hair.

One little Victoria had Billy’s roast beef.

One little Victoria had none.

Tuesday, Victoria  went wee-wee-wee, all the way home to Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

Victor immediately went into “told ya so mode” when he found out what Billy had done.  Victoria told her parents she planned to go to D.C. for the Fourth of July, so she could visit Reed and clear her head.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) ripped into Kyle (Hartley Sawyer) about kissing Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Kyle said he and Summer had broken up, but admitted he always thought Phyllis was hot. It was so hard to invest in the scenes, since neither actor has much screen presence.

Jack (Peter Bergman) asked Summer (Hunter King) what was wrong, when she showed up with her eyes full of tears. She said she couldn’t talk to him about it. He pressed her to confide in him. These two have no idea what they're in for.

Phyllis overheard Nick (Joshua Morrow) telling Avery (Jessica Collins) the truth about Summer’s paternity.  Avery had sympathy for Nick, but chewed her sister out.

Avery assumed Phyllis had been the one who lied about Summer's paternity, resulting in Michelle Stafford unleashing soap operatic fury on both. God, are we going to miss her on this show.

A totally sloshed Billy showed up at the Abbott mansion. Jack tried to talk some sense into his brother. Billy told Jack about Victoria moving out and Jack said for him to stay at their family home. The one good thing about this awful story, is having so many Abbotts under one roof again.

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Where is Victoria? Still in Italy? Because that woman is NOT Victoria Nicole Newman.

    Awful writing for the character and the acting is another huge problem.

  2. Profile photo of Divatude58

    Luke Kerr should not be allowed to do reviews…I couldn’t concentrate on what happened for how he presented the material…LMBO…Priceless!

    I don’t understand why Billy is staying at the mansion when Victoria is at the Ranch. Now they just have an empty house. Makes no sense for them both to move out. Well, that is one way to get rid of a set. I wonder who will buy it. One of the newbies…Hilary will need somewhere to screw Cane.

  3. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Great continuation to Monday’s episode. I just wish Phyllis would have Hoe checked Avery by slapping the shit outta he ass. This made of for that horrible/decent Monday episode.

  4. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    The real Victoria Newman is giving another Emmy winning performance on B&B right now. The imposter needs to comb her hair and get some acting lessons. AH is a dreadful re-cast.

  5. Profile photo of tmac

    When did Billy and Victoria start wearing real wedding rings? They made such a big deal about having wedding bands tattooed on their fingers and suddenly they now sport metal bands without a hint of the tattoo underneath. Is it cheaper to put real rings on them than to draw on the tattoo rings each day?

  6. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I was somewhat distracted when watching this scene because I kept thinking the Chandler Mansion looks better than the Newman Ranch now.

    A websoap, especially one that (re)started less than a year ago, is not really supposed to be able to one-up the stately Newman abode, which now resembles something Mike Brady would’ve designed.

    What happened??

  7. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    MsAgent, I have to agree with your statement above. I am guessing, along with everything else on the show, cost wise, they were all cut for the lovely Steve Burton’s pay.

  8. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    Please, please, please come back to Y&R, Heather FUCKING Tom!!!!

    A wet mop has better acting skills and presence than the current Icktoria (and all the newbies, too).

    Y&R cast used to be THE BEST in the business. Now, it can barely keep up cheap Latino telenovelas. What a joke!

  9. Profile photo of BoricuaAngel

    Oh my gosh …. Y & R needs a Victoria Newman recast NOW!!!!! I’m sooo sick of seeing Victim (victoria) Newman on my screen. And would somebody please get that girl a hairbrush!!! ugh

  10. Profile photo of Mets82

    I don’t mind seeing Ameila as Victoria. Maybe they should stop writing like she’s a whiny person and an actual grown up. It does make sense that Victoria would chew out Billy. I mean if he keeps gambling, God only knows what would happen to her and Johnny after she was kidnapped last time.

  11. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I’d said it on another thread and I’ll say it again–either recast Victoria RIGHT NOW or write her off for six or eight months and offer Heather Tom the sun and the moon to return. I gotta say AH is on the verge of becoming a real dealbreaker for me and while I’m not one to lightly FF through any soap it’s about to start happening(at this rate I’d rather see Kevin and Chloe and ANYBODY who’s read anything I’ve written knows I’ve gone off the rails on that sad-sack coupling more times than I can count). It’s truly heartbreaking to see this once-great legacy character brought to her knees by not only piss-poor writing but completely lifeless, incompetent and uninspired acting. JFP needs to quit with the influx of randoms(Hilary, Melanie, Stitch, etc.) and invest in a high-powered recast for this character if she can’t get HT back.

  12. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    The episode was hilarious, and it wasnt meant to be. Amelie getting all whiny with Meoldy and Eric. ‘Waah, waah, Billy hurt my feelings. Waah, waah, Billy is no good.’. Nikki looks like she wants to push Victoria off a cliff. Oh well. I’m done with Villy. Bring on Chilly, yeah baby!

  13. Profile photo of pjc722

    Can someone please make the argument that with a quarter of a billion dollars, Victoria can easily just pay off Billy’s debt and send him to rehab and WORK WITH HIM AS A COUPLE WHO ARE IN LOVE?!!! Honestly, the character of Victoria is the biggest most spoiled selfish brat EVER on the face of daytime TV!

    All we ever hear her do is whine about how HER LIFE isn’t the way SHE WANTS IT!

    And why go to your father’s house to protect your son?! GO live in a convent in Tibet where it’s much safer!

    Does she not remember that her father had a homemade PRISON in the cellar of his old house where he kept his first wife’s lover hostage?!

    Or that he orchestrated the death of Billy’s niece by hiring a crazy lady to basically kill Billy’s BROTHER?!

    Or that in her father’s own NEW HOUSE, a gun man not only shot her “I HATE HIM” brother, Adam, but also tried to blow up the house with EVERYONE in it?

    Or that her father has had more people gunning to pop a bullet into his black heart than Billy has had debts?!

    Or that it was her father who orchestrated Billy’s arrest in a dictator country of Mynamar while Billy’s daughter was dying and only allowed him to give an organ than sit bedside by that dying child?

    Or that Victor abused mentally his mother and many step mother’s on that ranch?! Or that people have been killed on that ranch?

    Or does she not remember that she, reself, has been so selfish that a court took her child away because it deemed her less fit to care for a child than her HOT HOT dectective husband?!

    Or does she not remember that only a few month prior her ex husband called and basically frantically said that their son would be coming to visit but never did and after many phone calls she never got a hold of him and basically she said “oh well” and left it at that?!

    HONESTLY, come on, soaps and Y&R, when you have a HUGE amount of history for FANS to mine to complain about a direction of a story, than pay attention to it. THere is far too much addiction on this show right now from Jack’s pills and booze to Billy’s gambling to the potential for Adam having alcoholism from all the close up shots of his grabbing a cocktail each and every time he needs something in his hands!

    Let Billy get the therapy he requires to beat gambling and then let him serve Victoria divorce papers and go for joint custody. I would so much rather see Billy as the fun bumbling idiot with a lover who doesn’t mind than a whining uncombed whiner who just can’t get over daddy.

  14. Profile photo of pjc722

    THe last couple of weeks have been boring in a way for me mixed with great stories.

    The Michael and Lauren story has been FANTASTIC. But I do sense that I am getting to the point of overload and just want them to consummate their reunion only for Lauren to discover she’s pregnant again. It would be fantastic if there is a question about paternity and do to a medical issue, they can’t test DNA until the birth. Having Carmine around would spell so much good drama. Even to have the child turn out to be Carmine’s but Michael standing by lauren would make the story and trio last that much longer.

    Is it me, or does Noah do a lot of “DL” flirting with Tyler and Mason on the show? I’m gay but I get the sense that he is trying HARDER than hard to prove that he is “str8″ by constantly mentioning GETTING WOMEN to these two TALL and HOT men of color THAN would happen in real life. COME OUT, NOAH! Come out. We fans will love you either way. (Victor on the other hand may be calling up Michelle Bachman’s husband to have you converted back to str8)

    And wow… more drama with Dylan. Sorry, but he is a gossip. ALways running to Avery to see what’s wrong while Chelsea who is showing TOOOOOOOO much excitement over marrying the guy while lying to him is making me hate both these characters more than i like.

    It would be fantastic that when she goes into labor and rushed to the hospital, Anita drives over to Newman Towers and informs Adam that Chelsea went into labor WITH HIS CHILD. Could you imagine that scene as Chelsea is about to spit out her spawn with Dylan saying how happy he is for her and them, that Adam walks in and says THANK YOU, the child is mine!

    NOW THAT WOULD BE SOAP-tastic!!! I don’t think a reveal has ever been done in the delivery room but I can guarantee you that I WOULD BE GLUED TO MY SEAT FOR IT!!

    And in utter confusion, Dylan leaves the maternity ward all depressed and drained of emotion. He presses the elevator door and it opens. He steps in. But the elevator isn’t there and he falls into the shaft. Seconds later the elevator with Tyler in it comes speeding down and all we see is smoke/dust rises up from the open doors. OH YES, Dylan and muscle boy are gone FOREVER.

    Now that soap opera!

  15. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I hear ya about Victoria. She is making me sick. pjc, you forgot how Victor had her arrested at her own wedding, and she miscarried! She is sickening.

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    God I hate Victoria in all of this and hate Victor for being the same old annoying interfering unfeeling selfish manipulating Victor. I’ve said it before but again … a definition of insanity is continually repeating your misguided erroneous missions; which describes Victor to the tee. I also see this as the start of the next disintegration of the latest elder Newman marriage.

    … and pjc722, post #18; perfect!

    … and Mets82, when has Victor NOT mentally abused his “beloved” Nikki?

  17. Profile photo of pjc722

    When did Victor mentally abuse Nikki? Seriously?! Every single time that he was mad at her. Remember how he treated her when she was getting married to David and after Sabrina was killed? Or when she went looking for him? Or when she did something against him?

    The man has uttered such VILE disgusting things to the woman that I just never understand why she went back to him but now give up on wondering why and now WONDER when she will leave him again only for him to be cruel and abusive.


    Its drama.

  18. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    When does Victor abuse Nicole? That ALL he does, constantly. I am beginning to blame Nikki for it, though. She keeps going back for more and more of it.

  19. Profile photo of Mets82

    @tedew @pjc722 @hey mon: You bring up fair points and your right but I do remember that for all there fighting, Nikki stands up to Victor. Victor yells at her but she gives it right back. She doesn’t back down to him.

  20. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    What I don’t get is that Billy’s gambling is the deal breaker. Not when he purchased a felony baby, not when he continued to lie to her, not when he literally ran away from his problems, not when he lied about her father being dead, not when she got kidnapped…no THIS is the deal breaker. She really is a moron.

    I might have had some sympathy for her if I didn’t have to watch her whine and complain all the time. About her dad, about wanting a baby, about her dad, about wanting a baby, mix and repeat. Victoria is supposed to be a middle-aged buisness woman but she acts like a teenager with daddy issues.

    I long for the days of Heather Tom but sadly I don’t think she would ever come back. I am thinking it’s time to bring Gina Tognoni to Y&R. She was a great Dinah on GL.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    Of course the Villy crisis is simply just a reason to break up the couple and send them both on their separate ways. It would be such a relief if even just to not have to hear Victor say Billy-Boy again and again and say terrible things about him to the person he is supposedly loved by (even though he is also one of the ones who helped save that family from imminent death.

  22. Profile photo of Miry

    In the thumbnail of that pic above it looks like Victoria is sitting on Niki’s lap! It REALLY made your article’s title stand out to me!
    Somebody get that baby a comb!

  23. Profile photo of pferrando

    Wow. The ranch exists.

    Wow. Nikki exists.

    If we have to have Victoria and her hair over to the ranch so I can get Melody on my screen, well then so be it.

    Shouldn’t people be blaming hair and makeup for AH? I can’t believe people still talk about it. For this particular scene her marriage is on the rocks, so why would she be all coiffed and polished after taking her son and running to her parents. Seems fine to me.

  24. Profile photo of tedew

    pferrando … seems like you are being a mite kind to Victoria. Nothing changes with her (or her father when it comes to her [and Billy]) and it needs to because we are fed up with it.

  25. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I remember when an episode’s opening scenes were major and you could not wait for the theme song and commercials to run so it would get back to the action. Doesn’t happen all that often anymore. Hasn’t in a long time. Sigh..

  26. Profile photo of kelley850

    Yeah, the biggest problem with Y&R right now is that they are filming in the dark. You have to strain your eyes to see who is in each scene. Evidently, there is no sunlight in Genoa City. Not a good sign. They did this at GL. Next thing you know, Y&R will be filming outdoors 100 miles from where their studio is using hand-held digital cameras.

  27. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Hey kelley. Actually, they all film dark right now, for some reason. Even the hot as #ell DAYS.

    It’s really about humanizing Dylan McAlvoy. Bringing Stitch on is big plus in that area. Im sure that JoshG has a good reason as to why we dont know Stitch’s given name. Maybe Stitch is someone’s long-lost son or something.

    But Josh is probably trying his hardest to temper most of JillPhil’s weird demands. The biggest being her obssesion with Steve Burton, and the second being replacing everyone we know with HH cast-offs. Hopefully Josh can continue to round off Jill’s sharp edges.

  28. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=hey mon]Hey kelley. Actually, they all film dark right now, for some reason. Even the hot as #ell DAYS.

    It’s really about humanizing Dylan McAlvoy. Bringing Stitch on is big plus in that area. Im sure that JoshG has a good reason as to why we dont know Stitch’s given name. Maybe Stitch is someone’s long-lost son or something.

    But Josh is probably trying his hardest to temper most of JillPhil’s weird demands. The biggest being her obssesion with Steve Burton, and the second being replacing everyone we know with HH cast-offs. Hopefully Josh can continue to round off Jill’s sharp edges.[/quote]

    I believe it is too late. She is already on the way to destroying the show with all of the non talent, and Dylan is beyond humanizing and still a sad sack character with out a bit of personality or talent.

  29. Profile photo of Mets82

    The ironic thing is that people killed Maria Bell for casting people from other soaps and it didnt work. Remember Genevieve, Diane? And its happening again with Steve Burton. I don’t mind Steve, honestly. I think it’s just he’s been shoved down our throats and on everyday. That doesn’t help.

  30. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Mets82]The ironic thing is that people killed Maria Bell for casting people from other soaps and it didnt work. Remember Genevieve, Diane? And its happening again with Steve Burton. I don’t mind Steve, honestly. I think it’s just he’s been shoved down our throats and on everyday. That doesn’t help.[/quote]

    If he wasn’t duller than dirt, wouldn’t be so bad.

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