Could an Ailing Delia Cause a Chilly Reunion on The Young and the Restless? (VIDEO)

The perfect storm of two failing marriages and a sick child seems to be conjuring up the right elements for some Chilly weather in Genoa City. On the next episode of The Young and the Restless, ex-spouses Billy (Billy Miller) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) grow closer, as Cordelia spends the Fourth of July in the hospital.

Do Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) really have something to be worried about? God, let's hope so! Watch a sneak peek after the jump.


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    hey mon

    That’s for d@mn sure. If I have to watch Victoria go ‘whiny’ about Billy one more eff-ing time, I am going to throw up, puke, gag, and vomit. She is, what, how old? 35, 40 yrs of age? And she is going crying to Mommy and Daddy cause Billy bet on a few ponies? I wish Victoria had some real problems in her life to deal with on a daily basis.

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    [quote]Could an Ailing Delia Cause a Chilly Reunion[/quote]Please let it happen. Victoria is suppose to be in 40’s and the woman is running around whining every day. Plus I dont know if I am more annoyed at Amelia Heinle or the character – Victoria. Where is Heather Tom when when I need her. Oh I forgot she is kicking ass over at Bold and the Beautiful.

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    If Heather Tom was playing Victoria, I would be more supportive of Victoria being with Billy, but AH’s Victoria is way too fu#kin’ weak to be an Abbott. Its the writing and the acting. Its nice to see Billy interact with someone who is not a Newman, plus, they have gobbs of chemistry. For some reason, Chloe reminds me of Jill, I think, its the hair.

    Now are they gonna pair Kevin and Victoria :) ?

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    ICAM, Victoria needs to STFU…….They seriously need to send her away, but wait they did sent her and Nikki away to DC. So what are we going to see MTS another 4 days this month. Over 40 and back burned.

    So I guess all the women are going to be pathetically weak and whiny with muscle bound stupid men. Oh yippee….

    Nobody around here kicking ass and taking no prisoners. YAWN

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    Chilly Fan 25

    Well this Chilly fan certainly hopes so. They were dropped as a couple too soon the first time and Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller are excellent together. And it’s just nice to see Billy not have to be be the Newman lapdog.

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    I would love to see Billy hook up with Chloe but the downside is listening to Victoria WHINE AND WHINE about it and most likely OVER-react to every little bit.

    Victoria should be there, though, since she is a step mother. If she doesn’t go when she gets word, then billy play!!!

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    Angie Lucy

    Please do. I’m so sick of Victoria. I just wish it could happen with Victoria being the sole blame for the demise of Villy so I wouldn’t have to watch Victor’s millionth revenge plot on Billy and the Abbotts. Victoria should go head up Newman’s European division until they can bring her back with a stronger actress and better writing.

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    Is it too much to ask that Victoria’s flight get delayed? Like, until Heather Tom’s B&B contract is up? The only two characters that have been more ruined in the last five years are Sharon and Kevin, but at least those two have the benefit of good actors in the roles. Same can’t be said for Victoria and AH.

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    Wow…more Victoria bashing…

    The one thing I’ve enjoyed is finally seeing what I hope is the end to Chloe and Kevin’s marriage. It never worked.

    I’m glad these couples are “broken up”, and I’d like to see what they might have in store for Billy and Chloe again, although I also would like to see her with hot Chavez.

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    [quote=tedew]Of course if Heather Tom were still Victoria then non of these silly story lines would even exist …[/quote]

    That is kind of like saying, “If only Druscilla, whatever” and we know neither is ever going to happen.

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    [quote=tedew]Of course if Heather Tom were still Victoria then non of these silly story lines would even exist …[/quote]

    How true! Because right before Heather Tom bolted, TPTB were going to pair Victoria with Michael Baldwin (whom she had great chemistry with), so his character would have gone in that direction and not hooked-up with Lauren (who was seldom seen and was looking in the direction of college boy, Raul (David Lago) … lol!)

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    yojoromo4469 … exactly; some here do seem to wish for returns of (from everyone from Shemar to Ms Rowell) those originals who just can’t or won’t return.

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    tedew – But it’s true!

    I could’ve never, *ever* seen HT’s Miss Vicki fall for slippery, smooth-mouthed Brad, after witnessing his lusting after her mother for years first hand! NOR would have she ever fallen for an Abbott, any Abbott, and if she had – she would have worn the pants in that relationship and kicked Billy’s ass straight to the curb after the first Myanmar excursion he did.

    JT – that I kind of could have seen happening. He was hunky, and seemed eager to please Victoria, HT’s Vicki always liked those sorts of types.

    And most of all, HT’s Vicki would NEVER have left her hair unattended like this wet mop has!

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