Has Nancy Grace Been Banned From Good Morning America?

Legal theatrics are Nancy Grace’s specialty and it looks like Jeff Zucker wants to keep that expertise in the family. According to the New York Post, Zucker banned all CNN and HLN personalities from popping up on Good Morning America.

Reportedly this impacts Grace, one of CNN and HLN's biggest stars, who has sparred with GMA’s legal analyst Dan Abrams in the past.  In a statement to the NYP, CNN clarified:

A CNN rep said, “While it is true that Nancy no longer appears on ‘GMA,’ it has nothing to do with banning [particular] clients. Like every other cable network and broadcast outlet with a morning show, we ask that CNN/HLN talent not appear on other network’s morning shows, unless they are promoting a book or a personal project.”

Photo Credit: HLN

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    I switched to CBS This Morning when they got rid of Ann C. but I’m glad she yelled over Dan Abrams. He deserved it. Nancy is for the victims. They need a voice. Thank you Nancy.

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    So Ms. Grace has apparently been bum-rushed off of GMA.

    Now can we please extend that to the entire television universe?

    Sweet: You forgot one other thing…Ms. Grace has a death on her hands. I still remember her belittling on air someone involved in some case, and a few days later she killed herself in a suicide.

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    RealityCheck 33

    NG is an obnoxious know-it-all witch. She loves to hear herself rant about anything. I can’t stand her. The Duke Lacrosse team should have sued her for defamation. She never apologized for her vicious attacks based on a lie. Bitch.

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    rabbit on the moon

    [quote=TV Gord]Some people need to read the story again. She wasn’t banned. Her bosses asked her not to appear on GMA anymore.[/quote]

    I did read it. My comment was in response to the subject.

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    TV Gord

    The story says she wasn’t banned. CNN asked her not to do GMA anymore. “Banning” would have to be done by ABC. The Post is fudging the story.

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