Is Michael About to Plant His Family Tree Below Cousin Kiki’s Bush on General Hospital? (VIDEO)

Any second now, the Good Lord is gonna destroy the city of Port Charles with plagues of locusts, Port Charles hotel fires, Lassa fever, broken ELQ condoms and bad pickle relish. Why, you ask, shall the Creator of the Soap Universe unleash his heavenly wrath? Because Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is on top of his naked kinfolk today on General Hospital!

Across town, Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) is about to ask Sonny (Maurice Benard) if he can roll over his Corinthos Coffee 401K into an IRA, as he's quitting the mob game. Wait, so you can leave the mafia? Why didn't anyone ever tell Jason (Steve Burton)? Watch a sneak peek from the next episode of GH after the jump!



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    I must say that I don’t even mind Michael and Kiki. We’ve seen much worse in the soap opera landscape when it comes to incest.

    Not to mention Chad and Kristen obviously share chemistry thanks to their off-screen romance.

    There are other things on GH that need fixing than kissing cousins.

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    Her and Froddco will both turn out not to be Quatermaines and thus we can allow young Michael to hump Kiki into oblivion.

    What I’m really hoping is that they show Michael eating Kiki out.

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    Daniel St. John

    I like Michael and Kiki a lot more than I ever liked Michael and Starr so this couple doesn’t bother me at all.
    And I am hoping finding out he isn’t Jason’s twin is just the first in a long line of bad things that will happen to Franco and that discovering the thing that as given his life meaning for so many years recently (namely his obsession with his “brother”) will cause Franco to spiral and maybe cause him to seek professional help preferably on Kevin’s couch.
    Since its obvious Franco ain’t going anywhere I hope Ron starts to change the way he is writing for the character.

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    Am I the only who does not see any chemistry between Chad Duell and Kristen Alderson? I know they’re a couple in real life, but off-screen romance does not always translate to on-screen chemistry and I’m seeing no chemistry between any characters they play (Michael/Starr, Michael/Kiki).

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    They are a vanilla (pet) pairing; I have never seen any chemistry between these two actors, they set off no sparks, they pack no heat, they are bland and certainly don’t have the “IT” factor yes they definitely get the writing and the scriptwriters are all there for them without a doubt.

    But they don’t even act well off each other. For some reason its been mandated that they absolutely must be paired and have been leashed to each other from the time she came on in this show’s “leashing method of storytelling”

    No flashing of boobs or 50 shades of being tied up in a bra will do it for me.

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