Kendall Reunites With Bianca Monday, July 8 on All My Children!

Kane women unite! Access Hollywood got an exclusive photo teasing Alicia Minshew's upcoming cameo as Kendall Hart Slater on the new All My Children. Apparently, Erica Kane's (Susan Lucci) eldest daughter is once again in poor health. I bet it's that wonky, borrowed heart. Will baby sister Bianca come to the rescue? Here's what Eden Riegel had to say:

She is coming back for a cameo… and I got to work with her… which was just amazing. Staring into her big brown eyes everything came flooding back, like our old relationship and we shared so many intimate scenes together and also we’re very, very close friends so it was a lovely reunion between Bianca and Kendall,” she said.


Click here to see the actual new pic of Kendall's reunion with Binks. Are those Flintstones vitamins?

Photo credit: ABC

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  1. Profile photo of bren

    love kendal and bianca! i’m so happy. alicia minshew is an amazing actress, i hope the exec’s at the online network put her on contract! :)

  2. Profile photo of Chris

    Can’t wait. I have missed her. I am hoping that this cameo leads to her coming back permanently. I want to see a reunited Zach and Kendall. They are my favorite couple on the show.

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    “Staring into her big brown eyes everything came flooding back”

    I’m just as glad as the next person that Kendall has a cameo in the next episode, but if I’m not mistaken… Alicia Minshew has green eyes.

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    Angie Lucy

    Kendall and Bianca’s relationship was one of my favorite things about AMC. that’s why I was so mad when Bianca and Zach had the baby without Kendall’s knowledge. It didn’t ring true. So glad for the reunion. I wish it wasn’t so brief.

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