SPOILERS: The Truth Comes Out in Chi-Town on The Young and the Restless!

Lauren/Michael/Carmine/Fen: Baby boy Baldwin is in trouble and who does he turn to? You guessed it, Carmine! When Lauren doesn't heed a warning from her ex, it leads to disaster for her troubled son. Meanwhile, will Michael give Lauren an extension on the divorce deadline?

Nick/Phyllis/Jack/Summer/Kyle: The truth comes out in Chi-Town. Back in Genoa City, Jack is disgusted with Phyllis.

Shick: Nick tells his first wife what lengths he went to stay the father of someone else's daughter.

Adam/Victor: Does Victor know he's being played?

Tyler and Abby: Will the Naked Heiress take Tyler's mind off his off-limits crush?

Chilly: Billy confides in his former spouse.

Neil: What is tormenting the Buppie?

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    First of all … why does Neil have to be a Buppie; why not simply a Yuppie?

    I wonder if Carmine will provide Fen with the same services he provided for Lauren?

    Jack should be incredibly disgusted with Phyllis on so many levels.

    Does anyone have any doubt that Victor knows he’s being played?

    With Victor trying to control every move made by his precious little daughters, why is it he has not condemned Chavez or then maybe go for the oh so appealing Tyler when that happens?

    Right now even the vastly flawed Chloe is so much better for Billy than Victoria has or could ever could hope to be.

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    Jamey Giddens

    First of all … why does Neil have to be a Buppie; why not simply a Yuppie?
    Because, just like Yuppie was a term created for young, white urban professionals, BUPPIE was created to describe black ones. We covered a very successful BET web series, that we loved, by that name. Everything that is distinct, or different isn’t a slam.

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    Love these spoilers. LMAO Buppie. I was thinking the same thing. Tyler and Abby needs to happen. I like it because you know Victor will not have a problem with it. Due to the fact he had no issues with Neil and Victoria. But will the new powers that be write Victor as having an issue with his daughter dating a black man.

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    I’m all for the fall out from the reveal of Summer and all, but just like with the Diane Jenkins murder where 90% of the suspects really didn’t have a motive for murder, I don’t get why everyone seems to get mad at phyllis for this secret and not nick?

    Sure, be angry Jack but this SPOILER should be that the NEWMAN/ABBOTT war is back on and Jack is out for blood. And have it involve Adam so that Jack’s revenge is even sweeter since Adam knows dear old daddy is out to get him anyway.

    I know the scenes haven’t played yet but we have already seen Avery rip into Phyllis only to discover it was Nick and Avery has basically given the man a FREEBIE.

    As for Fen and Carmine… GO THERE, CARMINE!!! Go there!!! How juicy!

    And BLAH BLAH BLAH with Chloe. I like her but not SUDDENLY with Billy.

    And reveal teh deep dark secret Neil has cause the guy doesn’t know either. The blogger secret can be revealed later.

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    I think it would be HOT for Carmine to seduce Fen!!! How TOTALLY cool would THAT be? (For a long time, I was hoping EJ would screw Will Horton, harkening back to the Addie/Julie/Doug triangle, but, unfortunately, they didn’t go there). Maybe Josh will have the b**** to go there!

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    Just watched Friday’s episode….. Billy Miller HOT HOT HOT!!

    Daniel Goddard – NOT NOT NOT…

    Steve Burton – ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT!!

    Does SB wear more eyeliner than his female castmates? Does DG walk around with a hard on all day long? He tries to make “Cane” sexy, but he is failing at it…. sorry all you LANE fans.

    For those of you who are hoping for this, be PREPARED for more Fen/Carmine interaction, just be prepared…. is all I’m saying…

    Victor, once again, lurking in the shadows at the hospital….

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Just watched Friday’s episode….. Billy Miller HOT HOT HOT!!

    Daniel Goddard – NOT NOT NOT…

    Steve Burton – ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT!!

    Does SB wear more eyeliner than his female castmates? Does DG walk around with a hard on all day long? He tries to make “Cane” sexy, but he is failing at it…. sorry all you LANE fans.

    For those of you who are hoping for this, be PREPARED for more Fen/Carmine interaction, just be prepared…. is all I’m saying…

    Victor, once again, lurking in the shadows at the hospital….[/quote]

    TRACEY, I absolutely love your comments and I agree 110 per cent. I could care less about Carmine/Fen, but loved everything else, as I detest S.B.

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    I understand the need to catagorize every type of person and put them in a shell, so we can understand exactly what someone is by just saying a word.
    It is easier to know or avoid each and every individual without having to get to know them as individuals. It also puts to use all of that click stuff we learned in high school only to have to disregard it in real life. It was never enough to be the hippie generation or the yippies or the x gens. We have to have bears, and yuppies and guppies and buppies and otters and twinks and milfs and cougars and bridezillas and housewives of’s and etc etc etc ad nauseum. How about truly original(not insane)human? I am not sure that I am that but I would like to be…..

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    Can’t wait for Tuesday’s show, but seriously of ALL the places, Nick starts to tell Summer about her dad in a modeling agency waiting room?!

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    With the exception of the clumsy portrayal of Kyle…I’m enjoying the story. It does put Nick in a new light and the fallout will continue to be interesting.

    And even though it’s not really the Abby we remember…I am actually liking this actress. I just see her as yet another new character…although this one I actually like. But a big NO to her and Tyler.

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    ^^ That’s the Hillary chick!!!

    Can you believe it, how inapproriate to give this utter nobody newbie a spot in the opening! She’s not even on contract!!! Many people have waited years to get into the opening.

  12. Profile photo of tedew

    We here were thinking the same thing about the title sequence. Mishael Morgan suddenly appearing but also so very quickly there must be an annoyance to the true veterans. Sometimes I think the conspiracy theories so often expressed here may not be all that far off the mark. But then again, she’s probably Gus’ daughter … or Neil’s.

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    Who is Hilary? The lawyer Adam is banging on dear old evil daddy’s money?

    I am sad to say that my young n the restless didn’t need a whole lost of changing other than stronger story and writing. All these new characters have become sooooo much that its hrs to guess who is who and of they are just walking on or walking off.

    A lot of what we hold true abt soaps are being thrown out. No one really has a connection to anyone really. There is just too many loose connections.

    And what abt all the lost directions with veterans. Sharon is still floundering as is Kevin, billy, Victoria, jack, Tracey who just returned. Abby who returned to do business and has mentioned her wealth more times then the entire duration of emme as Abby. Fen is lost and Gloria is a walk on.

    I could go on but I’m just tired of saying it.

    Ill still watch but wish beyond wishing that the show was more balanced.


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    hey mon

    I cannot believe that Hillary is already in the credits, and Ashley’s daughter is not even on contract, and is not in the credits. What an eff-ing joke!

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    So let me get this straight. SO for weeks Nick has been fretting over when and how to tell SUmmer that his seed never got all the way up to do the nasty with Phyllis’ egg and he OPTS TO TELL SUMMER THAT HE IS NOT HER DADDY IN THE LOBBY OF A MODELING AGENCY IN CHICAGO?!!!

    SERIOUSLY?!! That’s the dramatic payoff in front of day players instead, let’s say, all the patrons at ON THE BOUVELARD or CRIMSON LIGHTS or the GCAC?! At least there she could go bezerk or cry and other cast members who have nothing to do… LIKE GLORIA or ANITA or JEFFREY or even, dare I say, NIKKI & VICTOR…. can hear the reveal?!

    And then to top off the absurd, we hear all about GRIMES coming back and every fan adn critic has been saying NO MORE GHOSTS and Cassie comes back as a ghost?! Honestly, this bettter not be the return of the actress and if it is it better be Sharon’s downward spiral into CRAZY otherwise I am really not impressed.

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    Yeah, WAY too many random newbies of late(Stitch I can deal with because, well, he’s hot). But the rest–Melanie, Hilary et al–I’m good without. And while I can’t believe the actress who plays Hilary is already in the opening credits after being on the show all of a month, she is listed in the closing credits among the contract cast members(not sure why she has a contract but Ignacio and Melissa Ordway(nuAbby)don’t but why try to explain JFP’s thought process this late in the game……).

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    I loved the scenes between Michele and Peter. They were on fire – I see a Daytime Emmy next year. We all know that Sharon changed the paternity test. Her every word talking to Jack and Cassie after Monday and Tuesday tells me that she did it so Nick can be with her again. And the crazy bitch is convincing herself that she will be the only one who can help him after everyone will turn his back on him. She was going to be completely accepting, understanding and all of this crap. She is going crazy again. She must have stopped taking her pills, cause she is completely out of her mind.

    Carmine seducing Fen is crazy, but why not Y&R needs gay couple.

    And Nick starting to tell Summer “the truth” in the middle of the modeling agency is bizzare.

  18. Profile photo of tedew

    Not sure how Sharon could have changed the paternity test. Plus I doubt that even Y&R would take that see-saw route right now.

    Hope that Carmine being set up by Fen (if he is) is a short time thing that will be seen through by those who know Fen best.

  19. Profile photo of pferrando

    Cane’s assistant…can’t remember her name…is a contract role.

    And if it just means that the new team will be more active in updating the credits…then I am all for it.

    I think everyone that is on contract actually is now in the opening sequence.

  20. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    PJC, you must have missed something, as Nick didn’t tell Summer about not being his daughter on my TV in a modeling agency, but in a room that appeared to be a hotel type room. Maybe I got a different show than you did though.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    yojoromo4469 … thanks for your post #29. I was wondering why so many were going on about Nick telling Summer at the agency because I was also quite sure it was in a hotel room.

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    Chilly Fan 25

    I have been loving the Michael and Lauren story. Very realistic. Now with Fen’s decent into drug use is even more angsty drama.

    Neil’s blogger storyline needs something interesting to happen quick. Because so far it is a snoozefest that I don’t even care about.

    Of all the newbies that have infested Y&R, Hillery doesn’t bother me. The one that bothers me the most is Melanie. I just feel nothing for that character other than she is ANOTHER boring newbie.

    And I have liked the slow reconnecting of Billy and Chloe. Victoria isn’t there for him and Chloe is. Makes sense since they had always remained friends until MAB was trying to pimp Villy and Chlovin.

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    june leathers

    See I told you that Adam was still alive. I figured since they didn’t find his body that he would still be alive and they were just stalling until they find someone else to take over his character and now today’s ending showing his hand move in the snow I was right!! What is it about Sharon seeing Cassie and Cassie doesn’t talk to her now and Sharon even felt her and she has been taking her Med’s. That is so creepy!!!!!

  24. Profile photo of june leathers
    june leathers

    :)I knew Adam was still alive. They’re just waiting to find someone to take over Adam’s character. After seeing Adam’s hand move in the snow today at the end of today’s show I just knew it. It will be interesting to see who they will get to take over. What’s with Sharon taking her Med’s and she is seeing Cassie and Cassie doesn’t talk but just stares at Sharon and Sharon even felt her. That is so creepy!!! I think someone is messing with Sharon’s mind or with her Med’s.

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