The Client List’s Jennifer Love Hewitt QUITS Twitter!

Citing all of the negativity on the social networking site, popular actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has announced she's quitting Twitter! Check out the Party of Five alum/The Client List leading lady's shocking declaration after the jump (Read up from the bottom)!


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    Wow. In the last few months alot of people I know have become aware of the fact that we/they/me have gotten too involved with social media, texts, etc. and as a result, no one talks anymore and we argue at least once a day on these type of sites. Years ago, we had no idea what was going on until either we bought a newspaper or a magazine, or turned the tv on, and further back, when caller ID and answering machines were invented, we always wondered did we miss a call. Oblivion. I want to go back to oblivion. It was nice. My friends and I have stopped emailing/texting. We started that months ago. We talk now. My real telephone rings again. Im happy and may even make myself happier. Im working on kids, nieces and nephews. I tell them, get that phone out of your hand. Stop looking, you make me nervous. Maybe Jennifer will start a new trend. People need to get back to oblivion.

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    Daniel St. John

    I never understood why people feel the need to announce their departure from Twitter/Facebook/message boards…if you want to stop using those thing just stop, people will notice you are gone when you haven’t posted in a few months.
    I also tend to avoid the Twitter accounts of stars I like because nine times out of ten they end up revealing things about themselves that make me not want to like them as much.

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    Why should everyone dump Twitter? I love twitter. I get lots of soap news, sports new for fantasy baseball and breaking news for tons of other things. I am not on there to bash and attack celebs.

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    rabbit on the moon

    [quote=Daniel St. John]I never understood why people feel the need to announce their departure from Twitter/Facebook/message boards.[/quote]

    To give a heads up and a farewell to their fans and supporters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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