Will Maya Choose Her Career Over Her Guy on The Bold and the Beautiful? (VIDEO)

Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) has already sacrificed so much for her dreams of Hollywood stardom on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Now she finds herself possibly having to choose between starring in a steamy, career-launching web series with hunky Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), or having a life with fashion god Rick Forrester (Jacob Young). What's a girl to do?

Meanwhile, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is finally getting a taste of his own two-timing medicine, courtesy of Hope Logan's (Kimberly Matula) new pal, Wyatt (Darin Brooks). Watch a sneak peek of the next episode of B&B after the jump!

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    Rick and Maya doesn’t really do it for me.
    I understand that Mr. Bell is trying his hand at another inter-racial couple. But seriously those two dont have enough chemistry to do it.
    On Y&R their inter-racial couple (Cane/Lily) have chemistry and that’s why their fan-base is huge.
    Also, Maya/Carter chemistry isn’t working either. Its like watching Marcus/Dayzee – which is basically watching paint dry.
    Now Caroline and Carter might work. That girl suddenly develop some pizazz.

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    Let’s be honest, regardless of who Rick has been paired with over the last few years, his pairings have sadly not been setting the screen on fire. I do, however like him with Maya. Granted the sparks were much more tangible when she first caught his eye and it has diminished a bit since, but I blame that on the writing for the couple’s s/l…they’re being written in a very immature fashion.

    It was very frustrating to watch Rick for weeks not have the backbone to cut things off with Caroline while he pursued Maya. Also, if he cared for her so much I think he allowed Caroline to outwardly disrespect Maya for way too long for my liking. When they finally got it together and declared themselves a couple I was gleefully optimistic but now all we get is them gazing at each other and kissing…I love my “love in the afternoon” but sprinkle in some substance for this couple please…both actors in this coupling are capable of bringing it.

    If Rick is truly supportive of Maya being an actress and then they somehow actually write it that he has a problem with her kissing Carter that is really dumbing-down the characters. They’re adults and I would hope the writers could start to write them as such otherwise even as big a fan as I am of this couple, I may throw in the towel.

    …And I hate to say it but if they put Carter and Maya together then that spells doom for their longevity on our screens as two new characters being thrust together is not interesting and I do not see Carter and Maya as having more chemistry than Rick and Maya if they were just given a more substantive s/l. The comedic relief with Caroline is good in small doses but if this current quadrangle plays out too long and Caroline’s tactics work to her benefit I think it’s bad for the four characters…who can take them seriously as this feels like a teen story and not an adult story.

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    I agree – no chemistry whatsoever. The only person I’ve seen JY’s Rick have chemistry with is Amber. I love JY but something has to be done with him. I would love it for him to explore the cross-dressing even more, or become a ruthless opponent for Bill (not right now, since that job belongs to Katie). He’s just there, he’s too whiny.

    Maya is a non-entity, even though I like Karla Mosley. I can’t think of anything for her to do on the current canvas.

    Carter is hot and he is the one who has the most promise. If only he became this semi-grey character who would teach Caroline’s bitchy ass a thing or two (and I do mean literally). There’s something close to “Taming of the shrew” thing going on with Caroline, where she needs to meet her equal. Say, Carter inadvertently finds out all about Caroline’s schemes, and decides to teach her a lesson. In doing so, they start this back-and-forth, cat & mouse play which has only place to go: Eruptive sexual passion. And from there on it could be “B&B’s EJ & Sami”!

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    JY is worthless as Rick. Itsn just not believable. You know, I believe AG as Thomas, but Brad doesnt seem to have too much trust in that character.

    None of the relagtionships have worked for this new Rick. KL as Rick was for more believable as womanizer and as a son fo Eric and Brooke. And while JY is the better actor, I would much more like KL in the role, because its just far more believable.

    Carter is a character that could grow in the canvas, but he is totally being misused. There are so many nice characters on B&B, its really boring. There is no spunk left on this show, and I even think Caroline is a nice character. She does some crazy things, but there is not much harm into it.

    WHy isnt there any bad guy on this show. Maybe Wyatt is going to bring it, but I dont buy it, and not because of the actor but because of Bell. He wants to write these triangles for the youth audience and keep it sweet and simple, no heavy drama, no big action, just some love story with teens that are afraid to commit to eachother. Its ridiculous.

    So now we had some powerfull episodes with Katie and Bill…but I wonder what his next story is, I bet it is the two of them getting back together..Zzzzz

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    I don’t know why, but when you referenced “Taming of the Shrew” I thought of the old Moonlighting episode where they did a take off on the Shakespeare play…Classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV9hg-TGO0E

    Your idea is great! It would be nice if Carter and Caroline realize that they need to stop chasing after two people that aren’t interested and that they are a good fit for one another.

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    IMO, Rick and Maya suck. Hell, I’m almost rooting for him to get back with Carolina. JY’s return has been awful. Like previously mentioned, he’s only shared chemistry with Amber. The rest of his pairings have been a snooze.

    I do enjoy the actress who plays Maya, but she is way too one-note and her character is totally useless.

    Even though the actress who plays Caroline sucks, I enjoy her character. I love the scheming.

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