Top 10 Moments From Teen Wolf Season 3 So Far!

The clear successor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in the universe of spunky, supernatural teen dramas, MTV’s Teen Wolf is appointment TV.  There’s plenty of angsty-drama and death on Teen Wolf—especially according to this Top 10—but the serial is also one of the funniest comedies on television.  Amid shirtless hunks, star-crossed romance and Ian Bohen’s sassy Peter Hale, the soapy Teen Wolf creates endless memorable moments. 
Below, are 10 of the best from the current season.  

1.  Derek’s Sister Is Alive (“Chaos Rising”)
No, not Laura who died in the pilot, a different sister, Cora (Adelaide Kane).  Presumed dead in the fire that killed most of his family six years ago, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was shocked to discover Cora was being held prisoner by the Alpha pack. 

2.  Erica’s Dead (“Chaos Rising”)
Endearing shewolf Erica (Gage Golightly), last seen being kidnapped by the Alpha pack in the Season 2 finale, was confirmed dead.  Allison (Crystal Reed) stumbled across her rotting corpse when she went to help Scott (Tyler Posey) rescue Boyd (Sinqua Walls).  Here’s hoping Teen Wolf starts introducing witches who know how to resurrect the dead, ala Willow in Season 6 of Buffy


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I would have picked another top 10, but I love Teen Wolf! Been a fan since season 1, episode 1!

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TW season 1 was great, but S2 stunk for the most part. So far S3 is only marginally better than 2. I wish they'd go back to S1's format i.e. more humor, homoexoticism and shirtlessness. It was those 3 things along with the hotness of the cast that made TW "must see" TV but now the producers all trying to turn it something different but the opposite is happening. The show feels stale and repetitive now.

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Stiles and the condom size freak-out was hysterical.

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Eh, I liked the first season and the second season okay, but it's becoming pretty stupid. Also it never makes sense. Also some of the acting is ... not so good. Everyone's hot, so there is that. Except for the alpha twins, that is. They have good bodies, but they should wear bags over their heads.