Judge Orders Passions Alum Brooke Kerr and Husband to Pay Their Son Almost $340K!

Did former Passions star Brooke Kerr (ex-Whitney) and hubby Chris Warren Sr. dip into the trust fund of their son, High School Musical 3: Senior Year star Chris Warren Jr.? According to TMZ, the parents never responded to their son’s lawsuit alleging the pilfering and a judge has ordered them to pay up $337,186.68.

As TMZ first reported, Warren sued his mom ("Passions" actress Brook Kerr) and dad, (Christopher Warren Sr., not famous) claiming they established a trust for him back in 2001 for all the money he made as a minor, but were secretly dipping into it … big time.

Neither of Chris' parents ever responded to the suit, despite being properly served, so the judge sided with Chris … to the tune of $337,186.68.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Writers of daytime should be doing an Agnes Nixon right now and drafting the storyline surrounding it. What if on Y&R it was discovered that Nick was dipping into Summer’s trust fund. And that caused her to sue her ex-daddy with her real father Jack all too willing to use this to take a swipe at Victor, by taking his son down. This could draw new battle lines between Victor and Jack. And put the Abbotts and the Newman’s at all out war!

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    Every time I see Brooke now, I think: wow, she could have been Tara on True Blood. I think we dodged a bullet. I can’t see Whitney’s energy in Bon Temps.

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