Will Jenny McCarthy Fill Joy Behar’s Seat on The View?

Is The View ready to play ring around the table? According to US Weekly,  the ABC gabfest is in serious talks with guest host Jenny McCarthy to fill Joy Behar’s soon to be vacant spot.

"She is in serious talks right now," an insider tells Us Weekly of the star, 40, who is currently hosting her own low-rated chatfest on VH1. "Her show isn't quite working out, so she's definitely open to it."

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    I like Jenny McCarthy don’t know why but there is something about her can’t put my finger on it maybe its the old fashioned “IT” factor then when she was so forthcoming about her autistic son Evan I like her even more.

    Oh I didn’t know she had a show maybe this is a second chance for her.

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    I’ve liked her the few times I’ve actually watched the View and it was to see her on there. I like Jenny. I think she is better on this type of show than she is on VH1 doing a solo show. VH1 just has crappy, exploitation shows.

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    The View..really bad daytime tv..Jenny McCarthy…anybody to oust that moronic Joyless…it may be time to give the View the boot ..look at Whoopie …guests come on..when someone else talks she puts her I can’t get a word in look…it is getting old…Sherri Shep…done…not much there..Elizabeth puhleese…just go u are like Swiss Cheese full of holes with your pc views..Barbara…you have overstayed your time..that goes for Bill the behind the scenes producer stay behind please…haven’t watched show in a very long time…there is no reason to..watch Home & Family instead on Hallmark TV

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    I like Jenny McCarthy remember when she was on single out on MTV back in the day. She can still get it. The View is loud and obnoxious but makes for good tv and it still making $$$$ for ABC.. It will be around for the moment-

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