Stefano Has Surprises in Store on Days of Our Lives (VIDEO)

The Phoenix is back in play, which spells trouble for EJ (James Scott), Justin (Wally Kurth) and practically every other resident of Salem, U.S.A. As Stefano (Joe Mascolo) was scheming, Rafe (Galen Gering) was having nightmares about a gun-wielding Sami (Alison Sweeney). JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) was leering at a bathing suit-clad Theresa (Jen Lilley). Oh, and Dannifer had a constipated run-in. Watch Monday's Days of Our Lives recap video after the jump!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Stefano is still an international player! He still gets the fine wine and women. And he got all the folks in Salem’s number. Now that is a villain. If EJ thinks he is going to take his father down, he better realize you can’t take down the Phoenix.

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    As long as an actual story comes of this, it’s interesting. If it’s all one-sided telephone calls and talk. YAWN. EJ Dimera is a bigger flip flopper than a politician. “I love my father.” “Take him down!” I’m not quite sure what the reason is this time. Are we back to when Stefano was going to disown him because he wasn’t really his father? Stefano needs a plot and a story that really does involve all of Salem–every Brady (Not that there are many around) and John (Oops. He’s gone too) Maybe John’s kid, Brady and Marlena.

    Oh. And the big reveal of who Theresa is just happened. ZZZZZ Kind of a letdown.

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    Oh. And the big reveal of who Theresa is just happened. ZZZZZ Kind of a letdown.[/quote]

    I hate when new/old characters use NEW names but I’m ok with this reveal. It’s always ok to have new/old members of CORE families

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    Brown Eye Girl

    As for me I have been saying…. I would love to see Ej take Stefano down…all that power to Ej and Sami….BUT….when I saw Stefano say “You will be on your knees asking me to get back in”….and the look on his face when Kristin said I hope you are ready for a fight….In that moment I was like yep….this is gonna be short lived…the phoenix will rise again…… DANG!….I would love to see Ej keep control….

    I still find JJ so ANNOYING….and now to add Theresa to the mix…can this get any more annoying…..aahhhhh!…

    It’s going to be very interesting to see how far Kristin will be able to go befor she get’s caught…..she is soooooo good at being bad…Poor father Eric….he is gonna have majior issues when he figures this whole thing out…

    Sami..Sami…Sami….Just waiting to see what trouble she gets her self into this time…

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    I hate Sami when she is like this – they ruin her character by her high and mightiness…

    Stefano KNOWS what EJ did and he will blackmail him about Sami and EJ will have to back down or Sami will go to prison……Stefano isn’t stupid…
    but the look on EJ’s face was Emmy-worthy!!

    I hate Theresa and I hate this whiny Jennifer.

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