Summer and Jack’s Lives Are Shattered on The Young and the Restless (PROMO)

The Young and the Restless has been building up to Summer (Hunter King) and Jack (Peter Bergman) finding out the truth about her paternity and this week the sticky buns hit the fan. Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!

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    Today show was great! All the players in the Summer/Nick/Phyllis/Jack saga was on FIYA!!!

    As for Nick I hope Adam gives him HELL for what he did to Summer, because Nick was on his high horse about what Adam did to Faith. I hope Adam gives it back 10 folds to his dear brother Nichols-

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    Today was great!! I thought MS actually did it well. Much restrained than I thought she would be.
    The scenes with Jeffrey and Anita were brilliantly written and located. They provided some lighter spots on the show.

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    Ummm….the scenes with Anita and Jeffrey sucked donkey balls. That storyline is such a drag and is now the worst storyline on Y&R.

    However, the episode today was great. Hell, even Josh Morrow wasn’t too bad. Everyone was great, especially, Peter Bergman. And who on this site said this storyline was a hawt mess? I must respectfully disagree.

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    Excellent show, especially on the part of Peter Bergman and the chick who plays Summer. I thought the scenes with Jeff and Chelsea and Fen were all out of place. They were distracting.

    I think the entire ep should have been about the four ppl at the center of this mess.

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    As I stated before, don’t care much for Michelle Stafford, but that woman can act! Can’t wait! Gonna see it 1/2 an hour when my son gets home from work! And I already know Peter Bergman was AWESOME!!! As for Josh Morrow, looks like his heart ain’t in it anymore.
    Jeffrey and Anita were brilliant/Anita and Jeffrey sucked donkey balls? Gotta see what’s up with this! :)

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    Wow. What a great episode. I was hoping for this type of set up and then reveal. It didn’t disappoint. Both Stafford and Morrow did a great job. But King and especially Bergman were phenomenal. Great acting, great writing. Good job YR.

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    What is starting to bug me more now though is Michael and Lauren again believing Fen’s obvious lies setting up Carmine. Hopefully Paul will see through it all as he should. Also Carmine could never have had that affair had Lauren not continually kept uncrossing her legs. I guess this is just the prelude to another Genoa City murder mystery.

    Bugging me even more is Victor’s return to form. His new setting up of Billy is all so predictable and annoying. And if he did in fact succeed in having Sharon’s meds replaced then he should finally go to jail. We need the same old characters to remain but we at least need them to change and stop boring us.

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    Tedew for sure the black knight has also messed with Sharon’s meds, and the scuttlebutt is that Sharon took the real paternity letter off the porch and replaced it with the results of her choice. Sooooo, in the end Victor is now responsible for all the crap Nick, Jack, Summer and Phyllis are going through….unintended consequences.

    We shall see…..

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    I have to applaud Bergman and, even, King for their performances yesterday! It was exactly what I came to expect from this show and they delivered it! Morrow’s voice aching as he told Summer was the icing on the cake.

    Sadly, Stafford until the end of the episode when she went to hold King’s Summer (I started to cry then) was not at all THE MICHELLE STAFFORD I have watched. It’s almost as if the directive was to hold back on her emotion throughout the last 2 or 3 days or story.

    Overall, especially yesterday, this show delivered for me on this story!! I loved it! And someone else on here commented that it was PURE SOAP and that it was!

    Me being me, I do have some negatives though. Jack has always been impulsive. When he is about to get one over on Victor he always goes running to Victor to tell him BEFORE it actually happens giving the moustache time to stop it from happening. Even in arguments, he jumps before he has all the info. He’s sometimes like a diver on a diving board diving into the pool before they’ve filled it with water.

    When Phyllis was telling him and he was all angry (still pissed they had her kiss Kyle to stop Kyle from going out with Summer instead of just telling Jack and then having Jack handle his son… and daughter for that matter) I wanted Phyllis to turn the tables on Jack by saying “I was afraid you would relapse, Jack, from this info. BUT I was more afraid for my… OUR… 18 year old daughter who was about to find out her life was not the life she was suppose to have! I was afraid for a fragile girl and NOT A MIDDLE AGED fragile man!” Not being mean there, I just think Phyllis needed to put it in context for why she really held the truth when she found out because it was really for Nick, but for Summer… which is how it was written.

    Why Summer ran away and the reveal happened in a seedy hotel in Chicago made NO SENSE! Couldnt they have just given Courtney a bedroom set and written it as if Summer was hiding out there?! Plus they are trying to keep a secret and Phyllis and Nick talk about their personal lives in the lobby of a model agency?! LOL

    Also, enough with the Baldwin’s marriage. I feel that the story is really strong but is now coming close to “ENOUGH ALREADY FOR NOW” territory. Teens on soaps, especially in GC, have such SUCKY lives even with all the money their parents have stashed away. LOL

    And the UGLY DULL MONKEY IN THE ROOM goes to Dylan and his “I’m a good man who does an honest day at work for honest pay” speeches. WHY intersperse this story into the other “not your daddy” story?!! And then to see Chelsea yell at her parents for being bad role models and their short comings AND STILL ACT AS IF Dylan is truly her baby’s daddy is ridiculous! I wanted Anita to get really mad at Chelsea for that and to reveal all RIGHT THEN AND THERE! (Talk about an explosive episode! and turning the Newman family tree upside down!)

    Please calm Jack down and make Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) leaving poignant and sweet and not a “I have to get out of here: runaway that the character is known for!

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    And, Monday, we had GHOST CASSIE and Sharon talking to her while awake AND then John comes visiting Jack yesterday?!

    Can’t Sharon’s conversations with Cassie be in her sleeping dreams so it’s not as if Sharon’s BONKERS again.

    AND I think all us fans would be HAPPY as Larry if in one episode Jack was talking to his father and Tracey or Billy walk in and see John. Jack could be like “wait, you see dad?!” and then they run and hug him.

    It could be revealed that John has been living in a secret room in the ABBOTT mansion for years cause he was hiding from Gloria! He couldn’t take her sexual energy anymore OR her leopard prints!

    I think any silly scenario for why John is alive will suit all us fans and some might gripe but NONE will be mad.


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    hey mon

    Plus I am really liking the new Sharon. This new Sharon is, finally, a complete circle for the character. When Sharon ends up in a mental facility, after rejection from Nick, then maybe she can move on, realizing she is free from Nick forever.

    Cause she looks bonkers talking to Ghost Cassie. And this Ghost Cassie isnt nearly as much fun as Ghost John, because GC is slightly panorama-ized or something. Whereas GJ can walk around and almost touch Billy and Jack.

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    Tedew, I agree on both counts. What bugs me about the Fen story is that it’s basically a repeat of the Jamie/Fen story with Fen playing Jamie this time around.

    What made no sense to me was Fen’s explanation. “Mom, you know I would never go looking for drugs.” And she wholeheartedly agreed. Then he said Carmine came to him.

    O kkkkkkkkkkk then.

    If you would never go looking for drugs, how does Carmine asking you if you wanted them responsible for putting you into a coma?! They never even questioned that ridiculous answer.

    And as many times as viewers have said they’re sick to death of Victor winning, the writers just keep shoving that scenario down our throats.

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    I like the “twist”, I guess, of Fen going after Carmine.

    And with the whole affair starting because Michael didn’t believe Fen the first time, do you really think he’d say he didn’t believe his son again as Lauren stared right at him waiting for him to say, “yes, I believe you.”

    I don’t see Victor as winning this one yet, and truth be told, I was getting tired of the toned down Victor.

    When Josh took over the writing, he wisely pulled back on both Phyllis, and Victor and retooled Sharon. It’s been nine months, and I’m glad the Victor we know is back. And with Adam being thrown in there to go at him, it’s more interesting than the whole Vic/Jack feud.

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    RebeccaJ … not sure I quite get your response in post #18.

    To my mind Fen is still completely Fen. It is Carmine playing Jamie this time round. Not sure how this is going to play out yet but I’m thinking that Paul will see through Fen’s ruse which will give Carmine room to start working on any misguided revenge plot he may be able to hatch. If this were an HBO series or something like that then Carmine would be able to pretend to forgive Fen and then start working the same spell on him that he wove over Lauren. That would certainly stir the pot up. Of course in real life Christian and his on screen brother Greg would probably be much more interested in the dapper Mr. Basco than Lauren could have ever dreamed.

    So it’s on to the next generation Fen … and he is rather fetching.

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    @Tedew, I meant that this time Fen is the one making false accusations against Carmine the same way Jaime did to Fen.

    @ Pferrando, yeah, I know Michael pretty much had no choice but to agree with Fen’s lame story, but still…

    @Yojoromo, yes, because heaven forbid they try something different!

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    Loved Phyllis with Summer on today’s show.

    She’s gonna be missed.

    I still hope they don’t recast and just let her go off with Daniel to GA.

    Then when Phelps is fired, the smart new EP will get her back.

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    Yes, Phyllis was great. She will be missed. I just wish Summer would get the realization that she still rich. Her real daddy owns just as much Newman as Victor and Adam does. I was so over her saying she is nothing. I wanted to jump slap that heffa cause she is and ABBOTT.

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    [quote=pferrando]But I think this reaction is typical for this character…

    They’ve written her very whiny since the recast. Maybe she’ll grow up finally.

    If we are really lucky, they will just send her back to HH along with some of the other dead beats. I would not trade anyone added to the show in the last year for Phyllis. Compared to her, they all need to go back to acting school.

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    I’m ticked by Phyllis and Nick stressing over and over to Summer that Nick IS her dad. No, he’s not. And he cheated her out of time with her REAL dad, so I’m sure this has to be incredibly know, if Summer were a ‘real’ person:)

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    RebeccaJ … I know what you mean and that has been bugging me too. If Nick really is not Summer’s father then he should start showing Adam a little more respect because they really are two peas from the pod that is their father.

    But of course … Nick being Victor-lite he will never have to suffer any legal consequences for his increasingly evil deeds.

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