SPOILERS: Will Avery Give Nick Another Chance on The Young and the Restless?

Avery/Summer: The legal eagle gets some stern advice from her niece — don’t dump her faux daddy! Seems Avery is still unnerved by Nick’s actions regarding Summer’s paternity and doesn’t know if she can be the third Mrs. Nicholas Newman. Summer cajoles her aunt to give Nick a chance and say ‘I do”. Meanwhile, Dylan eavesdrops on their talk and decides to find out what is going on with Avery.

Phyllis/Sharon: The two rivals have a heated exchange.

Billy/Melanie: The Abbott playboy and Siobhan from General Hospital team up to take Adam down.

Victoria/Chloe/Chelsea: The Newman heiress has a showdown with her husband’s baby mamas.

Abby: Her little talk unnerves Lily.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys have a nice romantic evening together.

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    Who cares.

    Avery needs to go put on her glasses on be full-time lawyer again. Nothing more.

    Ah, Phyllis’ exit storyline begins. And Sharon’s descent into further madness.

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    Avery is the most useless character on the Young and the Restless. Bitch is boring and can go bake her cupcakes on The Talk. Actually, Jessica Collins would be great on The Chew.

    Melanie Is another boring and useless character. What is her purpose and why was she brought onto the show? The leprechaun can beat it.

    I swear there is a spoiler about Lily and Cane having a romantic evening every week. Cane looks creepy with Lily.

    The writers are doing Ameilia a disservice by having her playoff against Liz and Melissa. They will upstage her. Have Victoria interact with the chick that plays Caroline on the bold and the beautiful. She is more at Amelia’s level.

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    LOVE Avery. She is the best addition to the cast in years!! I am really enjoying the show very much. As for Kay’s funeral, they said that it would be several months until they addressed her passing. On a funny personal note, I dreamed the other night that I was working in a warehouse with Melody Thomas Scott. When I asked her why she was working there she said that she enjoyed the extra pay and they worked around her shooting schedule. She was my work partner. It was so funny.

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    I love Avery and thought she had so much potential. Jessica Collins is a great actress but I think the writers and Jill Phelps have no idea what they want for the character… or any for that matter.

    Personally, after seeing her go into Phyllis when she initially thought it was Phyllis lie to tell only to discover its Nick’s should prompt Avery to take the same stand against Nick. it’s all about trust, baby, so you can’t take Nick’s whiny-ass explanation of why he kept Summer from her real father, Jack, and stick by his side.

    Honestly, there truly has to be huge fall out from this story with Nick and since Phyllis is leaving, Avery should say good-bye to him as well. Move on. Maybe in 6 months date Jack or even Adam.

    As for Chelsea, HOW CAN SHE WANT TO HELP DYLAN and all that lovey dovey crap if she is LYING to him and everyone left right and center?!! I just don’t get it because I am on the verge of hoping that Jill Phelps is fired and a new producer/show runner brought in and we see Dylan and Chelsea leave town. (In 2 years, when Adam’s newborn is 23 yrs old, she can return and meet daddy)

    Enough with the SAPPY CANE AND LILY MOMENTS! Crying out loud, give them story and stop wasting our time with Cane CONSTANTLY saying how Hilary has cleared his schedule so he can have family time. SERIOUSLY, show the man at the office. Give us reason to believe one would stray.

    AND Why after this major reveal on Jack and Summer was Jack MIA from today’s episode but Dylan and Chelsea are on again?! And they have scenes tomorrow as well! EFFIN HELL, either I am in one PISS ASS BAD mood or I am just friggin’ tired of Y&R forgetting their stories and what drives drama!!!

    Seriously, a late 30’s guy wondering what it’s like to be in a relationship, babies, marriage and the like JUST makes me think less HERO and more DORK!!!

    And, yes… I think Chelsea is a bad whore.

    (Pissy mood)

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    I wish they would ‘VAMP’ up Avery a little…Jessica Collins is too hot to be playing a damn Disney Princess. I want her to get hit on the head in an accident and develop a lusty new persona.

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    I, too, LOVE Jessica Collins. She’s is very beautiful and I like Avery.
    I will say Cane and Lily have a romantic evening. ZZZZZZZZ. I guess there next story will be Cane and Lily read the newspaper, Cane and Lily go grocery shopping and Cane and Lily pick up the mail.

    Btw, were there 2 Melanie’s? Didn’t Melanie have black hair? I thought that was Sibohan but wasn’t sure.

    And maybe, Dylan, who I kind of like, should mind his business with Avery. Worry about Chelsea. Geez, he getting a little obsessed with Avery now.

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    These storylines all suck! UGH- wake me up when they get to Katherine Chancellor storyline that affects the whole town- this show a waste of space on my DVR

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    RealityCheck 33

    Y&R is one big crapfest. The show continues to sink into the pits. It’s just about as boring of a soap that I’ve ever watched. I’m beginning to think it’s never going to improve. So many talented people, such poor writing and execution. CBS & Sony need to step in to save this show.

    Avery needs to kick both Dylan and Nick to the curb. She needs to hook-up with Adam. They did some chem-testing with them a couple of weeks ago. MM and JC clicked on-screen together, but the show runners are probably too stupid to notice.

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    What I hate are the one minute intros then the opening credits. Hook the viewer! Hook someone to watch who has ndver seen it before! They are missing the boat here.

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    the Abby recast is a flop. they should’ve done a real search and found someone who doesnt look like they would rather be on a CW show than on Y&R.

    i’m sure the actress who play Melanie is nice but soaps aren’t her thing.

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    hey mon

    RichAlan67 — You’re like Doug on ‘The King of Queens’, the episode where he was imagining he was on Y&R with Melody and Peter Bergman.

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    hey mon

    And The Show is what it is. It is very methodical, dialog-rich, written fairly well. Very much Joshua Griffiths. Seems to be very profitable (expensive vets are gone, or are reduced to almost invisible). So the good news is that Y&R will probably be around for years to come.

    I think people have to remember how Josh writes his shows. There are not going to be any earth-shattering events, or cast-altering fall outs anymore. It really is a Show about the daily lives of a couple of wealthy families in the fictional town of Genoa City.

    People who wanted 9-cast member whodunnit’s, dopple-gangers walking around, or a psycho-stalker dominating an entire half-year of story-line… well, those days are gone.

    As far as Lane goes…well… I can tell you from talking to my little girl of 18 yrs of age. Her and her friends are very happy to read that ‘Cane and Lily have a romantic dinner’. ‘Cane and Lily go to the Mall’. ‘Cane and Lily take The Twins to the toy store’.

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    Late 30’s and constantly acting as if he just came out of a cave and has never dated before besides Avery?

    I’m making more of a point to move the story along and stop making it as if the guy is “How I met Your Mother” kind of dude solely going through life looking for a wife.

    Besides his army buddy, that has just shown up to advance the PTSD storyline (instead of just finishing Chelsea lie), this guy has no friends other than Avery, who can’t stop getting all meek when she is around him, Chelsea, who is just lying to him, and Billy, who just needs a gym buddy and a sounding board more than a friend since Victoria is all the friend he ever needs.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was on the DYLAN bandwagon when the character arrived but since then the character is just a boring “I’m a goody two shoes guy” who is now turning into a busy body where Avery is concerned. Honestly, just leave her alone.

    I think I would like the character again if he just seemed to be in his own story with Chelsea and running the coffee house instead of being everywehere.

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    HEY MON, I agree about the writing on the show but no matter how much $$$ they save on veteran actors or how DAY TO DAY it becomes, if they don’t mix it in with great SOAPY drama it will lose viewers.

    This reveal with Summer was building up ever so nicely to become one of those soapy goodness moments that would live in our memories for a long time! Remember when we discovered that Ashley was not an Abbott?! That was memorable. It was days and weeks of story. We were left with a cliffhanger moment if the story was not to be played the next day. Or any of the moments with Jill/Katherine or even when John found out that Jack slept with Jill. That was one of the most explosive episodes and stories on this show. Or how about the confrontation between Jack and Victor. The argument escalated and then SHOCK, Victor collapses.

    My point is mixed in with that story was the day to day of GC residences. Y&R is known for slow burning stories… well prior to Maria. But the climaxes to all stories from affair reveals to psychos getting what’s coming to them, they were all “WOW, what just happened there moments”.

    Summer’s story was great until the reveal in the lobby of a model agency and Jack finding out about his son making out with Phyllis which will go no where. Now we have to watch for the next few weeks as all the characters discover this truth one by one over coffee or a weight lift at the gym.

    I guess I just miss those BIG soapy moments that I expect and WANT! It just makes it like watching my own life day to day and LET ME TELL YOU, right now my life is as exciting as a static screen on the TV.

    (I love Y&R. Loved seeing Jill yesterday with Neil but wish she had a storyline worthy of the actresss. I love the writing and think all the actors can act. But if you ask me I don’t watch soaps for every day lives when I watch every day. I want more action, drama and scheming. Oh yeah, what’s with repeating the corporate SPY story over again when you just finished it with Mason and it was the EXACT same story but with a chick?!!)

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    RealityCheck 33

    I love to read the posts over at TWoP. They are ripping this show to shreds, which is justly deserved. JFPhels’s golden boy is putting viewers into a coma. Steve Burton can’t act, he just stares, then blinks to let us know that he’s still breathing. He’s awful.

    Melissa Claire Egan’s Chelsea is supposed to be emerging as a heroine, but it’s a HUGE FAIL. Viewers hate her and the entire GH retread storyline about hiding her baby from its father, Adam Newman, who is played by the very popular Michael Muhney. Muhney’s character is being mishandled by propping this dreadfully boring couple.

    Once again, Josh Griffith is blowing it big time. The Summer Paternity s/l should be rocking the show, but it’s just a whimpering mess.

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    I don’t mind the writing these days, but more the characters who are featured. I watched yesterday’s episode and was reminded of other posters who said that they disliked scenes featuring all newbies, and I can definitely agree with that sentiment.

    Watching Stitch and Dylan discuss the war could be engaging–if it were Chance, and not Dylan, who is totally unconnected to the canvas, at the center of the scene.

    Chelsea and Avery discussing Dylan was the worst, though. It was very Guza GH in the way it showed two women sitting around talking about a dark, brooding man, for one thing. And again, it was two brand-new characters (I don’t care that Avery’s been around a while, she’s still a newbie) talking about another brand-new character. I just don’t care about Dylan, and watching Avery cry over him while she’s engaged to another man try to help Chelsea who’s conning him isn’t entertaining. It’s just propping, and propping tends to be extremely boring. Newbies propping newbies is the absolute worst, though.

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    I am just waiting for Victor’s next move, concerning Chestie Abbot.

    Traci needs to be on more…. less ole wooden nickle Dylan and his new line of men’s mascara, available only at J’Abot Cosmetics….

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    Avery is every bit as boring as Ashley used to be. It amazes me when I see ED on Days that she is the same person who used to play Ashley. She’s so GOOD on Days, her character is a blast, but on Y&R she has always been a snoozefest.

    Same with Avery. I am just so glad they stopped mentioning cupcakes and pancakes and any other kind of food every five seconds. I don’t care if she is a talented chef in real life!

    I ff’ed through ALL of Dylan’s ‘sad reveal’ to Chelsea. I. Don’t. Care.

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    hey mon

    RebeccaJ — Eileen Davidson played Ashley Abbott very well. Ashley was supposed to be one of the few successful businesswomen in Genoa City that the Executive Producers of the last 10 years, not a psycho-stalker that Kristen DiMera is. Eileen played Ashley exactly as she has been written the last 30 years.

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    RebeccaJ – ITA about Ashley Abbott and Avery being a bore. I can’t stand these two cold whiny bitches. Nothing interesting about their characters. Kirsten Dimera on the other hand has more personality than Avery and Ashley combined – well their personalities has always depends on the man they are with.

  21. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    sanka9 — Kristen DiMera is an unbelievable character that would NEVER exist in the real world, neither would the entire, zany DiMera family. That is the appeal of DAYS, that the ‘good citizens’ of Salem, the Hortons and the Bradys, have to deal with Stefano and his ill-bred breed.

    Y&R is supposed to be a realistic portrayal of the ultra-wealthy families of Genoa City, including, at one time, the super-smart chemist-executive who was Ashley Abbott.

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    I can tell you are a fan of Ashley but I just never saw her as super smart – her convictions was always fickle and depended on who was her love interest. She bowed down to their recommendations even when it was going against her. She made no sense to me – I don’t mind women who see dicks as their North but I would like them to retain their minds. Now Jill is a fine example of a woman who fucks a man and not lose herself in the process.

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    Awesome episode today. Can we please get a power struggle at Newman between Jack, Victor and Adam. Due to the fact that Jack is so pissed out at Nick he takes his anger out on Victor and Adam by inserting himself as Chief Executive Officer because he still has way more stock than TGVN and Adam. He and Tucker retain 51 Or 52% of the company. Jack needs to go rain terror down on those two and take his seat over both thrones in Genoa City.

    Summer need to know she’s an Abbot she can get another boy and Know she is the Princess of Genoa City over all the Newman Clan.

  24. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I have to disagree, hey mon. Just because a woman is smart that doesn’t mean she can’t be dazzling and sexy. Ashley disappeared into the woodwork she was so boring.

    And how is it a plus to say she is still be written the way she was 30 years ago? I’m certainly not the same person I was 30 years ago and very few ppl are.

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    lightbringer, that scene!!!!!!!!

    That was a Y&R scene not written by Bill Bell that had EVERYTHING that made this show become No.1. It harked back to the Kay Chancellor/Jill Foster or Jill Abbott/Nina Webster type of scenes that Bill used to write.

    Why can’t the show get that magic back. :(

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    This show is a cheap shell of the greatness that it once was. While not MAB bad, it’s still not very good. Instead of turning it off, I can at ffwd to the scenes and characters that I like.

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    hey mon, How do you suddenly see the writing good??? Good for you if you do, I find nothing changed.

    The last thing this storyline needs is to be tainted into yet ANOTHER business fight between Jack and Victor. That would be a cheap cop-out and round number 3.452. This storyline is and *should* be about Summer, Nick, Jack, Phyllis and about Sharon.

    Also, one of the reasons this storyline is pointless is that Summer is a grown up. It’s exactly true what Phyllis said to her, the Newmans ARE and will always be her family. Biology means nothing. And Summer isn’t to blame for any of it, but suddenly some seem to think she’s just gonna flip a switch and become an Abbott? No. Her life has been turned upside down, and the most important thing in a situation like this is to reassure her that nothing will change, that everything is staying the same as much as they possibly can. THAT is what Phyllis was doing, and it’s good a normal parenting, and exactly what she should have been doing. If Summer wants to get to know Jack closer, that’s her decision whenever she wants to do so. Some people seem to want Summer to turn on Nick completely. That would be the worst thing she could do at this point. Summer will always have a father/daughter relationship with Nick, and see Nikki & Victor as grandparents.

    The only thing this storyline will change is now they are able to do a Noah/Summer pairing. As disgusting as the thought is, I’m sure they will eventually go there, given that Robert Adamson and Hunter King played lovers on HH.

    And Eileen Davidson’s Ashley was NEVER boring, she was a heroine. She was the leading heroine of this whole damn show alongside Nikki for goodness sakes. She was a totally different type of character than Kristen is.

    Now Shari Shattuck’s Ashley – THAT was a horrid mistake! Whoever came up with the notion that someone married to Ronn Moss could act???

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    hey mon

    YoryLA, I should have said that the dialog is pretty good. I just dont want to bash the Show, just to bash. C’mon, Dylan is FF for almost everyone, JillPhil knows that, but she still keeps him on 5 days a week.

  29. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    the dialogue and pace are good. it’s not a rapid starts & end to storylines anymore.

    no more Batman-type lunatics running around with other people’s faces.

    the complaint i see now is that there’s not those big, umbrella type storylines like on other shows.

    i grade the show a B+ because i think there is some room for improvement in terms of casting and newbies being front & center suddenly.

  30. Profile photo of stoney07

    Y&R isn’t a horrible show. I refuse to say that the show is a “mess”. What I think the problem with this show is, our EP knows nothing about Y&R. The network execs know nothing about Classic Y&R, and so we are seeing an INTENTIONALLY new Y&R. There’s no denying that the show looks, feels, and sounds different.

    But there’s also no denying that overall, the writing for the show is probably some of the most stable writing in daytime at the moment. WE may not like the direction they took in the Summer paternity storyline, but it wasn’t “absurd” or ridiculous the way most people here have been saying. I didn’t see anything that I had to suspend my disbelief over. What I saw was a man too freaked out to tell Summer and Jack the truth. And I saw Phyllis completely freaked out, and still somewhat in the back of her mind wanting to please Nick and goes along with it. That’s what I saw on my screen.

    Y&R’s biggest problem at the moment is Jill Phelps. I don’t hate her, and this is really my first experience with her, but she’s just not a fit for Y&R. The music is horrible, and all the cast changes is abrupt. I like NuAbby, I like Summer, Noah, Mason, Tyler, Hilary…Kyle is the only newbie I truly don’t like. I find Dylan to be completely boring, but yeah…whatever. Jill Farren Phelps could be replaced with a classic Y&R EP, and we’d have our show back.

    And once again I say…other soaps get away with what Y&R can’t. The show isn’t that bad, and if you watch Y&R and then watch another soap after it, you’d see that by soap standards, Y&R is pretty much still the most realistically written and most consisten soap on the air. Even though I’m kind of enjoying B&B more now…if I had to show a non-soap viewer a soap, it would be Y&R.

  31. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m on the side of those above who are complimenting most of the writing these days.

    Love the paternity tale…STILL love the Baldwins…love the split up of Billy, Victoria and Chloe and Kevin. Love Chavez…nuAbby is doing well.

    Neil’s story is in need of some speed…and of course the clunker is Dylan.

    So out of everything we are seeing on the screen, there’s one bad one…and it probably has more to do with the knowledge that this character has had way too much airtime.

    This will never be YR pre-2006/2007, but I’ll take it over what I see on some of the other soaps right now.

  32. Profile photo of Mets82

    Y&R is ok. I’m actually starting to warm up to Billy and Chloe and honestly, he should dump that whiny Victoria. I do wonder if there is a big payoff coming and this is just a setup to something even major.

    As far as Dylan goes, I think the fact that he’s on everyday hurts him. Shoving this guy down our throats isn’t going to make us like him any more.

    You know, I might be in the minority but I still don’t like Fen. He caused all the problems between Micheal and Lauren and I just don’t like him. Something about him, he looks like a nut.

  33. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Just finished watching today’s Canadian episode (The US’s Monday episode) and OMG…this is f**kery. That’s all I have to say.

    These paternity “reveal” scenes have highlighted what a weak actor J Morrow is. Yikes. He is fine though, he’s got that going for him.

  34. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    [quote=GHteenybopper]Just finished watching today’s Canadian episode (The US’s Monday episode) and OMG…this is f**kery. That’s all I have to say.

    You Canadians sure know how to torture a guy. :)

    For the love of Bill Bell, please tell us!

  35. Profile photo of Yoryla

    There was a MAJOR Spoiler in today’s Canadian episode.

    Can’t even believe it. And I’m saying it as a person who never wanted this story revisited. I was fine with Nick being Summer’s father in the first place.

    THIS is the story Josh Griffith has been wanting to tell for years???

  36. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Well, since it’s already spreading on Twitter like wildfire and the DC gang knows about it, here it is:

    Sharon actually snuck into the lab and changed the paternity letter.

    Nick is Summer’s father. Has been all along.

  37. Profile photo of Dyllan

    For once I agree with Stoney. I don’t think Y&R is a “mess” that some claim, but there is room for improvement. The writing is better than MAB’s, but it moves a little slow for my tastes. Additionally, I hate who the writers show case-Chelsea, Dylan, and Avery or the trinity of ennui.

    The twist in the Summer storyline is DUMB, unless, a certain someone is hallucinating. Total waste.

    Chloe and Billy reuniting kind of intrigues me, but I can see the writers f*cking that up.

  38. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Get rid of Dylan and keep Stitch…[/quote]

    If I have to see that stupid scene in whatever 3rd world country it is supposed to be in again and listen to that hack Dylan talk about some kid he was trying to save.
    Oh please. Give us all a break and move on from this nonsense. It is as boring as Cane and Lily having a date night. Who cares?

  39. Profile photo of tedew

    Yorla … if all of that truly is true (how so very talented of Sharon and don’t forget she IS seeing dead people) then that is just very cruel to the characters and more so to us. What will THAT do to Jack? But it would also just so very stupid every way around.

    And I for one am finding Carmine extremely amusing right now.

  40. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Tedew, as a Canadian viewer, I can confirm that this is true, it was revealed at the end of the episode US viewers will see on Monday. I think it’s complete f**kery. Sharon was never a villain, why the writers are taking her down this route, I have no idea.

    The only reason I started watching Y&R again was because I read that it would finally come out that Summer is Jacks, but nope, all this for nothing. I am not impressed lol. JFP is daytime show wrecking machine, how she got employed at YR after what she did at GH, I’ll never understand. Daytime needs to look for need people behind the scenes who haven’t contributed to the decline or cancellation of a soap.

  41. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Oh God…..so we are going there with Sharon…sigh….

    JFP did this on GL when Mindy changed Nick’s results…..I had the same thought then…how do these women manage to pull this crap?

  42. Profile photo of lightbringer

    Unbelievable spoiler; so Sharon is now in the company of Sheila, Phyllis and Heather Webber.

    So sad for the character and the show!

    Countdown to Kay’s funeral and unless things change my viewership dies with her.

  43. Profile photo of pjc722

    Lightbringer: I totally agree with you. My comment was more that at least the writing/dialogue is better so that we are no longer getting those 2 minute scenes and nothing else as we had been with Maria.

    The stories themselves are crap… Well, 70%. The writing in them is very good. It’s sad that they can’t come up with stories that are compelling.

    Dylan needed to be tied to someone in town. It would have been interesting to make him an Abbott cousin or something so then there would be a reason to see him all the time. His army story NOW is just not interesting for me becuase I really don’t care for him anymore.

  44. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    [quote=The_Moustache]i’m confused about the Sharon spoiler.

    did she mean about the first test when Summer was a baby or the very recent one Nick took???[/quote]

    She switched the most recent one, Summer is really Nick’s.

  45. Profile photo of lightbringer

    pjc722-Sadly(show) I agree with you; especially about Dylan because outside of his baby blues he just does not have any depth on this show. Maybe with his PTSD he will snap and go all “Jason Morgan”!

    To bad Jill Farren Phelps cannot get her ego out of the way.

  46. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    The sad thing is that IF Vic did indeed tamper with Sharon’s meds as ppl are speculating, he not only put Sharon at risk, but those around her like Faith. So apparently he learned nothing from the Summer/Patty incident.

  47. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Oh God…..so we are going there with Sharon…sigh….

    JFP did this on GL when Mindy changed Nick’s results…..I had the same thought then…how do these women manage to pull this crap?[/quote]

    This upcoming story line, if true, is just way beyond being stupid. In reality, this could never happen and after 35 years of Y and R, with this and the awful Dylan crap on a daily basis, I am just about ready to kiss Y and R goodbye. They are slowly ruining what was a super show. How sad.

  48. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    No, we cant turn out the lights on Y&R. So theres another twist to the story-line, and Sharon is a wacko? Big deal. I remember back in 94 when Sharon was holding her baby nephew Adam when she was 19 yrs old, and in 2010, she married him! So anything is possible with Sharon, anything. JoshG isnt changing anything with Miss S, he is just showing another side of her insanity!

  49. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    And you know what. If I wasnt trying to be sober all of the time, Id pull out a bottle of Vodka. Pour that sweet rye fermented mixture into a cup, add a dash of Diet Sprite, a few ice cubes…

    …and isnt that all you need to watch Y&R? Your feet up on a table, your favorite mixed drink in your left hand, the opening credits and the piano theme song coming up in volume… and there you go.

    The Rose story-line taking too long, take a few more sips. Have to sit thru Cane and Lily making googly-eyes at each other, a great big gulp.

    (Oh, its already time to refill)

    Adam and Melanie at war (sippy-sippy). Carmine stalking Fen and Lauren (little sip). Noah and Tyler sitting around their dumpy apartment, even though Noah is the grandson of a billionaire (big gulp).

    Sharon switching the paternity results (better go get another bottle of vodka)… Dylan on the screen (gulp it right from the bottle)!

  50. Profile photo of wiggum

    [quote=RebeccaJ]The sad thing is that IF Vic did indeed tamper with Sharon’s meds as ppl are speculating, he not only put Sharon at risk, but those around her like Faith. So apparently he learned nothing from the Summer/Patty incident.[/quote]

    First of all, I hate TGVN for the very reason he had to think about still being Summer’s grandfather. That girl has grown up her all life thinking he as her grandpa and he loved her!
    Second of all, why would Sharon change the results? I don’t understand her motive

  51. Profile photo of Mets82

    If Sharon tampered with the test and she’s going crazy again because Victor changed her medication or tampered with it, this could have great fallout.

    Imagine, the whole town would blame Victor. You could have Victor vs. Jack, Victor vs. Nick, Victor vs. Summer etc. That would be great story and honestly it wouldnt shock me if Jack just beats the hell out of Victor. I mean you saw him the other day how upset he was. That would be great. Also, imagine if Victor’s family turns on Victor and Adam sides with Victor. That could happen.

  52. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    [quote=Mets82]If Sharon tampered with the test and she’s going crazy again because Victor changed her medication or tampered with it, this could have great fallout.

    Imagine, the whole town would blame Victor. You could have Victor vs. Jack, Victor vs. Nick, Victor vs. Summer etc. That would be great story and honestly it wouldnt shock me if Jack just beats the hell out of Victor. I mean you saw him the other day how upset he was. That would be great. Also, imagine if Victor’s family turns on Victor and Adam sides with Victor. That could happen.[/quote]

    Yes the whole town would blame Victor and five seconds later it would be over and Victor would be on top. Once. Again.

    @Wiggum, I was really p*ssed too when Victor made the whole situation about him and then acted as if it was perfectly fine to kick his granddaughter to the curb. He is such a jerk.

  53. Profile photo of bishbay

    My avatar is crazy Sharon from about a year ago–I thought she was a hoot then. But she got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, got medicated and I thought that was a great direction in which to take her story. Her recovery and rebuilding relationships was interesting to watch. But then the trash with Adam and picking up random guys and now THiS????? I’m soooo disappointed. Even if Victor’s involved there will still be months of blaming Sharon before that’s revealed. I don’t want to watch that! I don’t want to watch Jack lose Summer as a daughter! This is a terrible twist, and it utterly destroys the Sharon character.

  54. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Josh Griffith was pretty hard on Maria Bell for ruining the character of Sharon and I appreciated his original idea of rescuing the character.
    But now it’s even worse than it was a year ago. Three regimes worked perfectly together in ruining he Shick relationship forever.

    And sadly at this point I wish Sharon Case would just leave the show. She deserves so much better than the crap she got to play over the last 2 yrs. Bill Bell would be hugely disappointed in what happened to this character.

    Mental illness or not, Sharon has become unreasonable and one character that got trashed multiple times.

    The character assassination of Sharon Newman, Part II. Griffith broke his word and my trust in him.

  55. Profile photo of Mets82

    I think if Victor ever got his AND Sharon was rebuilt the show would be better. But it might be the same old, same old that we’ve seen before. Victor never pays for anything and Sharon is crazy…again.

  56. Profile photo of pjc722

    Yojoromo, I’m there with you. 2 months or less ago I have up on GH both to watch and on threads. Happy with the decision.

    Now Y&R is abt to lose me too.

  57. Profile photo of stoney07

    I think we need to see the bigger picture here. I think that’s what the writers do when they write. There’s always a bigger picture to it all.

    Sharon also burned down the Newman Ranch under Josh Griffith…and for someone like ME, she was never redeemed, even after being diagnosed and taking the pills. I think this final “BREAK” will be the lead-in for the true redemption this character needs. Just my opinion tho.

  58. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    With what is planned for Sharon with this we are venturing into “Muddy Storytelling” to quote the late great Douglas Marland.

    I wonder whose idea this was.

  59. Profile photo of tedew

    GHteenybopper … yes I know; but we still do have to wonder if all of this is in Sharon’s head. But if it turns out to be completely true then we are sort of back in the Y&R neighbourhood of a couple of years ago. That would suck big time. And of course … if Victor is the ultimate culprit in Sharon’s actions then unfortunately he still will not pay and will still be forgiven. Maybe the ultimate murder mystery in Genoa City would be to have Victor offed finally once and forever.

  60. Profile photo of PennySoap

    I agree with stoney07. This actually all makes sense – “always being there for Nick”, Cassie hallucinations… This woman lost a child and her one true love, was messed with by Adam and Victor, not to mention having her meds stolen. This is good storytelling!

  61. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=stoney07]I think we need to see the bigger picture here. I think that’s what the wr1iters do when they write. There’s always a bigger picture to it all.
    Sharon also burned down the Newman Ranch under Josh Griffith…and for someone like ME, she was never redeemed, even after being diagnosed and taking the pills. I think this final “BREAK” will be the lead-in for the true redemption this character needs. Just my opinion tho.[/quote]

    Wasn’t her burning down the ranch meant to lead-in a true redemption. A year ago, Griffith spoke pretty passionate about his love for the Sharon character. And he wanted to rebuilt her to the beginning of 2013.
    That certainly didn’t happen. Yeah, Sharon was diagnosed with bipolar but she still has no friends at all, Sharon seems lost on the canvas and is still used and abused by the men around her.

    And now with this story, they either try to turn Sharon into a complete psychopath or it’s another way to make her the town’s most hated woman.
    I could even tolerant it as a way of revenge on Nick and Phyllis, but with Jack, Summer and even Kyle involved this is nothing but cruel behavior that suits a villain. But not a character who used to be one of the central heroines of this show.

    The Sharon character has become a total outsider that now was used for another storyline twist. That’s no better than what happened under Maria Arena Bell.
    And in the end of this, Sharon might have another breakdown but she’ll also get the hate of several characters; including two of her former husbands.
    It’s no way to lead-in a redemption. It’s another chapter of an ongoing assassination until the character is so unpopular with fans and can either be written out or killed off.

    Look at it from this point: All of Sharon’s important ties to that show get broken. Griffith pretty much destroyed Shadam, Arena Bell destroyed the special relationship between Sharon and Victor with Sicktor and now they are about to destroy the rest of what’s left of Shick – after pretty much three regimes tried to tell us that these two will never be a couple again.

  62. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Well, Sharon is seriously fire-trucking with the life of someone completely innocent, who never did anything to her, Summer Newman. And that really sucks, and Im pissed. I have a daughter who is 18, and when Summer went to prom, my daughter was going to prom the same weekend, so I am really feeling a lot of Summers’ emotions this years.

    This is new territory for Sharon.

    Before this, she was always a ‘victim’ of the ‘love’ that Adam Newman felt for her. Adam didnt smother her like Nick and Jack did, so she loved him. Adam was loyal only to her, unlike Nick-with-a-d1ck, so Sharon felt a special bond with Adam. Sharon was always the victim.

    You see, Sharon keeps this secret for the remainder of the year, then she has to reveal what she did (a la Nick), when Noah and Summer become close. Sharon will be forced into the same position as Nick was with Summer and Kyle.

    And that will be like nuclear bomb, serious $hit. There is no ‘Sharon at the Newman Ranch’ and Noah takes her home-moment like in Jan 2013. Jack will suddenly hate Sharon, who has ALWAYS been her advocate. Nick hates Sharon, Kyle hates Sharon, Summer hates Sharon. Even Noah.

    She may as well leave Genoa City at that moment. (Good going Josh)

  63. Profile photo of pjc722

    Great new pic, Stoney!

    I hear what you’re saying but sadly, I am not as optimistic about what this team is cooking up for our show. I will give them props for rejuvenating the writing in all the stories so that it seems realistic and unrepetitive.

    They have given us a BANG UP story with the collapse of Michael and Lauren’s marriage where I couldn’t decide who to root for and loved it.

    They have given us the SUMMER story with summer but I think once they got to the climax… like drunken sex, it ended WAY before I wanted it to and wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

    With Michael and Lauren’s story it just seems that by the time Fen is better and WHOLE again, Michael and Lauren will have had no true time to rekindle what was lost and we will be served a conversation about the two of them going their own ways. (And don’t deny that is an extreme possbility as we have seen it over and over again on this show.)

    The Summer story, which should be solely about Summer, Nick, Phyllis and Jack with Sharon, Victor and, even Kyle as support players. But now I have a feeling it will be a epic battle between Victor and Jack for Summer that will last for months only to be revealed that Summer is truly a Newman JUST as she is about to call Jack daddy. The pure fact that Sharon was able to orchestrate a lie like this will ruin the character because it’s HER SON’S sister who’s life Sharon is ruining. The direction this story should have been going in was Sharon PISSED at Nick because he ruined their family twice. It should be about Jack getting some sort of exacting revenge with the Newman’s but creating a relationship with Summer.

    AND IT SHOULD be about a recast of Phyllis IMMEDIATELY so that when Michelle Stafford vacates the role there won’t be a gapping hole in this story.

    It seems to me that beyond Sharon, we have soooooo many characters on this show with absolutely no direction or motivation.

    Mason? No job. No career. No girlfriend AND ABSOLUTELY no connection to the cast without Sarg.

    Tyler? What’s his motivation for sticking in town since he and his sister haven’t been together for years since he was on the west coast and she was in GC? Give him purpose not just a reason for a smirk and his shirt off. Connect him to Hilary! Why can’t a sexy man of color go for the equally sexy woman of color?! Sorry, I know it’s all about diversity but Tyler only goes for married girls and now Hilary’s story will have her going for the only white man in town who’s married?! Come on.

    Noah? This kid needs to go find a life. Still scraping by after a year back in town with no direction and the scion of a BILLIONAIRE?!! PLEASE!! Victor should be in this kid’s life 24/7 grooming him like Kyle at Jabot. THat’s where the conflict between Nick and Victor should come from and I don’t get why it’s not being written. Right now Noah is just a waste of a character and talent.

    Kevin? Why can’t they mature this slightly crazy guy? They split Chloe and Kevin up to force a love quad between Billy Chloe Victoria and Kevin?! Even though Billy gambles I would choose him over Kevin and Chloe over Victoria any day. THis is not compelling and everytime Kevin judges someone like Carmine for kidnapping I am forced to remember his kidnapping several characters and almost killing them so STEP OUT OF YOUR GLASS HOUSE< KEVIN cause the citizens of GC have stones to throw.

    Jill? This is a veteran ICONIC character and she’s playing second fiddle to Cane?! REALLY? The story should be Kay giving the reigns to Jill and a renewed rivalry with Billy and Cane started again. We could see the attributes of Cane’s bio parents come out in him (the ones he hates) and Lily not liking it and THEN GIVING her reason to ask Tyler to strip!

    Neil? This is his story?! Are we going to find out that he drove over Rose while drunk and it was a hit and run?! And then Leslie will prove she was already dead or something to get him off?! This is another veteran who deserves better than the MOTHER OF ALL SOAP COINCIDENCES that Leslie and he are connected by a dead character!

    Abby?! Where is her true story?! I’m waiting for the naked heiress to return because all the strides they made when they brought back Emme without a contract to this recast have been reversed. She’s duller than TEEN ABBY out by the carnival meeting Ryder.

    I could go on but I think you get the point. Sharon’s story isn’t going anywhere but the crapper!

  64. Profile photo of tashikins

    I might be in the minority on the following but here goes:
    1. Whew, I am elated that Summer is Nick’s, I love their relationship and
    2. I want Billy and Victoria to stay together-I cannot stand Billy with Chloe.

  65. Profile photo of margiedlouise

    Had to come read some comments to commiserate with others who think like I do. So happy to see that there were plenty who do. Been watching YR for over 20 yrs and really disappointed in the Sharon Newman storyline. The others have said it well that she was ruined by the writers. Why make her the crazy scapegoat. Even if Victor changed her meds it is still ridiculous and makes me feel like not watching. Tired of all of that. Bring some romance back to the show like when Nick and Sharon were in Paris or Jack and Phyllis would romp around in bed way back when. The overall show has been better of late but let Sharon be permanently healthy and stop all of this insanity!

  66. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    The Sharon twist is not something I like at all. Except for that, the episode was GOOD! We got the only two stories I care about and the girl who plays Summer showed that she knows a thing or two about acting.

    On another note: From what I hear, they’ve only just started filming Katherine’s memorial, so it’ll be at least another six weeks before that starts airing.

  67. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    What a joke Sharon has become. Nick didnt know for years who Summer’s Daddy was, then he $hit a brick when Kyle and Summer became close. Then Phyll, in her eternal devotion to PRnICK, tried to stall for time by seducing her ex-husband’s son. Now, crazy-bat-$hit Sharon is taking one for PRnICK, too, by switching the results again. So Jack, Kyle, Summer, Noah, is going to hate ol Ms Collins — good going JoshG.

  68. Profile photo of pjc722

    Just finished watching today’s episode and I have to throw my hands up and PRAISE the crap out of it!!

    The actors throughout were spectacular!!! Hunter was amazing and the young actress should be given an emmy SOLELY for the fact that she was able to cry and BERGMAN never seems to NOT amaze me! Even Morrow has perfected the cracked voice that makes up for a lack of the water works!

    AND AND ANNNNNNDDDD Gloria (Judith Chapman) is back!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give her a more prominent role on the show! She brings a great deal of life to her scenes that are missed!

    Even the Carmine and Michael scenes were electric and the return of the TOUGH Leslie after dating Neil for so long and being SWEET, has me excited!! I just don’t like the fact that in a pic from Soap Opera Digest I see Michael holding a gun up to Carmine in the alley that I am now rooting for Fen to get jail time for lying to the cops on this one!

    Why can’t there be this much good drama in the LILY CANE TYLER story or even Neil’s boring story of drunk driving or Jill’s lackluster return to the canvas?! Give more drama to Adam and Chelsea that doesn’t make Adam look like he is NUTS!

    And on the revelation that Sharon changed the results, as much as I am not a fan of the reverse direction on the character, I will suspend belief (I know, people, I am suspending belief) that they will figure out a way to make this work.

    But two sad things with the story that I am TRULY pissed about and one is that Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis won’t be around for the showdown with Sharon when the truth does come out AND that if it’s true and Victor did play with Sharon’s meds and she did this under delusional reasons, Victor will not pay and it will be forgotten the following week. I hope I am wrong and that in a twist of fate, the day it’s revealed his hand in Sharon’s mental state, Adam drops a bomb and NEWMAN is now owned SOLELY by ADAM and Victor is fired.

    Otherwise, for this one episode, DRAMA HAS RETURNED!!!

  69. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, I just finished watching it too and all I can say is the total character assassination of Sharon Newman that began under MAB is now pretty much complete. I was pretty optimistic when JG said he wanted to redeem Sharon after that bullshit behavior the viewers had to witness during Shictor and her running Newman. And the bipolar diagnosis seemed more than plausible. But now I’m afraid that’s gonna be trotted out as a license to write the character any which way imaginable and get away with it because “she’s bipolar”. I don’t know, I’m kinda done with Sharon at this point; it’s gonna take ALOT to bring her back from this latest stunt.

    Having said all that, today’s ep was very, very good(and I echo what many on here are saying, the stories haven’t always been ace under JFP/JG but the dialogue writing is probably the best in daytime right now). No Lane, Dylan or Tyler, which is ALL good by me. And for all those still not warming to Hunter King, take note–the girl provided a Emmy reel to die for on today’s show; both she and Peter Bergman were Emmy caliber in every way imaginable today. Good stuff there.

  70. Profile photo of tedew

    … but don’t forget that the theory around here is that evil Victor arranged a switch in Sharon’s meds; which would make any of her actions not her fault but Victor’s.

    It still bugs me at this point though that Victor’s Little Me still completely considers Summer to be his daughter when in fact she and everyone else thinks she is Jack’s. Summer was stolen from Jack with no regard to how anyone would be affected.

  71. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m gonna wait and see how the Sharon thing plays out.

    I’m not sure we are done with this.

    And I’ll say it again, if it had been another character who had switched results, I don’t think everyone would be up in arms.

    I’m enjoying most aspects of the show except for a couple of the clunkers like nuKyle and Dylan.

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