General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Sam and Silas pay Heather a visit.  Heather is terrified of Silas, until Sam explains he isn’t Caleb Morley.  Sam informs her Danny may need a bone marrow transplant, and blood relatives need to be tested in order to find a perfect match.  Heather doesn’t agree to be tested. 

Dante visits Olivia, and expresses his concern about her safety staying at Sonny’s.  Olivia swears Sonny is taking excellent care of her.  When Sonny arrives, he promises again he hasn’t touched Franco.  Dante gets a call about Franco being roughed up, and heads to the hospital.  
Kiki is happy to get a text from Michael that all is well, but is shocked to see Alexis bring Franco into the hospital.  She demands to know who did this to him.  Dante arrives, and wants answers as well.  Alexis tells them she found Franco, and brought him in.  Franco claims he ran into a door. Dante wonders if Sonny was involved, but neither Alexis nor Franco will admit to it.  After Dante leaves, Alexis asks why Franco didn’t spill the beans. He likes having something to hold over Sonny.  
Molly tells Rafe that Silas is the new Head of Oncology at General Hospital, and both are happy Rafe will be staying in town for good.  She’s glad he’s there to help her deal with everything having to do with TJ.  Rafe tells her that she should talk to TJ. 
TJ sees a spot of blood on Shawn’s shirt, but Shawn passes it off as ketchup. TJ asks about Alexis, and Shawn admits they broke up, because of his work with Sonny. Shawn promises his work for Sonny will not affect TJ. TJ realizes it isn’t really ketchup on Shawn’s shirt.   
Lulu overhears Maxie call herself "Mommy", in relation to the baby.  Maxie claims she saw Lulu there.  Lulu asks for help in naming the baby.  Maxie suggests the name Georgie, in honor of her sister.  Lulu feels Maxie should keep that name for when she has a daughter.  Maxie wants to tell Lulu something, but is interrupted by Connie.  
Connie needs help getting Sonny back.  Maxie questions the sanity of this, but Connie tells Maxie she spoke to her doctor about Sonny. While she’s not 100% mentally, she’s making progress.  
Olivia points out Sonny didn’t deny having Franco beaten up this time.  Sonny feels Franco deserved whatever he got.  Olivia admits she would do the same thing to anyone who would threaten her child, and promises she won’t turn him in.  Morgan calls and informs Sonny that Franco and Dante are both at the hospital.   Olivia and Sonny kiss, and decide to take things further. 
Sam confronts Heather with a list of Heather's sins against her and Danny. She believes Heather has tortured them enough.  Heather brings up the letter again, and takes the swab. She dips it into her water bottle.  Sam slaps her hand away, and Silas gets between them. He assures Sam that Heather will do as they want.
Kiki wonders if Morgan knows anything about what happened to her father, but he denies it.  Dante tells her Franco didn’t say anything. 
Lulu wants to take Maxie out for dinner, but she’s too busy, so Lulu leaves.  Maxie sees Georgie in Connie’s office. 
Olivia tells Sonny if they take their relationship to the next level, she doesn’t want to lie to Connie about it.  As they are heading upstairs, Connie arrives. 
Silas asks what Heather would want in return.  She has letters for Steven Lars, and wants better food.  Silas promises to deliver BLTs once a week.  Heather also wants another visit from Franco.  Heather allows Silas to do a cheek swab, and notes the irony if she turns out to be the one to save Danny.  
Molly and Rafe notice Danny has a fever, and is not well.  They call Sam and Silas.  

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    I teared up when I saw Georgie. Always loved her and the show was wrong in killing her off.

    Loved the Lulu/Maxie scenes, but was it weird to anyone else that it seemed as though Maxie was describing who Georgie was to Lulu. Lulu knew Georgie, she stole her husband. Maybe it was for the benefit of the audience but it was strangely worded.

    For someone who’s recovering from getting shot, Olivia is awfully spry. The least LiLo could do is to wince once in a while. And the irony of her telling Sonny of all people that she would beat up whoever hurt her child was a bit much.

    Good Sam/Silas/Heather scenes.

    I also giggled at Rafe and Molly’s hand wringing “Danny is sick” when the baby looked the picture of health, chomping away at whatever toy he can get his hands on.

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    GEORGIE!!!! I love seeing her.. Biggest mistake ever killing her and Emily. I really miss Mac’s girls..

    I thought Maxies words were more sentimentl maybe.. Yes the girls have history so it could be a little strange.

    This show is on a roll.. Loving it all!

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    [quote=TV Gord]You’re getting obsessed, The_Moustache. ;-) Maybe JBJ has, oh, I don’t know…a life?[/quote]

    OK I know i said to Jamey about everyone being entitled to their opinion, but this post is hilarious. Haha.

    But seriously everyone needs to respectfully disagree with people’s opinion on the state of GH right now.

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    Just some observations strolling through PC today…

    I remember the first time KeMo and RM shared scenes together. I recall remarking that RM was just such a huge presence that while KeMo didn’t shrink in the scene, how she played Sam was more in keeping with the fact that she didn’t, at the time, know what cruelty and evil the woman was capable of. Today was a much more “balanced” duet, with ME quietly observing in the background, staying just enough out of the way so the two women could take their measure of each other. And I really liked the mix of passion and desperation in KeMo’s voice, variously hardening than breaking down with insistent pleas for her child while Heather plays snatch the marrow away. And yeah, despite her initial freak out over Silas’ resemblance to Steven, you could tell Heather couldn’t wait to make a deal with him. Smitten indeed… ;)

    Give the child playing Danny a contract. He’s just a gem. :) Definitely very easy to focus on him when Molly and Rafe are just engaging in repetitive dialogue…

    Okay. Confession. I really like LLo as Olivia, and I also love the fact that she can read the mob boss and call him out when he bulls**ts the truth. But then she goes all hypocritical when she tells him she won’t turn him in. :| For crying out loud, as much as Franco deserved the beat down for his past deeds, the irony is her falling back (and all too willingly), into the trap of the criminal life she fought to keep D away from. The life that’s almost gotten him killed twice…Once by his father’s own hand. Jeepers! |( As for Connie? Oy! This is not going to end well…

    Wow. They actually had D in a scene with his brother Morgan. :O Too bad that the really nice connection that had been present before he went off to millitary school seems to have been watered down. It would have been so refreshing to see him confide in his brother over what he knew about his father and Shawn at the Q boathouse before he got to GH to join his girlfriend. But, no surprise there. I should know better than to expect anything like that with this headwriter…

    Lindze Leatherman looks wonderful. She was another character that I will never understand why Guza decided to remove from the canvas…

    It was more than weird that there was so little reaction from this version of L because the writing conveniently (maybe deliberately?), made no attempt to revisit the history of the rivalry between L and Georgie for Dillon. There was no evidence that this L had any memory of her part in the break up of Georgie and Dillon’s marriage. If nothing else there should have been some sincere regret, maybe even some shame on L’s part for how she treated Georgie during her teenage years. For a headwriter who supposedly loves the Spencer’s and their history, not bringing this aspect into these scenes does a disservice to what L evolved from. While some may like this particular view of L, as she’s being written now, there is little that is interesting about her. She’s being so “softened up” so as to remove her steely Spencer core. That’s what always made L, for me, such a special character. Now, she’s not much more than a generic soap ingenue. And I can’t help but think that RC wants to completely erase all traces of the multi layered, warts and all L that Julie built over almost eight years…Sigh… 0:)

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    Sam’s hypocrisy over Heather keeping a child from a parent made me, RME. Pot meet Kettle.

    Silas is starting to act more and more like John McBain.

    Georgie! I loved sweet Georgie. TPTB made a huge mistake in killing off Georgie and Emily.

    FrankenTodd? S)

    LOL. Lulu went from Dante’s height to being shorter than Maxie.

    Olivia is an idiot and Sonny is sleaze on a stick.

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    Just a couple of things:

    Georgie! Lindze Letterman has such a gorgeous face. She was beautifully lit today and her eyes just shone with warmth.

    I was a little put off by Lulu today. It could be that I am just protective of Maxie, but I thought that Lulu came off as just a little too superior in reminding Maxie that it’s HER baby and not Maxie’s. Other people may disagree with me. They may think that Lulu was only standing her ground, not even considering at the moment that Maxie lied to her because she doesn’t know that yet. I just thought that Lulu was just a little late in recognizing that many young women in Maxie’s situation would have second thoughts about it. It was her tone.

    KeMo, ME, & RM all gold. I saw Sam flirt with Silas. Yeah, I did! S)

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    Lucy D.

    Other than “the idiot and sleaze on a stick” (thanks liason4real for that) I really liked today’s episode. I hope Shawn starts feeling guilty about being a role model for TJ — what a sad substitute dad he turned out to be–and I even liked Sam (which for me is a bit of a rarity).

    Alexis is giving Olivia a good run for the hypocrite of the month title. Both Alexis and Olivia spent many years keeping their kids away from the dangerous Sonny and now both are enabling him. Olivia is a lot dumber, but Alexis should know better. And I was hoping Morgan would tell Dante something. I hope someone (Kiki) figures it out or that Connie goes nuts and takes Olivia down with her. I am beyond sick of Sonny.

    Silas was more human. Loved, as usual, Robin Mattson. Why does she want to see Franco? There’s certainly more to be discovered there.

    And of course Georgie. Of all the stupid Guza deaths, this is the one that bothers me the most. I don’t think NL was a very good actress, and I thought her Emily was too saccharine to me. But I loved Lindze’s Georgie and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

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    Olivia, you would beat someone who hurt your child badly? Sonny hurt your child VERY BADLY! I guess you are beating him up with your tongue. Stupid cow!

    And Alexis, there really are no words for you.

    Cartoony you SUCK!

    That is why I am back to just reading Perkie’s observations. Won’t waste my time watching!

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    I did not see this one coming. Georgie was such an integral character and Guza killed her off just like he killed off Emily. Monica has lost two daughters and it is not fair. Yes people Monica did have a biological daughter named Dawn.

    The show was fun. Loved how Morgan is trying to protect his dad. Silas and Sam and Heather were pretty good. All and all decent show.

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    Seeing Georgie makes me hope beyond hope that Faison has her somewhere. Why not? I think we’ve only had one back from the dead this year; they’re behind! Also Faison was fixated on Felicia for a bit.
    Oh, and LOVE Heather.

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    Georgie and Maxie! YES!!! She should’ve never been killed off, DAMN YOU GUZA!
    I cannot wait for their scenes tomorrow, when Maxie was dying when Spinelli got her stuck in what I think was a sewer.

    I saw some sparks between Sam and Silas today..squee! I love them.

    I was fast forward all Rafe and Molly scenes, ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Morgan and Dante’s scene made it appear as though they’re not siblings..weird.
    Morgan and Molly used to be so close and they’ve had zero scenes together, that bugs me a lot.

    One more thing..ALL HAIL HEATHER WEBBER…of course she wants to see FrankenTodd, that’s HER son. That man is not a Q and I’m sticking with that lol

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    I also think Fradd is Heathers kid. I also think that Kimi might be Silas kid. I mean I hope not, but I think that’s where they are going with this musical genes plot.

    Loved the scenes with Silas, Sam and Heather!

    FF’d through Rafe and Molly. There is zero chemistry with those two.

    LOVED,LOVED, LOVED the Georgie/Maxie scene. I hope we find out that Maxie is not really dead,but has been in hiding courtesy of the WSB. I wouldn’t even mind if Faison had her too. I just want Georgie back. She would be the one to talk some sense into Maxie about giving up her baby.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]Where is JBarnardJones to tell us to shut up and quit complaining about GH because there’s a ~~bigger plan~~ in place!?!

    I’m waiting for her!


    ROTF, i about spit out my morning muffin — TOO.FUNNY. Still not watching GH, and i don’t miss it…but i do love this board when i get time to read it!

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    My coworker also has lost interest in GH…she didn’t even finish the ep with Sean beating up Frodd, nor did she watch the day after that…so for the ratings being up, i do find a lot of ppl giving up GH right now. Not sure what that means exactly…

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    I think it might be wierd to see Morgan and Molly together now that he is so much older. They were written as the same age and now he is all manly and she is still the same..

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    [quote=SwanQueen59] For a headwriter who supposedly loves the Spencer’s and their history, not bringing this aspect into these scenes does a disservice to what L evolved from. While some may like this particular view of L, as she’s being written now, there is little that is interesting about her. She’s being so “softened up” so as to remove her steely Spencer core. That’s what always made L, for me, such a special character. Now, she’s not much more than a generic soap ingenue. And I can’t help but think that RC wants to completely erase all traces of the multi layered, warts and all L that Julie built over almost eight years…Sigh… 0:)[/quote]

    EXACTLY! A boring, safe, generic ingenue. ER don’t have the skillz to pull off anything except haughty, spoiled heiresses with hints of vulnerability. That is all she can play. We’ve now lost a super rich character with tons of possibilities, at least until ER’s current contract expires. *Sigh* :tired:

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    And I loved Emme Rylan as Abby Abbott on Y&R and Lizzie Spaulding on GL. On GH she just isn’t clicking for me. She needs to put more personality in the role . I think a little more “Haughty” as you put it would do the character well because JMB was great at playing “Haughty and Arrogant” even when she wasn’t trying. (all shade)

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    Georgie! Georgie! Georgie!! So great to see LL back again, it’s too bad she’s not back from the dead though, Maxie really needs her sister right now. Georgie was sacrificed on the altar of Lulu, and I’ve missed her ever since. I still say there’s no way with her abandonment issues that Maxie would ever give up a child of her own.

    I liked Sam and Silas today, I was glad that Silas got to hear some of how Heather terrorized her and Danny. Now I want to hear him tell her some of his backstory, and I really hope that he doesn’t have anything to do with Franco in his past.

    I would rather see Ava get involved with Sonny, instead of Mama Pasta. She always gave Johnny attitude for his mob ways, and has always defended Sonny. Neither one of them really cares what happens to the mental welfare of Connie, just so long as they get to hit the black silk sheets and scratch that itch. Heck, maybe Ava Jerome can bring Sonny down, I’ve always wanted to see it happen, but I really wanted Claudia to be the one to do it, but I didn’t get my wish there.

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    I, too, wanted Claudia to gaslight Sonny’s butt and have him end up at Shadybrook or Ferncliff, while she took over his organization. RC, are you reading this board? It’s time for Sonny to LOSE his mob organization to a woman!

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    I LOVED seeing Georgie also! As someone else said Lindze Letherman (sp) looked as beautiful as ever and I couldn’t help feeling like she has matured as an actress. Her acting was exceptional, IMO she knocked it out of the park. For some reason, no matter how many years pass I have never been able to accept Kirsten Storms as Maxie (all these years later I still wish it was Robyn Richards instead) but seeing Maxie interact with Georgie (as well as any time she has scenes with Mac, Felicia, or Frisco) really helped me to believe that I was watching Maxie and not some recast that I can’t buy. I will even admit Kirsten Storms has been doing a good lately with her internal struggle over what to do. She has never been my favorite actress but I like when she is written with depth.

    I also think Kelly Monaco’s acting has been incredible (something which I never thought I would say)! The story line isn’t my favorite but man she NAILED it when she laid into Heather. KM and Robin Mattson were awesome in those scenes! For years when Sam was on the frontburner with Jason I felt like the actress would be very monotone and speak super softly to where I always had to turn the volume up when she was on. I hated seeing her as this whiny victim when I felt that Sam’s character should be written as stronger and more independent. So seeing her stronger in this story has been great. KM’s acting has been awesome and I have bought her hook line and sinker as a mother fighting to keep her son alive. IMO she’s been walking that fine line of portraying her character strong without being bitchy or abrasive (coughCarlycough) yet vulnerable without coming off as weak or too much of a victim. I’ve loved it!

    On the Lulu topic I agree with the poster who said Lulu is being written as pretty generic which is a shame because Marcy/Emme Rylan is capable of adding real depth to otherwise despicable characters such as Lizzie Spaulding on GL. I have been a fan of hers since back then and love seeing her in the role of Lulu but agree that she is coming off very one-dimensional. If anything Lulu should be the total opposite of generic. After being raised by mostly Lesley, and then Tracy and Luke, Luke’s alcoholism, all the drama surrounding Laura and then this latest craziness with Helena and Stavros Lulu should be a big old bundle of multi-layered issues. I’d love to see Lulu and Laura develop a close relationship with Carly. It’d be great to see Laura and Carly develop a strong aunt/niece connection and she and Lulu develop a big sister/little sister connection, if for no other reason than to see Carly’s reaction to when Maxie’s secret comes out. I feel like the Spencers on the canvas, Luke, Laura, Lulu, Carly, Michael and I guess Morgan should be a lot more close-knit than they are.

    Back to the Lulu/Maxie topic it was always hard for me to believe those two as friends, not to mention best friends, not only because of what Lulu did to Georgie but what Maxie did to Lulu’s brother Lucky. Going after him when he was married to Elizabeth, giving him drugs and enabling his addiction etc. IMO that was waaayyy worse than Lulu trying to break up Georgie and Dillon. I watched the show sporadically back when and know that Lulu and Maxie started off hating eachother as all soap females do but as they became friends did the writers ever address the major beefs they should’ve had with one another? Any apologies or anything ever happen?
    With the scenes that just aired (as another poster mentioned) as Maxie brought up her sister it would have been nice to hear Lulu apologize again to Maxie for the way she treated Georgie and have Maxie say something on the subject of how she is in no place to judge because she treated Lulu’s brother really badly too.

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    My Georgie Girl ~le sigh~
    I will never forgive that horrid regime for killing her off…they can be rid of Ellie, Bratt, Sobby for her and I’d be a happy camper.

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    Daniel St. John

    Loved seeing Georgianna Jones in the ghostly flesh. If any of the Jones girls had to go my preference would ave definitely been Maxie. I always liked Georgie more than I did her sister.

    And for all the people looking for Lulu to go into rehashing her and Georgie’s complicated history to Maxie would have been even more awkward than the way the Maxie/Lulu conversation was already going. Also Lulu and Georgie had reached an uneasy peace by the time Georgie was killed so its not like they were sworn enemies at the end or anything.

    I would also like to throw in my two cents on Emme Rylan as Lulu. I am enjoying her portrayal immensely but that is likely because I was never impressed by Julie Marie Berman. I found her Lulu off putting and course and every second she was onscreen I would have to fight a strong urge to hurl objects at my TV.

    And any day that Heather Webber is on is a good day for me.

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    I think Ron wrote that Heather scene just so Sam could show off her acting skills and we can see John McBain again. When ME’s Silas starts to act like John McBain, that’s when him and Sam have chemistry.

    There was no reason for Sam to go see Heather. Anyone with google could see that Heather would not be a match. When it comes to bone marrow, cousins can be a match but not a majority of the time. So Susan Moore’s second cousin would not be a match for Danny.

    It was so good to see Georgie. I love the fact she went to heaven, got a nose ring and a sassy attitude!

    Didn’t like Lulu talking about Georgie. It just didn’t seem right. There was no feeling in her voice, no emotions.

    Thirsty Olivia needs to take her behind home. If she can walk around kissing her cousin’s ex, then she has enough energy to take her nasty whore behind home!

    That article about GH ratings was about the first quarter. So of course the ratings was high the first quarter. We saw Anna, Duke, Felicia, Frisco, Robert all the time. Let’s wait for the second quarter ratings. I want to see what Ron’s minions will say then.

    Can the makeup dept at least put some makeup on Danny to make him look a little sick? I remember when Maxie was sick (yeah I know she was a child) that little girl actually looked sick!

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    [quote=GHteenybopper]Georgie and Maxie! YES!!! She should’ve never been killed off, DAMN YOU GUZA!
    I cannot wait for their scenes tomorrow, when Maxie was dying when Spinelli got her stuck in what I think was a sewer.

    I saw some sparks between Sam and Silas today..squee! I love them.

    I was fast forward all Rafe and Molly scenes, ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Morgan and Dante’s scene made it appear as though they’re not siblings..weird.
    Morgan and Molly used to be so close and they’ve had zero scenes together, that bugs me a lot.

    One more thing..ALL HAIL HEATHER WEBBER…of course she wants to see FrankenTodd, that’s HER son. That man is not a Q and I’m sticking with that lol[/quote]

    Not long ago, and it was brought up again just recently, Franco went to visit Heather and she made the comment about never being able to deny him anything or an idea to that effect. Of course, that Francofreak is her son. He might be Steven Lars twin but he isn’t Jason’s twin. Or maybe Steven Lars is Jason’s twin. Jason and Steven Lars always got along well and at times even thinking alike.

    Why hasn’t someone threatened Heather with telling Steven Lars what she is trying to do, extorting “gifts” to save a baby’s life.

    Here’s a thought, if Steven Lars rather than Francofreak is Jason’s twin, then he too needs to be canvassed for a match for Danny.

    When is Sam’s father going to show up?

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    We have no idea why ron wrote the heather sam silas stuff so anything we posit is speculation. Maybe he wrote it because fan response was favorable all of heathers earlier runs and he wanted to use the fantastic Robin M. Maybe he wrote it to lay the ground work for a future reveal about heather and franco. maybe when danny is cured sam will think back and be curious about why franco trusted heather with the dvd and that will play in to story. Maybe he wanted us to show sam and silas bonding and what better way then to give them a common “enemy” Kelly has had ample opportunities with all three of the headwriters that have penned for her to show off her talents. the idea that he wrote this just to give kelly another chance to shine is at best supposition and at worst silly.

  26. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Then I guess I’m silly to think Ron wrote this just so KeMo could show off her talents. Silly of me….

    Working in a hospital lab and dealing with bone marrow, I know Heather would be like a 0000001% chance of being a match. Dr. Silas should have known that. But of course I’m silly

    And what’s wrong with writing a scene just so an actor can show off her talents? I’m too silly to understand most things but I didn’t think that was a bad thing.

  27. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    EET!!! I always love what you write!! Thank you!

    On that note I have to say I agree that I am sure he didn’t think the situation up to highlight her. They don’t ever stick to pure medical facts on this show. They love using Heather Webber when they can. The main story all ties in together with who Franco really is.

    Also as I have said in another thread these writers are brilliant to me. I never watched OLTL so just based on what I see here there is long term thought to this story. There seems to be a reason for everything I see..

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Didnt say that silas should ahve known that and didnt say it was necessarily a worst case scenario, you are jumping to silly. im saying that you make it sound like this was written as emmy bait and nothing else. until we know how it plays in maybe a storyline reason presented itself. if for example as i said ron needed sam to be suspicious of a heather franco connection a month down the road then how do you create a semi plausible scenario where heather and sam would be in the same room and having a convo. maybe they wanted to build chemistry between silas and sam – which was present in spades during caleb livvie and mcbam but not so much so far with silas sam – and he thought common enemy. it just seems like you are suggesting that kelly doesnt show off her skills all the time.

  29. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    ER can play the part IF the writers will write it for her. She was Lizzie Spaulding on GL and when she wanted something, she got it (one way or another…back in the day). I’m sure ER is trying to adjust to the role, so obviously we must be a little patient. BUT, she can only say and do what the writers put on the page…..and that’s the problem. It’s not ER that’s a miss….I know she can bring it.

  30. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Santa_Barbara- You bring up the writing as it pertains to the recasts current work and yes, much of the difficulties I have with her (as well as D and, really the whole GH canvas), is because of the writing. RC seems to have little interest in returning to any examination of all of the layers that have made the character of L so multi-dimensional. I’d venture a guess that it goes back to his penchant/preference for characters/pairings to be used as plot points. And his current plot point for L/D/Lante is no more than to push whatever agenda his story needs for them to be catalysts for the next part of whatever story they’re floating around in.

    As for her acting ability, I must be honest. (And many here know that this is my mantra. ;) ) I watched her on both GL and Y&R and I was never impressed. Personally on GL I believe the writing early on during her tenure was superior to what she had later as well as her time on Y&R. I always kept expecting a lightbulb moment where she would knock me back in my seat. Sadly, it didn’t happen. And now with it going on three and a half months, I’m still not seeing anything that tells me she’s special or that she’s the right actress to be the one to fill this role.

    I do not mean to be difficult and I truly apologize to any and all that have accepted her. We all have our “vision” of what a character should be, having gone through their histories with them. Speaking only for myself, the young woman who is now L just doesn’t reach into my heart the way Julie did. If that makes me a mean spirited person that I am not accepting her, well…I guess I am. It’s not how I would ever choose to see myself but as I’ve said before I would rather not lie to myself or others about something I don’t believe. And I’d also hazzard another guess that if RH or KeMo chose to leave and their roles were recast, there would be the same scrutiny applied to whoever was chosen to take over Liz or Sam… 0:)

  31. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    I totally get what you’re saying QUEEN. That’s why I put (back in the day) meaning, her earlier, meaner, meatier years on GL vs. what she was at the end. If she could bring that bitchiness to the role, I’d be excited. Compared to many, I’m a newer viewer to GH (after OLTL went off) and I find Lulu and Dante extremely BORING. I didn’t care for the pair with Julie playing it either (what I seen of it)….I’m sure I missed many of her great moments over the years according to numerous posts.

    If Dante is gonna be all good, then they need to let Lulu be ruthless. Give the pair some dynamic.

    Once again….just my two cents :)

  32. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Swan i dont think there is anything wrong with what you are saying. look at the controversy over the character of maxie. Some felt very strongly that JL had become their maxie and others said no it would always be kirsten and still others continued to long for Robyn Richards who hasnt been in the part in decades.

    I like ER and i dont hate her performance, but whatever the writing has or hasnt been, i dont find her to have the same presence as JMB. She never feels formidable where jmbs lulu felt formidable all the time, even when she was having a mental breakdown during the whole logan storyline – she was STILL lulu.

    Logan kelly hasnt been on as much but i think that had to do with dwts and then the oltl3 leaving than anything else. She certainly had serious screen time around the baby switch story. im glad he is writing for her now and im loving all the davis girl interaction. i think too we are going to see major focus on the davis clan as the move in to the who is sams father story. The only part i havent liked to be truthful is that they have had virtually no maxie/sam interaction since cartini came on board. these guys are close friends and sam is the one person that i could see maxie confessing to about her child and her feelings. I dont recall sam seeking maxie out much if at all after robin died nor did maxie go to sam after jason’s death. i wonder if he knows that they have been close for years.

  33. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I don’t think you sound mean spirited at all Swan. I will admit to the fact that Lulu was a character I never cared for much. I was very protective of Georgie at the time so it set the wrong tone for me. Plus whenever they write a character as being the object of every males affection I find it annoying. JMB had a very strong screen persona and I am sure was a very lovely lady. If JMB had been let go and recast I may think different also. However I feel I enjoy the new Lulu better because her portrayal reminds me more of Laura where JMB’s was like a little Carly/Luke. I get what your saying though!!

  34. Profile photo of Yoryla

    How in tha hell did this episode NOT end with Georgie??? GH is so insulting when underlining their priorities sometimes!!!!!

    It made no sense for Lulu to not react to the name Georgie – she would NOT name her baby after Georgie. Not in a million years.

    I was SO tempted to FF thru the Heather scenes, because of the horrible S-character. But I couldn’t had to watch the legendary Robin Mattson do her thing. Whenever she is on canvas, it’s a win. I just wish she wouldn’t be saddeled to these hideous monstrosities. However, FF all the rest of this.

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