Michael Easton on General Hospital’s Silas: “It Wasn’t My First Choice”

To say General Hospital’s Michael Easton has had an eventful year would be an understatement. The actor settled into life in Port Charles as former One Life to Live top cop John McBain, then suddenly was off the canvas due to the ongoing battle between the Mouse House and Prospect Park. Now he's back as new character, Dr. Silas Clay.

Easton recently spoke with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan about the new gig, Comic-Con and his graphic novel, Credence. Here are a few excerpts:

TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk GH. Due to the brouhaha with Prospect Park, you lost your role as McBain and were off the show for many weeks. Now you're back as this new character, Silas. How does it feel to suddenly play a doctor after so many years as a cop?

Easton: It wasn't my first choice, that's for sure. Cops and doctors are probably the two most thankless jobs a character can have on a soap. You usually wind up with the most egg on your face. It was a bit of a surprise — but then this has all been a surprise, right? I've been thunderstruck since the whole thing came down. I don't think anybody's completely comfortable with what's happened. Hands were forced.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you surprised ABC wound up the villain in this scenario? People seem to forget that the three OLTL characters only went to GH after Prospect Park declared their proposed reboot dead in 2011.

Easton: Completely. Those of us who had commitments to [continue with Prospect Park] were released from those commitments and heard nothing else from them. After you go awhile not making any money, you end up choosing what's right for your family and, for me, that was moving to GH. The whole thing was awkward and I don't think anybody handled it very well, but it is what it is. It feels really terrible to be in the middle because the people on OLTL are my friends. I would love to have worked with them again. It was really hard to have it go down that way. And to not be able to support them and go along on their ride to the Internet made me kind of sad. But I do think people are being too hard on ABC. They kept OLTL going for over 40 years. Yes, having it cancelled was a really bad thing but the network's four-decade commitment shouldn't be forgotten. You can't dismiss it. But that's just my take.

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    Daniel St. John

    I think a lot of people who hate the Llanview 3 tend to forget that they are working actors who have to do what’s best for their careers and families. I never blamed any of the three for sticking with a network tv gig over an Internet one.

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    I have liked Michael Easton since his time on DAYS as “Tanner” back in the 1980s. I don’t blame him or Howarth or Alderson.

    I blame Cartoony for forcing 3 new characters played by established performers onto GH on the same day when the canvas already has too many new characters that have yet to click with the audience. Not to mention to recast Howarth as Franco who was universally loathed.

    If Silas appeared in June and then Kiki in August and Howarth in the Fall it wouldn’t feel as if the Llanview 3 were taking over GH at the expense of more established and interesting characters. With Ava, Taylor, nu Morgan, Nulu, Brad, Felix, Sabrina, TJ, Rafe, Britt and now the new Devry character coming aboard there are too many new faces at the expense of faces the audience cares about.

    I’m all for new characters, but Cartoony should know that this rapid casting doesn’t help for characters to gain traction. They need to be slowly woven into the show. 2 or 3 new characters over the course of 6 months could work, but to have 10 in such a short period of time doesn’t allow viewers to get to know or care about the newbies.

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    [quote=nysam]If Silas appeared in June and then Kiki in August and Howarth in the Fall it wouldn’t feel as if the Llanview 3 were taking over GH at the expense of more established and interesting characters. With Ava, Taylor, nu Morgan, Nulu, Brad, Felix, Sabrina, TJ, Rafe, Britt and now the new Devry character coming aboard there are too many new faces at the expense of faces the audience cares about.[/quote]

    I think you missed the point; I’m a producer that works with actors all the time and they are always hungry for work and stability. Could you take 3 to 6 months off of work and not get paid? I’m fine with the way the characters came on the show; there will always be fans that are unhappy with any changes on the show they love; but as time has gone on and the “Llanview 3″ have settled into their roles; Kiki is more likeable and her story is working really well now with the triangle with the brothers; Silas has finally softened up enough to see a spark between him and Sam; and now with his relationship with Ava coming to light he can be viewed as more understanding and why he’s so cold; he’s also most likely Kiki’s real father so that Franco can stay a Quartermaine and Kiki can screw Michael and not be cousins. Franco is still slowly worked into the story to where the audience should be more comfortable with him as a villain/quartermaine with some more time; I’m shure RH can win over the audience that has been refusing to give him a chance based on past character history. I am perfectly fine with RH as Franco since he obviously is not the same Franco that made me tune out of GH for a couple months. This Franco is more grounded; he’s not crazy, he hasn’t had one over the top “Franco” moment “yet”. It’s basically Todd with a new name and I’m fine with that. So now that time has passed it does not matter to me how they came to the show I’m just glad they did

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    @Phoenix…Thanks for responding. I didn’t miss the point. It is my opinion. I have posted on this site for close to 5 years and never felt the need to state my profession to justify my opinion besides the fact that I have a been a huge soap fan since I was 10.

    For the record I am an Executive Producer having worked in the daytime world for ABC and CBS as well as cable. I have also EP’d films. I have had a successful career for 20 years which is hard to do in this business. As an EP I know they could have trickled the characters back on the canvas in a way that wouldn’t have been so rushed. Just because the actors weren’t on screen doesn’t mean you don’t pay them. You are aware when Easton, Alderson, Howarth weren’t on screen that ABC was paying them? They could have continued to do that and introduced the characters slowly making for a better viewer experience, especially since there were so many other new characters at the same time.

    Keep watching!

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    NYsam do you think they should have spaced out the arrivals for these three OR alternatively not introduced the other characters. Meaning you have three vets with decent fanbases coming on to the show. Could they have done without the reintroduction of morgan rafe and ava and maybe decreased sabrinas air time by perhaps having britt move in with patrick (if they wanted to keep patrick on screen at a high level but not sabrina)

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    Ill add i HATE that the brought roho on as franco but i do feel the oltl 3 are getting the brunt of things where i find some of the other characters just as problematic yet they escape criticism

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    I feel really bad for the actors in this situation and think PP’s behavior has been poor at best. The guys at PP were quoted several times as saying that they were not moving forward with the shows. They released everyone from any obligations. The actors were then offer roles on GH and took those roles. The fact that PP is now behaving as if ABCD should not have given these actors a contract and that the actors should have been waiting around for them to get their act together makes them seem like the bad guys in my eyes. I don’t buy PP’s innocent act. As mentioned in a previous comment, this is not how actors like to be treated. In press releases from PP, they even tried to throw the actors under the bus. PP should have put energy into making a quality show instead of causing upheaval in the lives of 3 actors. And let’s face it as far as OLTL is concerned PP is not putting on a quality show.

    Blaming ABCD just seems so 2010. Frons is not with ABCD anymore and his replacement has been supportive of GH. GH is being promoted, The Revolution has been cancelled, and new PR has been hired. ABCD is not perfect but it is not the same as it was a couple of years ago.

    I see some fans online who seem to think that if Franco, Silas, and Kiki don’t work out on GH that the actors will then automatically go to OLTL. I think these fans are choosing not to give the new characters a chance as a result. After how PP has behaved I very much doubt that the actors would want to return to OLTL. These actors are very talented and can find other jobs.

    P.S. I would LOVE to hear what the recently fired head writers for OLTL and AMC have to say!

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    All I know is they are eating this show whole its right there on my screen also there is clear favoritism in their favor and the show & viewers have been twisted into a pretzel to accommodate them and frankly, I’m sick of it. GH veterans have been reduced to second class citizens the show is all about them..and there are few major storylines they don’t dominate.

    I didn’t watch OLTL so they mean nothing to me and as far as their fanbase pumping up GH #s it hasn’t happened.

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