One Life to Live and All My Children Premiere on OWN TODAY!

It’s time for All My Children and One Life to Live fans to put their eyeballs where their mouths are, and watch Oprah’s Summer Fling With Soaps on OWN! The passion of fans helped inspire Prospect Park to produce the show, but like any production, AMC and OLTL’s long-term success is dependent on the licensing deals they land. That is why it is so important for fans to watch the episodes on OWN, even if you’ve already watched them on Hulu, Hulu Plus or iTunes.

Vote with your remote by tuning in to All My Children and One Life to Live at 1 pm EST and 3 pm EST on OWN.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @jameygiddens: GH could take a page out of AMC’s book. Because they are hitting on all cylinders. They are mixing it up!

    But more specifically the way Agnes and Co have interwoven social issues, focused on the characters the fans know and love, primarily made their offspring the younger set, infused a little camp here and there, got diversity, frankly entertaining and educating at the same time. They have a balance.

    This is a reminder of why I got into soaps in the first place. And this is something that would shore up GH. That is why Ron Carlivati needs a veteran soap writer to help him out. It ain’t no shame in asking. And he asked for help before at OLTL. He needs to ask now.

    Anyways loving AMC. Just loving it!

    The whole Abortion tale is just kicking butt in the storyline department as well as acting.

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    If viewers need to watch them on OWN it sort of defeats the whole new business model of making them for the web. If PP needs the TV licensing deals to make these shows succeed then what was all this talk over the past several months that these shows were going to appeal to a new generation of viewers who aren’t watching on TV? Why not make them for TV and then put them on the network’s website instead of charging people to buy them online now?

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    @David46208: I really loved today’s AMC episode on HULU! In just 30 minutes, they showed how it’s done. It’s been a long time since an episode made me feel that it was completely well done from beginning to end, not a weak spot. I can’t speak for the next episode and whether or not it will be as strong, but the writing, acting and even the technical aspects like the editing and angles of shots were superbly done. I wish all the daytime dramas could do this level of quality consistently. And women were mostly driving the story in this episode, although Zach and Jesse had strong scenes but in daytime TV most of the time, the woman are featured in a highly objectionable, questionable light (*coughs* Sharon/Y&R) but on today’s new AMC episode, women were the principal force.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @MsAgentProvocateur1: Yes it was good. Very good! Compelling! That is what good daytime drama is. Might I also add that Debbie Morgan is the realist cryer in daytime! She don’t do soap acting. She does real-to-life acting!

    I can see that with AMC they have a direction they are going with all the storylines. No paint by numbers. No shock jocking either.

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    [quote=jeremy in chicago]OLTL is on the same time as GH and Days here in Chicago. You know, where Oprah lives. How dumb is that?[/quote]

    OLTL’s normal time will be 3pm est. Just for the first week does it air from 2pm – 4pm. Also, welcome to the age of VCR’s and DVR’s. No one should be saddled by what time they air unless you are still living like you’re in 1975.

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