DC #727: A Clockwork Orange

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura discuss the latest All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Karen and Katie team up to take over Spencer Publications and fire Bill. Hope meets Wyatt’s mom on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Patsy Pease will return to Days of Our Lives. A Sharknado hits Twitter when Jen Lilley claimed her DAYS character “Theresa could kick Maxie ass with one hand tied behind her back. #Days vs #GH #lovingit” Lilley also alleged she kept Maxie from being killed off of General Hospital. Sami isn’t happy with EJ when he reveals his plan to overthrow Stefano.

William DeVry books General Hospital as Connie’s boss. Maxie gets a visit from ghost Georgie. Silas and Ava have serious chemistry, and we want to see more of it. Brad tries to get in Michael’s pants.

Jack finds out the truth about Summer on The Young and the Restless. Hartley Sawyer has failed as a Kyle Abbott recast, and undermined the drama surrounding the revelation of Summer’s paternity.  Is it time for Y&R to get Blake Hood back, or simply find a much better actor? Is Y&R’s latest storyline twist involving Sharon as vile as the stomach churning pairing with Victor under the previous regime? Dylan and Chelsea are a snore. Can anything be done to make them more interesting?

All My Children and One Life to Live premiere on OWN

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!



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18 Responses

  1. Profile photo of onnie

    Yes free Chelsea from Dylan

    MCE and MM were fire it is strange they barley on screen together

    SBU has added nothing to YR he is just as boring as he was on GH

  2. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Let me remind everybody of something. The most creative writer in daytime is not Ron Carlivati it is Agnes Nixon. Ron needs to sit at Agnes’s feet like a school kid and learn the art of daytime. Because he just had beginners luck. And the luck is running out.

    Agnes is a master of the craft. I just want to put that on record.

    Because that Passions of The Port Charles Sunset Beach writing is nothing to be called creative. It is creative alright. A creative mess!

    Auther Miller, Tennessee Williams, Lorraine Hansberry and August Wilson are turning in their graves! As is William J. Bell, Irna Phillips and Douglas Marland.

    Agnes take the script!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Hell yeah David. I am constantly inspired that at age 85 Agnes Nixon is still giving us stuff to watch! She may have slowed down a little but she is definitely not out!

  4. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    Yes, I’m sure the DC gang, including Jamey who has an altar to Agnes Nixon, Irna Phillips, and Bill Bell in his house, were totally dissing her and say RC was the greatest soap writer of all time! HOW VERY DARE THEY!

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Yes, I’m sure the DC gang, including Jamey who has an altar to Agnes Nixon, Irna Phillips, and Bill Bell in his house, were totally dissing her and say RC was the greatest soap writer of all time! HOW VERY DARE THEY!
    Thank you. To be honest, I am weary of responding to stuff like that. The fact is, Agnes adores Ron. They are dear, dear friends. They don’t have some competitive adversarial relationship. Making these random statements out of nowhere, pitting one soap writer who loves this genre—and is helping to save it—against another, when both are friends is…I really have no words.

    Besides, all the statements of record in the world won’t change the fact that Cartini did in fact save General Hospital from cancellation and have improved its ratings quarter after quarter. Have they hit a bit of a slump? Sure. ALL writers—even the greats—do.

  6. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I read the Agnes Nixon comment of David’s over an hour ago and I’m still trying to figure out how it’s relevant to anything discussed on the podcast. No one ever said, implied or farted a thing about Ron being better than Agnes.

    It seems like some sort of prophecy, but can someone please remind me of the good old book’s warning about listening to false prophets pretending to be the voice of god. I haven’t set a foot in church in so long I forgot how it went.

  7. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    I recently got banned from a message board for bashing both Steve Burton and Hartley Sawyer. That’s all Ima say this time!!! Though I don’t think the DC gang would do that to me. FUCK IT, Steve “Comatose” Burton needs to go…. Hartley “CAVEMAN” SAWYER NEEDS TO GO, and Melissa “FLAT” Ordway needs to go. They all fucking suck and the only reason Burton has made it this fucking far in this business is because people find him so attractive. I’m straight, and I don’t give a fuck how anyone looks. My crush on that sexy ass Lindsey Morgan didn’t keep her off my acting shit list. I’m not even a long time fan of Y&R and I can tell Burton/Dylan just doesn’t fit!!! And shit, since I’m talking about it, get Amelia Heinle outta there to.

    On the other hand, I’m enjoying aspects of Y&R… I wish they’d get Lily and Tyler back on my screen. I wanna slap the shit outta Josh Griffith for doing this to Sharon. I only have a huge problem with it because he gave several fucking interviews, ALL OF WHICH I READ, claiming he’d rebuild Sharon. AND THEY’RE HITTING JACK AGAIN with an 18 wheeler!!!! Jack can’t keep a women, he can’t keep a vagina, he can’t keep a company, or a fucking kid all because of those FUCKING NEWMANS! I hate the Newmans. Excluding Adam, Chelsea, Summer, Noah and Faith, KILL THE REST OF THEM MOTHER FUCKERS OFF.

    I think hell has frozen over, because I’m enjoying B&B and consistently keeping up for once.

    Sorry to the haters, I’m enjoying GH.

    The highlights of Days for me are JJ/Theresa, Ejami, the 6 months of Casey Deidrick’s Chad and Abby I have left; Wilson and Kristen Blake’s psycho ass raping Eric. I don’t know why she did it, but I love her for it.

    I love AMC. I tolerate OLTL only because of Corbin Bleu and Kelley Missal. I wish they’d pair those two together…. PUT Destiny n Matthew on the corner somewhere with that baby.

    U know what they could do???!!! Actually get Todd to care about his newspaper again, and have him and Jeffrey try to out scoop one another while Dani falls head over heals for Jeffrey.

  8. Profile photo of kelley850

    What saved all 4 soaps from cancellation was the economy improving. All of the soaps that were cancelled were cancelled as a result of the recession. The official reason for each soap’s cancellation? Low ratings and production costs. Funny how all 4 soaps still have hideously low ratings and the production costs are the same, but none are in danger of cancellation anymore. A good economy will do that. The ratings “increases” are only when compared to last year. Evidently, no one watched soaps at all last year.

  9. Profile photo of pferrando

    Thankfully Kyle hasn’t been on much.

    I’m enjoying the paternity story…even though I’m not sure how I feel about the double twist with Sharon. (If it wasn’t Sharon, I think everyone would be fine with this plot twist…)

    For me the only weak spot on the show right now is….Yes…Dylan. And his PTSD still isn’t grabbing me. I think some of the other characters in that story are carrying him. Just not much of a Burton fan still.

  10. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Someone on another thread said the PTSD story on Y&R would be so much better if it was with Chance.
    And it would be. We know and care about that little sweetie.

    We are still getting used to Dylan.

  11. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone & DC: Here is the deeper message I had in regards to what I said. Jamey tried to compare what happens on Breaking Bad, The Soporano’s, Dexter or The Wire for instance to many daytime fans resistances to accepting the ways in which sexual assault has been used or other gripes on the character’s behaviors.

    The fact is when it comes to The Sopranos or the likes of HBO and Showtime drama’s with male leads, they are generally written to appeal to a heterosexual male sensibility.

    Yes people across genders and sexualities can enjoy’s these prime serials. Yet, make no bones about that The Wire was not written for the audience who watches Days of Our Lives. The Soprano’s was not written for the audience who watches General Hospital. Breaking Bad was not written for the audience who watches The Bold and The Beautiful. Mad Men was not written for the audience who watches The Young and The Restless.

    Three of these four series (minus The Wire) are written to show the psychological, social and moral issues these men face in life.

    The Soprano’s not just about a mob boss with a family. It’s about a man trying to provide the American dream through illegal means and can’t seem to figure out why he or no one in his family is happy. Tony Soprano was not some dashing model looking mob boss. He was a portly gentleman. And the writers talked to real former people in the mob to get their stories correct. Social realism hlep made this show a success.

    Mad Men breaks off the veneer of that idea 50s/60s middle class family through its central character Don Draper. Who is a troubled man constantly struggling with who he was and who he wants to be. The writers here also conducted extensive research about life in the 50s and 60s as well as infusing the social movements of the day into their series. Social realism help to make this show a success.

    The Wire took a realistic look at the local politics within a city. From the end of the drug dealers, police force, politicians to the average citizens. It was seen as ground breaking based on its social realism.

    Breaking Bad at its roots is about a man who gets cancer and cannot afford the medical cost and much like many males in real life, he is determined to make sure his family is provided for when his untimely passing comes along. So the character has a realistic motivation for his act of falling into becoming a major drug dealer.

    The success of each of these series is based off of social realism which is something Agnes is good at. But in this case it is social realism from a male’s perspective.

    Let me also add that Dexter is a male driven show. It was not expected to appeal to a female audience. And it is one show that differentiates itself from others by making the lead a serial killer.

    Daytime drama’s are geared toward female viewers. So comparing male driven series that is geared toward a mostly specific male niche cannot be used to justify what happens in a genre geared toward women.

    In general women’s sensibilities and men’s sensibilities in television viewing habits tends to be different. But they can intersect from time to time.

    The creator of Entourage which is often referred to as the male version of Sex In The City, informed viewers in an interview that when he created the show and wrote the pilot that the notes he was given for the rewrite was to remember that “men have to want to be these characters.” That if men cannot find some way to identify with these characters they will not tune in.

    And yes sometimes soap fans grow to like something that they initially hated. But these days, and Ron is one of the worst offenders but not alone (so is Josh G.) is writing things without a plausible character motivation or believbality in the slightest sense of the term.

    The thing that really got daytime off track (from my comparative research and understanding) and kept it from growing was that it stopped looking at and infusing the issues of the day.

    It also began to believe that the fans of daytime would accept anything that was written because well, “it is just a soap.” And the level of suspending of belief began to far outweigh what many fans could handle in this genre.

    Let me make this clear, 80s GH or 90s Days cannot be used to justify the mess we see today.

    Ron Carlivati learned that lesson in 2009 when he was the sole head writer at OLTL and them ratings tanked. James E. Reilly learned during his run at Passions and second stint at Days. Charles Pratt, Jr and Megan McTavish learned this lesson AMC. And the list can go on.

    If anything can be taken from primetimee to help soaps grow, then Y&R can take a page out of Mad Men by infusing business storylines that carry over into people’s personal lives which is what it was always good at. GH can infuse a more ER meets Gray’s Anatomy meets Private Practice into the show.

    And any writer worth their salt in gold is opening up that New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Ebony, Essence, Businessweek and so on to get a sense of what is happening in the world today. That has been the long standing part of daytime. And when all else fails, going back to that has always worked.

    So I say know your audience. Daytime audience is not the target audience for many cable drama series.

    And AMC most recently in its first of the two episodes of this week showed exactly that it knew who its audience was.

    Now I am big fan of the British serial Coronation Street. And some of the current storylines are as follows:

    -There is a young surrogate mother who had a baby for her best friend and is having issues letting go.

    -A mother is keeping her son from finding out the truth about his now deceased father.

    – A closeted gay man has been forcing others to keep the secret that he is actually gay, because he has not wanted to come out of the closet.

    – A character of middle eastern descent is re-investigating a case where his now deceased wife was accused of being a potential terrorist, but one of his close friends had something to do with her death (which he is unaware).

    – A sister is dealing with the fact that her brother (which she had employed) was stealing from the business and was forced to fire him. And this brother is dating a bad girl who seems to push him into doing deeds that may ultimately put him jail.

    – We’re also seeing real middle aged women trying to get themselves back out in the dating game.

    This soap averages 10 million viewers per episode. And basically the series is what OLTL was in the 60s. None of the characters are rich and powerful. They are all working class to lower-middle class people dealing with real life issues. At least that is how the show is these days. And Coronation Street has been around since 1960.

    And it may air in the evenings. But the writing lends itself to total socialism realism which has been one of my major points all along.

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @jillian Bowe: I know you didn’t. That was just my little addition…But Ron does a co-head writer, from where I sit. I see shades of 2009 all over again entering into the mix. Back then he asked for Jean Passanatte to join him. And it was with her support as a veteran writer that balanced out his excesses and reeled him in. Much like Josh neither one of these people are stand alone writers.

  13. Profile photo of GodivaShorti

    Damn Sharon…I knew it! When I saw her at that grave a few weeks ago talking about some sin she committed I knew she changed that damn test and wasn’t repenting for former sins. But I came on the web and couldn’t find anything about it I thought maybe not. But now we know.

    I don’t like that she did it but I do prefer Supergirl being Nick’s daughter. If the paternity story-line was done earlier on, like before the whole peanut fiasco, maybe then I’d be more on board.

  14. Profile photo of YRupgrade

    YR needs so much work, it’s beyond crazy.

    1 – If I was CBS / Sony / Angelica McDaniel, I would go in and probably sit Jill and Josh down and go over a complete rehash of everything they’ve done so far. If they don’t like what they have coming up, I’d fire them. I know it seems harsh, but my goodness we had to live through 5 years of MAB. It started out okay, but it went down hill pretty fast.

    2 – Walk around with pink slips. Mason, Alex, Melanie, Hilary, Dylan, Stitch, Nu Kyle, Nu Abby all need to be fired. Get rid of them all together. None of them are working.

    3 – The storyline needs to be Chelsea / Adam / Sharon / Nicholas; It’s obvious that Sharon should be featured in a triangle with Adam & Nicholas. Why that hasn’t been played yet is beyond me.

    4 – Amelia as Victoria needs to be fired. She has NEVER been Victoria. If you go back and watch Heather Tom as Victoria, she could go toe to toe with MTS and EB. Amelia is not as strong as Heather. You need someone with more fire in her belly. Victoria, Nicholas should be at Newman battling with Adam. I love the idea of Noah being Adam’s mentee; if Adam / Nick were battling over Sharon, it would be another step in the Adam / Nick feud.

    5 – But that brings me to the point: Where the hell is Noah Newman? Victor Newman’s grandson’s purpose is serving drinks and sleeping with day players?!?!?!?!?!? WTF? That’s unacceptable, especially when Dylan is on 3 or 4 days a week. That’s beyond bad.

    6 – Write off Alex. If they need a wise cracking cop, bring back Ronan. At least he had a connection to Nina, so fans enjoyed him. Alex has no one. I really think JG missed the boat with a potential Ronan storyline. IF they kept Ronan and Nina, this is what could have happened:

    Ronan and Phyl tried to date but she dumped him and went back to Jack. She still helped Jack detox. During the Stephanie death scenes, imagine if it had been Ronan investigating Jack. He would have had extra motive to try to peg it on him because he was still upset about Jack/Phyl’s relationship.

    Nina shouldn’t have left town; she should have been in a triangle with Paul and Chris. Paul & Chris could have had feelings for each other, but neither one wanted to hurt Nina. Nina could have eventually found out and gone down a dark path again (recall: she was depressed and attempted suicide before … not saying she had to do that again, but it’s in her history). Ronan could have been placed in the middle of all this as he would be working under Paul at the station.

    Instead, we got Alex and Adriana. At least Adriana left.

    7 – They need to give Paul more to do than just being a side ear in Michael and Lauren’s storyline. They need to give Victor and Nikki more to do than being ears for Adam & Victoria. This is another part of the problem; they are bringing on all the newbies that should be fired and not playing the vets enough.

    8 – I don’t want to seem like all of Y&R is bad. I think the Carmine/Michael/Lauren storyline is amazingly good. I have enjoyed the slow build of Lily and Tyler, but it seems to have it a stale block because they don’t want to have another affair. The thing is, this would be a very different affair. They need to up the Jill storyline as well (which hopefully will happen when they play Kay’s death).

    I just wish the exec’s would read or listen to us!

    End of Rant!!

  15. Profile photo of pferrando

    YRupgrade…I definitely agree with some of your ideas, but first of all remember that AH has been on way before Phelps and Josh, so that’s not their mistake.

    I’d add Tyler to the pink slip list and subtract Mason, Alex and nuAbby.

    Alex is great. He’s hot and provides some comedy to the show that’s not obvious. The sidekick thing he has with BOTH Paul and Kevin works well.

    NuAbby really isn’t Abby anyway, and she is a good actress. I hate that they want to bog her down in the Tyler mess. Both he and Dylan have been the worst creations of this regime IMO.

    It’s nice to see yet another perspective of the JFP…”EP behaving badly” saga.

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