Caroline Simulates Maya and Carter’s Web Series Chemistry on Bold and Beautiful (VIDEO)

You've gotta hand it to Caroline Spencer 2.0 (Linsey Godfrey). This girl is not afraid of the hard sell on The Bold and the Beautiful! On today's installment of the sudser, the media heiress demonstrates the heat Maya (Karla Mosley) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) are generating on their new web series. Will Rick (Jacob Young) play into his ex's cunning hands?

Meanwhile, Hope (Kim Matula) is telling Liam (Scott Clifton) his scraps are no longer good enough for her. Funny how seeing a hunky, naked dude in the woods can change a girl's perspective. Watch a sneak peek of today's B&B after the jump!

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    Isn’t it the funniest thing, that NOW when Steffy is finally out of the picture, Hope decides Liam isn’t good enough for her anymore? I mean, it’s of course true, but now? Lmao.

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    How many times is Caroline going to allow herself to be rejected by “Fun-Size” Brad Pitt…have some dignity woman! It can be entertaining to watch but I need someone to buy a clue quick and figure out that Caroline is behind the amped up web series love scenes.

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    That not alone, but its also amazing that I for once actually like the character of Hope in a long time. I think JMW was the weak link in that trio. She is surely overrated as an actress, and I actually think the current storyline with Wyatt in it, shows us that it isnt the characters of Liam and Hope who made the trio so utterly boring. OFcourse I blame Brad Bell too, he changed the character of Steffy into a whiny little girl. JMW isnt a good enough actress to portray emotions…she is a decent average actress,though I think she would be a great porn actress.

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    I only watch B &B now and again, because it follows Y &R. Watching Caroline, strutting her shoulders and acting like a complete idiot over a man who doesn’t want her, makes me not want to watch this show. I can’t stand seeing a woman acting like a bimbo over a man!The whole Brooke sleeping with Bill, her sister’s husband, made me nauseous and now seeing Caroline acting like typical BIMBO,it turns me off. Soaps, where is the romance?!!!!

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