General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Franco claims to be Jason, and asks to see Sam and Danny.  Patrick plays along, but wants to run tests.  Silas believes Franco is pretending, and thinks Ava put him up to it to prevent Silas from finding out the truth.

Britt thanks Nikolas for being with her at the Lamaze class.  Liz spots them hugging, and is not thrilled.  Britt realizes Liz is the one who broke Nik’s heart, and won't blame her if she’s regretting it.  
Dante accuses Sonny of breaking his mother’s heart.  Sonny feels Olivia was fine, and didn’t want to hurt her. He informs Dante she left on her own.  Dante knows Sonny can’t be alone, and always need a woman.  He tells Sonny that Connie only came back because she thought she would lose him to Olivia.   Dante feels Connie is not stable, and hasn’t made a good decision.   
Alexis and Sam are discussing the donor matches, when Brad arrives and tells them no match has been found. However, they are still waiting for Franco’s results.  Molly mentions the national registry, but Sam points out Silas already checked and came up empty. Sam mentions her father, and Molly is surprised when Alexis admits she doesn’t know his name.  Molly asks if his name started with a J, and explains about the Ouija board.   
AJ tells Michael that Ava may be making a play for ELQ by working with Franco. Michael reminds his father he needs to stay away from Kiki, and explains what happened with Brad.  
Kiki’s upset when she finds some of her father’s blood on the boathouse floor.  Morgan begins to tell her Sonny was responsible, but changes his mind at the last second. He ends up telling her the second shooter was likely the suspect. Morgan wonders why Kiki cares all of a sudden. She wants to continue to get to know Franco.  
Connie visits Olivia to tell her that she knows about her new relationship with Sonny. Olivia reminds Connie she continuously asked if she was okay with Olivia spending time with Sonny.  Olivia accuses Connie of coming back to Sonny, because of what Maxie said.  Connie loves Sonny, and needs to be back with him. 
Brad tells Britt that Michael knows about them. 
Morgan tells his father he’ll keep his secret, but doesn’t like lying to Kiki. He refuses to accept the hush money.  Sonny is not asking Morgan to lie. He only wants to protect his family from Franco.

Liz runs into Franco, who pretends to be Jason, and it freaks her out.  Liz questions Patrick, who promises they’re running tests. 
Silas tells Sam that Franco is calling himself Jason.  Sam storms off to confront Franco.  
Kiki tries to visit Franco at the hospital, but Ava tells her he’s gone for tests. She wants Kiki to leave.  Sam and Silas get to Franco’s room, and Kiki asks about Franco. Silas wonders who she is, and Kiki admits she's Ava’s daughter.  
Elsewhere in the hospital, Franco lets himself into Danny’s room. 

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    Having to sit through the whole Franco scenes where he is pretending to be Jason takes a lot of heart. I commend you for being able to do this summary.

    I’m still trying to figure out through if Franco had a seizure and he thinks he’s Jason, how did he know Jason chose Sam over Liz? Franco wasn’t around during this time unless he had cameras installed everywhere in PC. How does Franco/Jason know Danny is his son? Jason didn’t know before he died. Stephan Lars told Sam a week later. Also how does Franco/Jason know Danny is sick? So Franco thinks he’s Jason with Franco memories? I don’t get it.

    Also, as many times as Jason was in the hospital, I never seen him yell and act a fool. I remember when Alan strapped Jason down, Jason didn’t yell or scream. He was trying to get out before Sam came and got him out just to promptly put him back in the hospital lol

    Loved the Britt/Liz scenes. Hopefully AJ comes with a money back guarantee.

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    I agree…your questions are similar to mine. I think this is just to show how crazy Franco really is. I am not taking this seriously. Franco is an ass.
    I hope they can find a way to save the character. It will hopefully be revealed that this person is in fact not Franco but Heathers child. And I think we already know that Kiki is Silas’ daughter and not Franco’s. Which means that there is still hope that Ellie will turn out to be a Quartermaine.

    I really loved seeing Britt and Nic 2gether. Elizabeth is such a hypocrite. OMG Sabrina is go to leave Elizabeth high and dry to deal with Britt. So far this past few days have been amazing.

    Can I just say how much of a slut Alexis is. I mean to have three kids by three different men and to tell your daughter that you don’t remember the name of the guy who knocked you up is kind of whorish. I have a feeling that “J” stands for Jerome. How weird would it be for Sam to end up being a Jerome/Cassadine

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    For this Niz fan the only true way for me to be a Quiz convert (and this is highly unlikely) I will need to see AJ sweep Liz off her feet and have something chemically combust because I was sold on Niz the minute Nik took her into his arms…and well Lizzie did say her was her best ;) – Do this quick because I will become a Britt/Nik addict

    I have never been so excited to see Sam do anything so I really expect a smackdown on FauxJason

    I still think a part of Alexis is holding back the truth — I can’t for the life of me believe that Alexis would not have at least tried to figure out who her baby daddy was especially after she found Sam again

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    I really truly hope that Franco is NOT Jason, because if so, this girl is going to be having one massive hissy fit.

    I really hope Kiki is Silas’. I really enjoy KA and CD’s chemistry together.

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    I don’t think Liz is being a hyprocrite. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have anything to do with Britt. She is a liar, a thief, selfish and manipulative. I think Liz’s reaction is more to do with who Britt is and what she has done than it has to do with jealousy. If she was acting this way over Nik being with someone nice, then it would be all about jealousy. It is the same with Nik. He is jealous about AJ and Liz being togther, but his objections to AJ seem to be more about who AJ is and AJ hurting Liz than about the jealousy. There definitely is some jealousy going on in both scenarios, but I don’t think it is the sole or even the major motivator for either of them.

    I don’t get why Sam was running off to confront a crazy man. She just found out that they don’t have a dna match. She was also told that Franco might be their last hope, yet she is going to go scream at him about something that doesn’t even matter? Why piss him off if you might need his bone marrow? And why do they always dress her so horribly? It’s summer! She would look great in a cute dress or a regular jeans and a summery top. She doesn’t always have to dress like she is a depressed cutter in the middle of winter.

    I don’t like Connie or Olivia. Get rid of both of them and bring back Brenda. And when Brenda comes back, have her togeth (and in love) with Jax. I want to see their love story and I want Sonny to be alone for a while.

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    Catching up on the goings-on in Port Chuck..,,

    Alexis: totally think she’s still holding back knowing the identity of Sam’s father. Both because she thinks its awful and because she believes that branch of Sam’s lineage to be a dead end. Any of the Jerome family from the 80s known to be alive? Her reaction to the name Jerome (that admittedly ive only read about) either means she’s lying or has repressed the memory….in which case, hello Dr Kevin Collins..

    Sam: making her a Jerome activates connections to other parts of the canvas (Ava, Duke, LUCAS, Bobbie…isn’t Tiffany/Sean offspring due to turn up?)

    Brad: I needed reminding who he is after reading of the dust up about his being a gay sexual predator type. My conclusion is that he’s just like the character Kyle from OLTL ( half of the beloved “Kish” gay coupling), maybe he will be redeemed, maybe not. I’m all for minority characters having the freedom to be villainous as part of the progress to equal representation on screen. In Brad we have both a Gay and an Asian, the second being an ethnic group decried as being criminally under-represented in portrayal of the medical field. Maybe he will be redeemed, maybe not. Maybe he will remain the local hospital sleeze. It takes all kinds and we need villains.

    Felix and Taylor: sure, making them Hardys would have been a good way to rebuild the Hardy/Webber family of Port Charles, but I would be happy if their presence generated more for Soniabaedfy’s Epiphany to do. With her connection to the Dubois kids’ presumed relative Tussaint Dubois (Bily Dee Williams) from ‘Night Shift’, she could be a much needed “auntie” figure to them. Still hate that they killed of her son Stan, he was easy on the eyes and a well connected character. Epiphany deserves more screentime as more than the sassy head nurse.

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    Viva Futbol

    AJ should go on Ebay, buy one of those Super Soaker watergun from the 90s,carry it around in a briefcase and squirt Michael with it everytime he says Kiki’s name. Micahel, I doing this for your own good. I don’t want you to go to hell.

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    Perkie! I so miss when you don’t comment after your recap. I watch the show, so I know what happens. I only come to your observations so I can get your take. :) I miss it today.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]Having to sit through the whole Franco scenes where he is pretending to be Jason takes a lot of heart.[/quote]

    I’m guessing that Franco is NOT pretending but really believes he’s Jason (at least for now). The beating probably brought out symptoms of a brain tumor or some other brain injury, causing the seizure and the delusions.

    Patrick’s involvement probably means he will perform life-saving brain surgery sometime soon.

    Also, my guess is the tumor or whatever it is will be explained as the reason Franco acted so crazy three years ago, further rehabilitating the character and prompting some of the others to forgive him. (“It wasn’t his fault .. he had a brain tumor.”)

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    Exactly I’m cutting for Liz…

    this spoiled acting brat has been lying manipulating her friend’s husband and Patrick/Liz are friends as well (and his daughter) whoring for her mommy since day 1 scene 1 when she appeared w/Sabrina.

    “Many haters have a tendency to forget outside that crappy Liz/Nik storyline first time around

    that the musketeers were extremely protective of each other that’s why I didn’t have a problem with Nik butting in her AJ biz even if he didn’t want her for himself that’s typical behavior for Liz/Lucky/Emily/Nik….just like Aunty Em was always there for Liz…Elizabeth was cut off in her dialog “we have been good friends since our te…..”

    As for her being a hypocrite most characters are on soaps starting with Monica, Sonny, Carly….etc

    but it will give me my favorite type of Nik / Liz scene when he puts her in check; I like when Nik gets all princely arrogant so I look forward to that.

    The scene played much better than expected because as soon as Britt-Brat with all this ain’t your biz she does an about face then immediately ifnotsooner starts scheming to cover her tracks w/ Brad making Liz concern IMO justifiable (as the scene went down) so I was thankful for at least that much writing for Liz…scriptwriting is so-so..

    I didn’t want Liz anywhere near this storyline but for some reason they keep putting her in newbie hell she spent a year soley propping Sobby and now she’s stuck with another one.

    ..I’ll never get on board with Nik with her because I don’t need this newbie to drive a veteran character of 20 years another cajones storyline that’s basically all Liz/Nik get is some triangle.

    I want Nik to get all Cassadine but its easy to see Britt-Brat is in the process of being whitewashed when all is said and done she’ll be the
    “woe is me” innocent in this manipulated by her psycho parents…so this is why she doesn’t intrest me if she stay true to form then I can buy it…Nik winds up with a woman much like his grandmother…if she stays a scheming manipulative desparate shrew like she’s been then it may offer me some drama.

    I get some fans are jumping up and down for Nik w/her and that’s all good if you’re into this couple shipping thing; but let’s not forget who she is because of hateration for Elizabeth; I don’t do couples I do story.

    And this storyline will be predictable with very few twist and turns the only purpose Britt serves is angst for Patrick and Suebrina and now re: Dr. O’s involvment w/Robin for me….I’m not interested in Britt past these storylines she can hit the exit door and take Sobby with her.

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    [quote; cinicic]Perkie! I so miss when you don’t comment after your recap. I watch the show, so I know what happens. I only come to your observations so I can get your take. Smile I miss it today.[/quote]

    Sorry, am on vacation this week, doing the beach/tourist thing with hubby and the kids. Managed last night to get all three episodes from this week watched.

    Hate everything Franco.

    Loved the Davis coven/Nik interactions, although I have no idea why any of them would leave baby Danny alone in a room.

    Loving Nik/Britt.

    Loved AJ/Carly scenes at Kelly’s (from Monday or Tuesday’s epi?)

    Connie’s an idiot.

    Liked Dante tearing a strip off of Sonny.

    Liked Olivia’s vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu, but I think she could have explained it better. Telling Lante that Maxie is going to murder Lulu, is different then saying she’s stabbing Lulu in the back, which has a different meaning altogether.

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    So Franco is now Jason? I’m not sure what to think of this whole thing. I’ve always liked Roger H since his days on OLTL and I’m hoping something good comes out of this whole mess. Ron C. needs more writers to help him out. It is Summer-WHERE IS THE ROMANCE????? Micheal Easton and Kelly M have chemistry, but nothing is being made of it. I do like Maurice Bernard but Sonny and Olivia do nothing for me, not like Sonny and Brenda.
    I’d love to have Stefan (Stephan Nichols) return. We have Laura and Scotty, that are barely on the show, and when Geary returns, I’d love to see Luke against Scotty and the Cassadines again, which will give Nicolas more story. Patrick and Sabrina are boring, Alexis and Shawn just never ignited any chemistry, and the teen scene, does nothing for me. Ron C should look back at the Gloria Monty days. There is no romance on this show right now, no couples to root for. I miss JMB as Lulu and can’t seem to connect with Dante and Lulu now. The only solid couple is Mac and Felicia-please show a decent marriage ceremony for them. I miss the romance. It’s not just GH, all the soaps seemed to have lost what the magic of soaps were about.

  13. Profile photo of cinicic

    Aww. Enjoy your days off. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your take. Didn’t mean to make you have to think about work–which watching GH can seem like sometimes. I guess all our shows can. Days can be entertainment or torture depending on who is on. haha Same with the two others.

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    They should write Connie off with some dignity. I mean everything that was said yesterday was so true. I do not believe Connie ever went to see her doctor. I believe she is lying to herself and is only back with Sonny so that Olivia does not end up with him.

    @Cyberologist – Are you kidding? Britt has roots in PC. She is the daughter of Faison. That is HUGE!!! Nicolas is a Cassadine the two of them together is explosive. Britt will be just like Kristen on DOOL. She will continue to be manipulative and there is so much to do with Britta. If they were ever write her off I would question TPTB’s ability to script a show. Lets see how Britt will last for 10 years on GH:
    1) we first have Dante and Lulu’s baby drama…
    2) Nicolas will forgive but then we have the fact that she is a Faison.
    3) Britt will eventually find out about Robin but will never tell.
    4) Britt vs. Elizabeth
    5) A Nic and Britt wedding would be crazy off the hook. The faison clan and Cassadine clan….
    6) If another Cassadine (Stavros) shows up you can bet they will seduce Britt and more drama ensues.
    7) Britt will become worst as time goes by and will become even more manipulative eventually becoming like her mother.
    9) Britt vs. New Brooklyn Quartermaine

    Britt is a character that has years possibilities. Even if Nic decides to leave the canvas again ( hope not) I see more to Britt.

    Brad may be a creep and a sexual predator…lol, but he is such a joy to watch. I love how Tyler Christopher keeps smiling every time Brad checks him out…

    Please lets get rid of Franco and make RH Heather’s deranged son. If not they need RH to go back to OLTL permanently as Todd. I really enjoy RH but they chose the worst character for him to be. I have grown fond of Kiki and Silas is now becoming a fav of mine.


  15. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Thanks perkie, hope you’re enjoying your vacay!

    GH is mess right now, not even a hot mess, it’s just horrible. FrankenJasonTodd is STUPID. Jason didn’t even know stuff that this loon is talking about. I hate this. The stories are way too predictable. It’s beyond obvious that Lauren is Silas’s kid so they can shove her and Michael down our throats…This Maxie secret needs to come out now, it’s been too long.

    Where have Monica and Tracey been? Why aren’t there scenes of Monica or Aj, heck even Sonny visiting Danny?

  16. Profile photo of mipeony

    Well at least it won’t take RoHo much to perfect the Stone Cold constipation stare. LOL. Too funny.

    I don’t like the idea of Franco taking Danny, but I’m all for some Kemo/RoHo scenes. I used to love it the few times she got to yell at Jason, I loved her scenes with RoHo as Todd, so I’m looking forward to their Franco scenes.

    I don’t think Franco can be a match, since I’m convinced he’s Heather’s kid with some random man instead of Susan Moore’s kid with Alan Q, but somehow there will be a switch or something and it will appear to everyone but us loyal viewers that Franco saved Danny…. ah those onscreen fools.

    I don’t have any problem with Liz snipping at PreggieCruella. Yeah, she’s told Nic to mind his own business where she’s concerned and she should practice what she preaches, but I don’t mind just the same. I don’t want her with either AJ or Nic, but hell, she’s getting story, so let’s see it play out. I also think Dr O is a Cassadine, which makes Britt a Cassadine/Faison and that has storyline potential.

    Count me in with the others that say that Alexis might not be telling the whole truth about Sam’s dad. The Stefan mention the other day was awesome. Bring him back people!!!!!!! Nic and Alexis need more family, and I’d love to see him interact with Alexis’s girls, not to mention what it would do to Laura’s world.

    Involving Molly and Rafe in a Ouija board witch hunt for Sam’s dad is just wrong. I don’t like to see anyone messing around with those boards unless I know they’ve been baptized and are true believers and can handle the consequences of messing with the spirit world.

    I don’t get why Olivia and Sonny think it’s so wrong for Connie to want Sonny back. I don’t get why they do a lot of things though. Not looking forward to yet another chic losing it over Sonny. Been there, done that many, many times. Why can’t they write him as being alone for a while?

  17. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Lmao @ Brad being all distracted by Nik, he didn’t know what to do with himself. And Nik being like “what is goin on…” when Brad looked at him and slowly said “Get lucky”.

    I totally called it from the start, that Alexis hasn’t told Sam who her father is, because she doesn’t KNOW who he is. That can happen, you have random sex drunk, and don’t remember the guys name. Alexis just happened to wind up pregnant. I kinda guessed it – she is too ashamed of being 16 and just got with some guy.

  18. Profile photo of SwanQueen59


    Liked Dante tearing a strip off of Sonny.

    Liked Olivia’s vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu, but I think she could have explained it better. Telling Lante that Maxie is going to murder Lulu, is different then saying she’s stabbing Lulu in the back, which has a different meaning altogether.[/quote]

    Yes, Perkie, watching D go after the mob boss was quite enjoyable. It needs to happen more often…I know, I know I’m dreaming. As for Olivia’s vision, Lord have mercy. :| That was horrendous camp at it’s worst and horribly acted. Just another example of the heavy handed, anvil writing that this regime puts forth. At least when Olivia (or anyone), held the puppy, it just sat in her arms and said nothing. Good illustration of the theory of “less is more”. Sigh… :~

    Enjoy your vacation with your family… 0:)

  19. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I actually enjoyed this episode so much I watched it twice. As always love my Davis girls. Still not convinced Alexis is just not telling Sam to protect her. It would be interesting if Sam was half Jerome. Either way excited to see it unfold.

    Patrick/Silas- new bromance in the making. I think it would be cool to see them challenging each other.

    While I found Liz to be a hypicritical I think she was right in what she said. She should be protective of Nic because they are friends. In real life I can see this playing out exactly so. I want to see a confratation between Niz about it. There are so many layers between Niz- but I can also get on board with Nic/Britt..

    Looking forward to when Sam catches up with Franco. I loved the chem between Roho/Kemo. I would have loved it if they brought him back as someone else so they can explore it. Kemo has great chemistry with ME and Roho so I guess I will wait and see.

  20. Profile photo of Cornfed

    [quote=GHteenybopper]GH is a mess right now, not even a hot mess, it’s just horrible. FrankenJasonTodd is STUPID. Jason didn’t even know stuff that this loon is talking about. I hate this. The stories are way too predictable. [/quote]

    Thank GOD someone finally got to the gist of this! I had to scroll 10 posts to have someone FINALLY acknowledge the elephant in the room? |( (Logan did the same but in a MUCH nicer way :) )

  21. Profile photo of FoxyMegan

    [quote=mipeony]Well at least it won’t take RoHo much to perfect the Stone Cold constipation stare. LOL. Too funny.[/quote]

    That crazy stare on RoHo’s face as the elevator was closing reminded me of Anthony Perkins/Norman Bates face in the final shot of “Psycho.” (“She wouldn’t hurt a fly.”)

  22. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    Since this is all a Franco delusion it would stand to reason that he would act like a Jason who knows all of the stuff that Franco knows.
    Or do some of you not understand that this isn’t Jason so he wouldn’t be acting like he’s been presumed dead for a year.
    So Franco knows Danny is Jason’s kid, he knows that Sam and Jason were back together when Jason died. Honestly I don’t know why so any of you are having a problem grasping this turn of events.

    I am thinking that the whole Brad blackmail attempt on Michael was done just to get to. That scene where Michael told AJ about Brad and Britt being in cahoots. So once the AJ/Liz/Nik/Britt quad gets into full swing AJ will have a reason to dig a little deeper into Britt’s business. It will probably be to blackmail Britt into a relationship with Nik to keep the Douche Prince away from Liz since Ron seems intent on not letting AJ evolve as a character.

    Loved Dante ho checking Sonny. So few people call Sonny out on his nonsense so when it happens I am a happy camper.

    I also like that Patrick and Silas automatically don’t like each other. Their little rivalry should make for some fun moments of snark at the hospital.

  23. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I am more than well aware she’s Faison’ daughter since I didn’t watch Faison, so what? He was another villain who was gone until he came back and took off his mask.

    he means nothing to me other than Dr O’s tie in to Robin’s being held hostage

    …however she can still go; I don’t care about having roots on the canvas to have an interesting story there are a lot of characters with roots on the canvas and they aren’t written for or their roots are ignored and they rarely have “storylines” with their roots….scenes? Yes but storylines where the “roots are actively involved?” Including Nik with his psychotic granny so do a lot of other vets

    Besides if the writer wants to write for a character whether they have roots is of no consequence, Spinelli has no roots, neither does Sabrina and she was up front deep in story they have taken away Elizabeth’s roots….

    …like I said when the storylines “are over” she can bounce and I wouldn’t miss her.

  24. Profile photo of Sharsy47

    your comment about Sam looking like “a depressed cutter in the middle of winter” cracked me up. I agree her wardrobe seems more teenage-y. She is in tank tops all the time !

  25. Profile photo of Sharsy47

    Roger Howarth’s parody of Jason had me laughing today. Wonder if SB was watching the “desecration” of Jason too. LOL. I was hoping Franco would complain about his clothes not fitting right to Sam. That brain tumor talk with Patrick sharing confidential patient info with Carly was just as ridiculous. Liz was irksome today and I usually like her. She chose AJ. right? Seems like she’s already having buyer’s remorse. The best part was Monica and Lesley. Funny how 30 yrs. later they are still snarking at each other over Rick Webber! Overall, I am enjoying GH. Get rid of the Sonny/Connie/Olivia story and t it’s great stuff!

  26. Profile photo of liason4real

    Why is Liz having buyers remorse when it comes to AJ? Nik has spent months all up Liz and AJ’s business two seconds after figuring out that his old teenage friend was not sitting around pining for Lucky “cry baby” Spencer and had moved on with her life. Old Nik has spent his entire time stalking Liz all over town and into the city trying to start a relationship that died not long after it started in 2009. Let.It.Go.Nik!

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