Matthew Gets Into His Catfish’s Tackle Box on One Life to Live

Matthew (Robert Gorrie) got upset with Hurricane Dani (Kelley Missal) for wanting to tell him about Michelle (Amber Skye Noyes) working at the hotel. After Matthew left the room in a huff, she turned to Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) and demanded to know how she ended up the bad guy in the situation.

Dorian (Robin Strasser) woke David (Tuc Watkins) up by dumping water on him. She then proceeded to rip of the documents he’d made for his big TV meeting. Dorian demanded to know how long he’d been sleeping with Rama (Shenaz Treasury). David said he wasn't.

Tea (Florencia Lozano) arrived at Todd’s (Roger Howarth) place, where Blair (Kassie DePaiva) was upset with him for letting her oversleep.  Blair tried to assure Tea that she and Todd weren’t getting back together. Later, Todd said Blair was lying, because she was thinking about being with him. Todd then went to take care of faking Victor's death.

Clint (Jerry verDorn) defended his actions in trying to help Viki (Erika Slezak) with the Pellegrino Fund. He said  her pride was preventing her from letting him help her. Clint warned he wasn't going to grovel any more for helping the woman he loved. 

After a heart-to-heart with Nigel (Peter Bartlett), Viki went to Clint and told him she’d keep his money. Clint later thanked Nigel for the assist.

Tea went to an exercise class, where apparently all of Llanview’s ladies work out.  As Tea, Destiny (Laura Harrier), Natalie (Melissa Archer), Rama and Nikki (Jenni Farley) were warming up, Dani and Jeffrey arrived to work out.  In the middle of the workout, Tea had a panic attack.

David's TV pitch meeting failed miserably. He returned home and let Dorian have it. He told her she didn’t understand what it felt like to have everything paid for by her. He also said she acted like a child. 

Michelle arrived to clean a hotel room and discovered Matthew with a romantic surprise for her. He had booked a room, covered the bed in rose petals and had champagne on ice. The two started getting romantic, when Michelle admitted she was a virgin.

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    After a rocky first month, I’m really loving nuOLTL. Its the OLTL I fell in love with in the mid-90s, a show I had pretty much forgotten existed after Dena and Ron. I liked, even loved, much of what RC did- it was entertaining, it was well plotted, it was fun as hell. But the character moments we’re getting on this OLTL are something that I forgot the show was capable of in its last decade. The Banner is back. David feels like an actual human being instead of a full blown cartoon. There’s a younger cast who is compelling & can act (Kelley is magnificent, Rob & Corbin are great, ok nu Des is a little green but she’s improving and compared to Deanna Forbes from 2011, she’s Oscar worthy) & they have engaging story. Bo & Nora are fun again like its 1994. Blair is tentatively but willingly getting sucked back into Todd’s orbit. Jack is actually not abysmal. We got more Todd/Viki scenes in the first 3 weeks than we did in all of the 2011 return. Long neglected extended family connections like Bo/Natalie and Viki/Jack are played. The new additions of Arturo and Michelle are intriguing- I have no idea exactly where its going- and I love that and can’t wait to take the ride.

    I do hope any fans who turned the show off after checking it out in May might feel compelled to try again- even skip ahead on Hulu because starting around mid June and especially July, the show seemed to figure it out- way less focus on the club & random musical guests, stories really moving- the tattoo story needs to hit go a little harder but other than that, I loved everything this week and really the past 3-4 weeks. The upcoming Clint spoilers sound amazing. I’m even getting onboard with the theme song

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    What was the whole point of Mitch Lawrence trying to get his hands on the Lord fortune a few years ago if there is no “fortune”? I remember a scene where Viki had a bundle of papers in her hand and Natalie asking about the Lord fortune which included more assets than just The Banner. Otherwise, I am enjoying OLTL except for Nor’s silly radio show and a new actress should take over the role of Destiny.

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