Will Kristen Expose Eric’s Defrocking on Days of Our Lives?

I knew Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives was going to be good when it opened with Kristen (Eileen Davidson) saying “Bless me Father, for I have sinned”, as practically everyone in Salem watched her with concern. She told the Bishop what she had to say would impact everyone in the room, and involved Eric (Greg Vaughan).

However, before Kristen made her reveal, Victor (John Aniston) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) interrupted. Kristen tried to cut into the conversation, but Brady (Eric Martsolf) stopped her by saying he had something to tell her that could change everything.

Kristen met up with Brady, while the ceremony continued in their absence.  He told Kristen that John hadn’t hidden the truth about Kristen from him.  He still saw the woman he loved in front of him, and suggested they could possibly start over. Brady is such an idiot, because then he told Kristen he still loved her.

After the ceremony, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) confronted EJ (James Scott), as Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) discussed Sami’s baby daddy. EJ gave Nicole a hard time about Eric “Father Forbidden Fruit.”

Meanwhile, Adrienne (Judi Evans) stopped Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will (Chandler Massey) from going to the event by showing up and telling Sonny she had something to tell him.  Freddie told his mother off, and left with Will to go to the event.

On a side note, is it just me or has Will’s fashion sense gone downhill since becoming a father? It’s not like he was a fashion model before, but fatherhood seems to have done something to his wardrobe.

Adrienne went to Abe (James Reynolds) with the evidence of Sami on her phone. However, before she showed it to him or the district attorney, she demanded immunity for Sonny. The moment the DA saw the video; she got on the phone to call the judge to get an arrest warrant for Sami.

The best line of the day came from Ciara (Lauren Boles) after Sami and EJ told some of their family they were getting married:

Ciara: “When I grow up can I get married as many times as Sami?”

The second best lines of the day came when Sami was giving Eric a hard time about being the bad seed twin.

Kristen and Brady returned to the party, where Kristen revealed she was going to help support scholarships for ten more children.

Marlena snuck up on Kristen, and made her nemesis jump by saying the bishop may have believed what Kristen was selling, but she wasn’t fooled. After Kristen walked away, Marlena and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) put their heads together to try and figure out what Kristen was up to. Marlena felt Kristen was armed with something.

In the end, Kristen didn’t use the video of her and Eric to bring him down, but that doesn’t mean she won’t do it another day.

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  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Monday’s episode was amazing! One of the best episodes of the summer. Seeing all the major players in one room watching what Kristen was about to do, and having all these characters’ storylines intermingling and laced with fabulous one-liners like Ciara’s (Kristen is so awesome!) was just great. I didn’t feel the need to FF once. And all the snark, from Nicole to Sami to Kristen to Marlena. Wonderful. Sami to EJ: “How dare your sister just go around causing scenes all the time!” LMAO! And says the person who winds up being arrested.

    (And as a not-such-a-sidenote, Dannifer and/or Rafe was nowhere to be seen the entire episode!!! Wohoo!)

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I watched the episode twice. There was just so much good stuff going on. Who would have thought the inauguration of an elementary school could have provided so much drama? :)

    Days owns this summer!!!

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla

    As an addition, I’m so glad Days has brought back the church and religion as an underlying theme. Days has always been a religious show, and to have that as a backdrop for all these shenanigans just make them all the more scandalous! Love it.

  4. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Both Monday’s and Tuesday’s eps were solid gold(and yes, even though I’m slightly finding Dannifer more tolerable, I won’t complain that they weren’t on). Wasn’t a false note to be had though I kept thinking “How over-the-top dramatic would it have been had Sami got arrested AND Kristen showed everyone another side of Father Eric?” I know we haven’t seen the last of Kristen’s “home movie”.

  5. Profile photo of bishbay

    Days is firing on all of the proverbial cylinders right now. It’s soooooo good. The writers are giving us excellent one-liners (agree, Yoryla) and, more importantly and far harder to deliver, well-structured, well-paced stories that involve a lot of the canvas.

    A sidenote–Monday and Tuesday had to be very expensive episodes, featuring as they did so many leading contract players. It makes me happy to see that Days is spending a little more money for the big moments.

  6. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    I knew Kristen wouldn’t show that video because there is no way Brady would forgive her for that…..and Kristen/Brady are HOT, the fans love them and the show knows that! So, now it’s time for them to get together….maybe even marry, and Kristen keep this USB stick video a secret and hidden (Ooooooo she would never destroy it, LOL) until the day comes to use it OR it accidentally be found by someone, causing another rift for the couple. I love it and I love the 2 of them together!!!!!!

    Kristen was HOT with Father Eric tooo.. Wheewwwwwww H O T !!!! Days is by far delivering the goods this summer.

    I wonder if Will will end up going to prison or something when he leaves the show? Stephano is so upset with EJ, and he has the goods to do that to Will. Who knows…..guess we have to keep on watching!

  7. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    Looks like they have much better hair people on this show than they do on Y and R.
    Eileen Davidson’s hair looks much better on this show, than it ever did on Y R.

  8. Profile photo of engradypind

    I think Kristin HAS TO make the tape public or otherwise there isn’t much point in the story. Eric will be defrocked; Kristin will feel the scorn of the town and all “friends” she thinks she has; Nicole will become the chief investigator, trying to exonerate Eric and show that Kristin set him up. Dr. Dan will finally isolate the drug used on Eric. Eric will be free to either go back to the church (but he won’t) or become another one of Nicole’s failed love affairs.

  9. Profile photo of Jon

    A question…..Are contract players paid by episode? I guess I thought contract players were paid a set salary no matter how many episodes thay were in. If not, that does explain why we don’t see many of these gatherings involving the entire contract canvas as we used to back in the day…

  10. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Another possibility is that Brady and Kristen will reconcile and he’ll be the one to stumble across the sex tape one day.

    What I love about this show now is that its storylines always throw the audience a curveball. It used to be so predictable under Dena Higley.

  11. Profile photo of SonnySprocket

    That little Ciara is a hoot. “Kristen is so awesome”. “When I grow up can I get married as many times as Sami”. Loved it. Also I adore scenes where the full cast is gathered and something shocking happens. So great lately.

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