Quinn’s Lie is About to be EXPOSED on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but a tacky sword necklace could prove to be bauble queen Quinn Fuller's (Rena Sofer) worst nightmare today on The Bold and the Beautiful! Will Quinn's decades-old lie about her son's paternity be exposed? Watch a sneak peek below!

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    Loving Rena Sofer, and so glad she is on one of these shows again. It’s about time!

    However, as far as the storyline goes, so Bill’s son, yet again! Who didn’t see this coming from a mile. Whenever a “mysterious young man” shows up on a soap, and two weeks later their mother shows up aswell, it’s pretty much a done deal that said young man will prove out to be somebody’s son. And since Bill is the only man in the whole show they showcase these days (plus of course how fertile he seems to be, yuck…), so of course Wyatt is his. And good for him, being connected to a Spencer is the only thing that can keep a character on this show these days.

    So now, in a span of two years a single and childless Bill has gained three children plus the miscarriage with Brooke. How rapid!

    But as I said, glad Rena Sofer is there. Just please give her something else to do except pine away for Bill and be yet another one of his mistresses. (Rolls eyes)

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I absolutely love your comments, Yorla. Always on point.

    Wyatt’s story is the exact same story Brad Bell wrote 10 years ago with Nick Marone. Mama’s boy meets rich daddy. I sometimes miss the twists in Brad’s writing.

    However I currently enjoy B&B. I like Wyatt with Hope and Katie is clearly driving this show.

    Sofer is another great edition.

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    Sofer’s expressions whenever Wyatt is going on about Hope’s “crazy” theory are LOL. I’m sorry that they’re going away with the reveal. They need to give her another secret to squirm about.

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    Thank you, soapjunkie, the feeling is 100 % mutual. Your comments always stand out from a crowd, and in a way that awakes respect. Oftentimes I’ve noticed you’ve already written what I had thought on a subject.

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    I want to be interested in this storyline, but I’m not. It might be better if it didn’t involve Hope, I’m so sick of seeing her and hearing that awful laugh.

    The only story that really interests me on this show atm is BATIE and I slightly care what happens with Rick and Maya; I really want Hope and Liam off my screen for a long time.

    Here’s hoping it’s true Thorne is getting airtime!

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    You are not serious. Why would you want WH back on this show. Really, THorne Forrester? Lets face it, the Forresters are out. It is the Logans and Spencers that are the most interesting characters.

    I dont see any need to bring back any of the Forrester children. That era is gone as far as I am concerned. I do wish they use ERic more, but that doesnt seem to happen. But Thorne, Felicia, Kristen and Ridge have no place on this show anymore. That ship has sailed. And quite frankly, I couldnt care less. Those characters are (with the exception of Ridge) boring. The actors (all four) are decent, but nothing more then that.

    Ronn Moss gave his leading role to Bill Spencer the minute he left. It was the obvious choice of Bell and with DD in the role you have a far more better actor as leading man material. Ronn Moss forced Brad to change focus, its probably the only right thing Moss has done for this show the last 5 years.

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    Booze26: Yes I am serious. The era of the Forrester Children is gone and imo what a shame, this show has been flushed down the crapper in the past couple of years and frankly I’d love to see Thorne, Felicia and Kristen front and centre, there is way more they can do with these characters. All we have now are newbies and constant Hope Liam drivell. As for Ronn Moss, I never liked him one bit, he can’t act and it always used to annoy me the way he hogged all the storyline while Windsor Harmon stood in the background occasionally; Windsor is a far better actor than Ronn will ever be.

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    Yes WH is a better actor then RM. I agree. But nor Thorne, or Felicia, Kristen or the three together where as interesting and populair as the character of Ridge. They are all three weak characters. They are simply not interesting enough, mainly because, and that is very well written, everything revolved around Ridge since the beginning.

    WH is a better actor, but the actor isnt the issue here, its the character. Its just not interesting enough. It never was, it never will be. Lets face it, Kristen and Felicia have been portrayed by two actresses. Thorne by 3 different actors. The characters just dont work.

    Its agood thing shifting away from the Borrester children and change focus to this new generation. B&B needs to build up this new fanbase and it actually does well. Ofcourse we all want this Forrester family back, but thats not going to happen, because without Stephanie and Ridge, there is no family, they where the fundament of the Forresters, without them the other Forrester characters are worthless. If you take Bill there is no Spencer family. If you take Brooke away, there is no Logan family. That are the facts.

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