Katherine Kelly Lang on Bold and Beautiful's Brill: "I Was Scared For My Character"

Brooke Logan's brazen antics can sometimes cause her portrayer as much anxiety as they do some of The Bold and the Beautiful's fans! In a recent joint interview with Don Diamont (Bill) for Soap Opera Uncensored—where they were named Sexiest Couple Alive by the electronic publication—Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) revealed how nervous she was about her character screwing her baby sister's husband. Here's an excerpt:

Nicely put. What’s been the overall reaction to your pairing? I’ve wanted you guys together for a while.

DD: [Joking] Kelly didn’t want to work with me!

KKL: [Laughs]

DD: Finally they forced me on her!

KKL: [Joking] He didn’t want to work with me! [Laughs] No, it’s always great to work with Don. He’s polite and sweet. He always has so much to offer with his character, Bill. I love Bill. He’s a great character. But I was scared for my character because I want to protect her. She’s gone through so much already. At some point, she has to learn from her past and stop making the same mistakes she was making before. I was a little concerned about the story. I’ve received some backlash from some fans and things like that… but I just have to make it the best I can and push forward.

DD: Kelly’s mistake is paying attention to what everyone is saying…

Thank the Soap Gods Lang got over her reservations and Brad Bell forged ahead with his steamy, pot boiler of a storyline. Brill's scorching-hot affair is one of the most provocative stories in soaps! For more of Lang and Diamont's chat, go to Soap Opera Uncensored.


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Well, it's not like Brad Bell is ever going to let anything bad happen to Brooke. God forbid for her to get slapped for sleeping with her own sister's husband, no, it's Brooke who will do the slapping, if anyone.

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Yup...that slapping scene was SCREAMING for one of B&B's classic slap fests...too bad it was one sided this time Sad

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remember when Brooke screamed and slapped Katie after she revealed she was pregnant by Nick from their one night stand?!

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"Brill Sexiest Couple Alive by the electronic publication"
FYI: April fool is in april not in July

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They are absolutely by far the two most interesting characters on thisn soap. Pairing them together was a brilliant move. With those two and the rest of the crew, B&B is going to be a rating gainer the next few years.

Is there anyone that misses HTylo or JMW. Really?