Redaric Williams Goes on ‘Date Night’ With Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Redaric Williams continues to secure ink in the urban glossies. After appearing on the cover of Rolling Out, The Young and the Restless star was featured in the July 2013 issue of the mega popular Sister 2 Sister magazine. Here's a snippet of the convo, where TV's Tyler Michaelson dished relationship advice to the ladies:

Tracy: Should men always pay?

Redaric: I think a man should pay. However, don’t put yourself in a situation where a guy starts to pay for things and then they start to feel like they have something over you or anything like that. A woman should always be capable, but she’s not responsible.

Do you agree with Williamson's assessment on who should pay? Sound off in the comments!


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    I agree. When I take a woman out on a date, I pay. It’s not even something I consciously think about. I just look at men as the “provider” and its not necessarily coming from a “Caveman” perspective, but in general I think when a man and woman go out on a date, the man pays.

    However, I agree most with the fact that the woman should be CAPABLE but not RESPONSIBLE to pay. And also, I think there are times where a woman could decide to treat her man to dinner and a movie. It goes both ways.

    Glad to see Red getting these interviews. I am one of the very few that actually like him on the show…a lot. And I think Tyler and Abby are HOT and have crazy potential.

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