The Talk Delivers Largest Weekly Audience EVER!

Over 2.6 million people tuned in for CBS Daytime's The Talk the week ending July 21. This was the largest weekly audience ever for the chatfest!

The televised coffee klatch, hosted by Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler, matched ABC Daytime's The View among key female demos during the week in question. That sound you hear is Barbara Walters hissing in Bill Geddie's face, while crawling up on her own coffee table on all fours. 

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    I have to say anytime I watch this I enjoy it. I really love how much they promote the soaps and really loved their tribute to Jeanne Cooper. They have a really good group there and this is one show I don’t mind cheering for doing good in the ratings.

  2. Profile photo of pferrando

    I also read they tied the View in all key demos.

    That’s great. Especially since it’s been two-three years?

    And people said it was a cheap version of the View. Instead now the View is scrambling to make changes to remain relevant.

    I don’t watch all the time, but it does show what a solid Daytime block CBS has. I think all the shows are benefitting from one another.

    Keep it going CBS.

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    I love this show! When abc pulled our soaps and replaced them with total crap I changed channels. while really sorry to see two beloved older soaps go, at least CBS didnt insult the viewers with the garbage abc did! I love these women, they are funny, intelligent, articulate and nice. They dont need to be bitches like on the other show, as these woman have personalities and and are a joy to watch. I love the way they promote the soaps! After over 40 years of watching the other station I am now a devoted viewer of CBS! I followed Steve Burton to Y&R and am already hooked on it! I was only going to watch a couple times to watch him and fell in love with the soap!!

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    I don’t and won’t ever watch for 3 reasons

    1 It replaced a soap
    2 It clashes with a soap
    3 I can’t stand Sharon Osbourne!

    Having said that, it does seem to be better than ABC’s soap replacement crap.

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    I don’t really watch this, but they do have good chemistry with one another. And despite her being the “bosses wife”, I actually like Julie Chen! The only one of these that sometimes annoys, and even that is only sometimes, is Sheryl Underwood (whenever there is a man present and she goes nuts over him).

    And this show IS outdoing the View.

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