Today Show Cuts Staffers

Pink slips were handed out at NBC’s long-time golden goose Today, according to The Wrap. Reportedly, the former No. 1 morning show laid off some of the show’s staffers.

The spokesperson said that "less than 2 percent" of each show's staff was affected but declined to say the exact number or their positions within the company. "Today"'s layoffs came on Tuesday while "Nightly News" restructured "a few weeks ago," the spokesperson said.

Photo Credit: NBC


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Seems like the those on the bottom wage scale always get shafted while those at the top keep getting more and more. All the morning shows do it. I don't watch any of the morning shows. I don't care about recipes, don't want to learn in the morning, don't care to learn about kid's problems, and I could go on and on. I only want news. I haven't watched much of anything because I will scream if I see one more show on "George."

That is just me.

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They've had so much bad press, they are probably trying to have the illusion that they are making changes to better the show.

I was at a friends house today during the fourth hour, and it was just filler and fluff. Hate the show.

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How about ditching Matt Lauer? I'm sorry but he has polarized the audience.