Colby Supports Cassandra on All My Children

AJ (Eric Nelsen) played Tickle Me Elmo with Miranda (Denyse Tontz) until she demanded he stop or she’d upchuck.  I just don’t buy them as a romantic pairing. At the rate their friendship is going, one of these days I fully expect to see him braiding her hair while she decides what to dress him up in.

The two ended up on the beach, where AJ rubbed sunscreen on her. More tickling ensued, and they were soon interrupted by Heather (Stevie Steel) and some girls. Later, AJ went to get ice cream with Heather and left Miranda by herself. Of course, Hunter (Daniel Covin) and one of his friends showed up. The two started bullying Miranda about the size of her breasts and being a lesbian. All My Children REALLY needs to work the dialogue for its bullies. It is so stilted it's uncomfortable to watch.

Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) and Celia (Jordan Lane Price) shared a moment, until Colby (Brooke Newton) interrupted them.  Brooke pulled Celia away to go back to the studio.

JR (Ryan Bittle) stopped by the Talk Tempo set to offer his services to Brooke (Julia Barr). Brooke didn’t seem enthused at first, but then admitted she liked it. After he left to make the sizzle reel he suggested, Dimitri (Michael Nader) arrived and questioned the decision.

JR quickly started throwing his weight around with one of the show’s staffers. Dimitri saved the poor man from JR’s wrath, and mollified the Chandler heir.  Dimitri suggested he work on the sizzle reel from home.  However, when JR returned home, he struggled with the reel. JR took his frustration out on his computer.

Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) prepared for his photo to be taken.

Petey showed up and talked to Colby about the impression Celia had of them. Colby played coy.  She asked him if he wanted to explore the “benefits” of their relationship. Petey turned her down and left Jane’s Addiction. David (Vincent Irizarry) showed up and asked if Colby would be interested in getting a little retribution. She was immediately onboard.

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    A little rewriting of history with Colby and Cassandra supposedly being in high school together. I like the idea of them being friends though. Colby needs someone to ground her and make her more relatable then just being the spoil rich girl with no morals. I just wished they would have said they became friends over the last five years in Paris because Cassandra wasn’t in PV when Colby was in HS. Other than that I really have been enjoying AMC and it’s pacing has been working well.

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    They rewrote history by saying Colby and Cassandra went to high school together. Although I like the idea of Colby and Cassandra being friends it should have been written where they grew close in the past five years in Paris. Colby needs a little humanity to her instead of just being portrayed as a spoiled rich girl with no morals. But I’m really enjoying AMC right now.

  3. Profile photo of KeriChandler26

    The scenes between Cass and Colby were incredibly beautiful and yanked at my heartstrings. I was pleasantly surprised that the writers not only remembered this friendship but turned it into something real and true.

    Dixie’s letter to BCT was touching as well.

    AMC had plenty of heart this week.

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    Colby & Cassandra may have know each other briefly in the past, but the way the writers made it sound, they were life-long friends. They didn’t meet until 2008, and that was a relatively short friendship, so unless they did get together in Paris, Colby’s concern seems VERY out of character. Even though these scenes are contrived, I’m hoping this is the first step in making Colby a more likable character. Right now she’s just a little too “Mean Girl” for me to even care about her.

    AJ & Miranda scenes are FF for me. And if they are pushing for a romantic relationship, it’s NOT working. Life-long friends is the perfect relationship for them. Something about AJ really turns me off. I don’t “get” any girl having romantic feelings for him.

    Hating everything Billy Clyde. Didn’t like him years ago, before being able to record the soaps and FF scenes, so thank god I can FF now.

    The show is slowly improving IMHO. Now that the kidnapping/sex slavery story is winding down, I’m FFing less. Hope the Russians are soon a thing of the past.

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    It’s so funny how viewers can see things in a completely different light.
    For AJ and Miranda, I think it is good that I don’t know definitively whether they will be a couple or not. Let’s face it, in the long run, isn’t that where they’re headed? But for now, AJ and Miranda are way too young to be in an all consuming relationship. Let them develop other interests, including in other people, in the meantime.
    I do tire of the tickle game though.
    The aspect of a budding friendship between AJ and Heather is a good touch and the awkward response it engenders from Miranda is interesting and realistic. All three are friendly and there’s no animosity (yet) so to me, at least, it’s interesting to see the effect it has on all there involved.

    In the past, too often daytime soaps have been too quick to create couples without seeing whether there is any chemistry and often it has a time/storyline wasting effect.
    This way, of leaving things more fluid, is smart because it provides a bit of leeway for some surprise.
    AJ and Miranda are too young (according to their characters, anyway) to be heading ‘anywhere’, let’s save the sweeping romance for the College years.

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    AMC is currently my second favorite soap(behind DAYS).

    I do agree with Luke, the writing for the younger set is atrocious but it’s not helped by some really bad acting from the day players(Hunter and his crew and even girl who plays Heather grates my nerves with her Clueless-era Valley speak). But I’m still enjoying AJ and Miranda and I think those two have some nice chemistry.

    The most promising thing to happen during those eps was how Colby was written–they really need to start bringing that character down to earth a little and those scenes with Cass were an excellent first step. Up until now she’s been written as a one-note gold digger/slut/b—- so it’s nice to see a layer of humanity added.

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