Days of Our Lives’ Dr. Daniel Jonas in “Diagnosis: Priest Poisoning” (VIDEO)

Move over, Dick Van Dyke. There's a new medical detective in town and his name is Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian)! This past week on Days of Our Lives, Salem University Hospital's top doc was determined to get to the bottom of Father Eric's (Greg Vaughan) poisoning.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was being snippy with Maxine (Aloma Wright) about the angsty, middle-aged couple's Facebook status. One thing was for sure, JJ (Casey Moss) was tickled his ma and the human thermometer were doing a Ross and Rachel and "taking a break". Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump!


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    “Daniel” needs a haircut and life-long ACTING classes.

    “Father Eric” needs to get naked more often, lol. DAYUM TO THE WANNA WANNA!!! Who would’ve thought a priest role would be the best acted, best written, most lusted after on fuckin’ DAYS OF OUR LIVES???

    Greg Vaughan is a *revelation* in the role. He’s genuine, conflicted, real, multi-layered and truly mesmerizing to watch. His chemistry with ALL the powerhouses actresses in the show is ***SIZZLING HOT***, a feat that only superior actors can aspire to. He better get nominated for an Emmy next year!

    And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to confession… Where my stiletto heels at?

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I so agree that Greg Vaughan has been fantastic of late. IMO, he’s already surpassed some of the stuff he did on GH.

    Also, I was getting bored to tears with the Thorn Birds storyline they were setting up with Nicole;, but, just as has happened with every storyline she’s a part of, KRISTEN has made this whole thing come alive.

    It’s frustrating that the ratings do not reflect how good Days has been.

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    Greg Vaughan has been great throughout this whole storyline. And I agree, the Thorn Birds bit was going at a snail’s pace so, as always, bring Eileen Davidson in to rev the sucker up!(And I loved that she “thanked” Jesus on yesterday’s ep–more convos with Jesus please!). And if that weren’t enough, the return of “Susan”? And just when I thought this show couldn’t get any better…..

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