Perkie’s Observations: Will Franco DIE Before He Can Save Danny on General Hospital?

Sam and Silas are thrilled to hear Franco is a match, until Brad tells them Franco is in surgery and could die. Silas tries to stop the procedure, but it’s already in progress. Silas reminds a tearful Sam that Patrick successfully performed the same procedure on Jason.

Tracy accuses Ava of planning a coup, but informs her 15 percent is meaningless against Tracy and AJ.  Ava says she has a new plan. Franco is in surgery and she has control of his shares. Ava says she has the power to vote Franco’s shares while he’s alive and that she could vote a "No Confidence" against AJ and have him ousted.  She tells Tracy it can only happen while Franco is alive and the clock is ticking.  
Carly declares Morgan and Kiki will get married over her dead body, then apologizes to Kiki, seeing as they’re waiting for Franco to survive the surgery. Carly wonders if Kiki accepted because of the stress she’s under. Kiki says she said yes clearly. Carly is upset with Ava for giving her consent and decides to have it out with her.  
Liz warns Nikolas to stay away from Britt. She explains how she scared Emma and announced her pregnancy at the Nurse’s Ball.

Nikolas insists he’s just friends with Britt. He doesn’t understand why Liz cares, since she’s with AJ.

Liz says not to compare the two. AJ is a changed man. Britt’s misdeeds are recent. Nikolas accuses Liz of being jealous.  Liz leaves AJ a message that she needs to talk to him.  
Felix asks Michael to help him get information from Brad about the paternity test.  At first Michael is not interested, but Felix manages to talk him into it.  
Taylor complains to Britt about TJ’s lack of interest in her.  Britt tells her about meeting Nikolas and that he’s a friend. 

Brad stops by to give Britt her proper lab results. She isn't happy he’s talking about this in public and asks about Michael.  At that moment, Brad gets a call from Michael, asking him to come over.  Brad is thrilled ,until Britt points out it’s a trap. She orders Brad to go and find out who put Michael up to it.  
TJ tells Molly he can’t stop thinking about her. She says she saw him and Taylor together at Jake’s. He assures her they are just friends. Molly reminds him he slept with Taylor. 

TJ wishes he could take it back and wonders if he’s lost Molly forever.  Molly says she needs time to think, and won’t be able to do that with everything going on with Danny. 
Kiki suddenly has second thoughts. She wonders if Carly is right. Morgan manages to convince her it will all work out. — he’s there for her and they will live happily ever after.  
Felix hides in the back when Brad arrives at Michael’s.  
Nikolas walks into Kelly’s. but ignores Britt. TJ walks in and Taylor asks why he’s so happy. She isn't thrilled to hear he and Molly may be getting back together.  
Carly confronts Ava about giving her blessing to Morgan and Kiki. Ava claims she loves Kiki and wants her happy.

Carly thinks what Ava loves is the stock certificates.  Ava denies that. Carly points out Ava has been nowhere near the hospital, despite her claim to be with Franco. Carly is determined to find out what Ava’s secret is. 
Sam prays to Jason to look out for Franco this one time and to be his guardian angel. She begs for a sign. Silas finds her crying on the floor and helps her up.  Sam begs him to stay. 

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    I don’t understand Taylor’s fascination with TJ. If she was kid going to their school and she’s been competing with Molly for months, I’d get it. But she’s here five minutes, attaches herself to a guy who is clearly hung up on someone else, then spends the rest of her time moping over him. Huh?

    I thought KeMo did a bang up job today. When she was on the floor crying, I really felt for Sam.

    I don’t understand why Michael would care enough about all that Felix told him to put himself through what he’s about to do. He barely knows Felix or Sabrina or even Patrick.

    Loved the Tracy/Ava and Tracy/Ava/Carly scenes.

    If Morgan is underage, doesn’t he need a written parental consent to get married?

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    Perkie I am pretty sure they sorased Morgan over 18 years of age, which is the legal age in the state of NY to marry without parental consent.

    I agree with a lot of your post…Why oh why would Michael put himself though that for Felix and Sabrina. The favor Felix did for Michael is not comparable, considering Michael is a rape victim.

    I thought Kemo did a great job in her scenes also.

    I too don’t get this fascination with TJ on Taylor’s part…very contrived.

    As for Ava…I get that she seems to be a favorite on here…but her facial mannerisms almost seem reptilian to me. The way she fixes her eyes and mouth as she pounces on people. She gives me the creeps at times.

    I know there will be a lot of comments that Liz was jealous of Britt…which she probably is… BUT lets not forget…Britt is a bad guy on this show at the moment. She has done quite a few questionable nasty things….Don’t get me wrong I do like Britt…but in all fairness she has been written as kind of evil…SO what kind of friend would Elizabeth be if she didn’t try to at least warn Nikolas before he got involved with her?…REGARDLESS of any jealousy Liz may have that Nikolas was moving on. I would think less of her if she didn’t.

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    not buying these forced, insta-relationships that Ron writes like TJ/Taylor, KiKi/Michael, Felix/Michael, etc.

    i thought Morgan was in his twenties like Kiki was??

    “Sam prays to Jason to look out for Franco this one time and to be his guardian angel.” OH LAWD. :-\

    Ron should get off twitter and stop getting into twitter fights and having accounts shut down and focus 100 percent on the show.

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    Besides Michael and Felix’s relationship making no sense neither does Britt and Taylor. In what world does a 30 something year old doctor hang out and confide in a 17 year old girl?

    I liked when Felix was first introduced the relationship they were building with him and Carly. That made sense. Michael and Felix not so much.

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    Since Liz and Nik were the only thing that I watched, I will comment about them.

    Their conversation was understandable. Liz may have had a layer of jealousy, but she was also acting as a friend. Liz has seen Britt do some horrible things. It wasn’t that long ago that Liz was warning Patrick about Britt. He didn’t heed Liz’s warning. I think that there was an opportunity for Britt and Liz to be friends, but once Sabrina became her friend and she saw how Britt treated Sabrina, Liz became anti-Britt. It wasn’t long before she saw it herself.

    However look at how life happens. Liz sees something in Britt that Nik doesn’t see. Just like how Nik saw something in AJ that Liz didn’t see. Liz has spoken her piece, and just like she requested of Nik, she should stay out of it. Nik felt that he had good reason to believe that AJ is scum too.

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    [quote; nysam] neither does Britt and Taylor. In what world does a 30 something year old doctor hang out and confide in a 17 year old girl?[/quote]

    This one actually makes a little sense, since they’re living under the same roof and both seem to hate Sabrina and be annoyed by Felix.

    Felix and MIchael is dumb seeing as they met just before the Ball and have had no contact since. And Michael doesn’t run in the same circles as Felix and doesn’t really know any of the parties involved. At least not enough to be doing this big of a favour.

    Am I the only one that giggled when Michael opened the door and Brad was there, with a come hither look, spraying mouth freshner in his mouth. The Brad thing is terrible, but the actor makes me laugh at times.

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    Perkie – I hate this Brad dude but that breath freshener scene made me laugh. I was so ashamed.

    Sam praying to Jason just made me laugh. I have always hated Sonny turning to prayer everytime one of his women or children end up hospitalized through his bad choices. Sure, kill people and transport “coffee” and then ask God for favors. Sam is requesting the hitman intervene. The show is so ridiculous.

    I remember the time Liz left the hospital to see Nik when Jake was sleeping. She sure did get slammed from her haters. I watched this episode and wondered how those haters feel about Sam getting her swerve on with Dr. No bedsidemanner. Honestly, she is aroused whiile thinking her son’s last chance is dying. At least, Jake was out of the woods when Liz visited Nik. What goes around comes around !!!! Ha!!!

    Liz should warn Nik about Britt and leave it at that. It isn’t like Britt is going to tell him about her treatment of Emma. He loved Robin. I liked the scene between Liz and Britt where Britt called Liz out on being the woman Nik wants to get over. I would welcome more of that over Britt confiding in a teen. Although, she has no other friends.

    Missing Anna!!!!

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    Perhaps Michael’s motivations stem from his own paternity issues. Maybe he thinks a child should grow up knowing who it’s real father is, not who the mother wants the father to be (Carly, I’m looking at you).

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    [quote=nysam]I liked when Felix was first introduced the relationship they were building with him and Carly. That made sense. Michael and Felix not so much.[/quote]

    I like Michael and Felix as friends. Just wait until Michael’s uncle Lucas comes back and Michael can play matchmaker!

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    Apparently I have no heart…I nearly died of laughter watching Sam..on her knees praying to St. Jason instead of God or some other entity…but really???? Praying to a killer who is probably in hell because of what he did for a living. That was just as ridiculous as the Frankencrap on the bridge.

    LOVE anything Tracy and Ava. I liked what Tracy was wearing as opposed to those odd dresses she’s usually in.

    Sam/Silas need to hurry up and get their Marvin Gaye on with some healing.

    Highly unlikely given RC’s hard on for RoHo/Francocrap but one can pray that Franco dies so Alexis has to use all resources to find Sam’s dad. Maybe Kevin can come back and hypnotize her or something I don’t know…

    Nice to get a break from Sonny and his cheerleaders as well as Lulu/Dante.

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    I also laughed during the Sam scene when she asked Jason to be Franco’s angel. Jason killed people for a living and felt no remorse. There is no exception to the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. There is no footnote in the 10 Commandemnts that says it’s okay to kill someone if they are a rival of your boss in the “coffee” business. Jason, if he’s dead, is in hell. He can’t be anyone’s angel.

    I thought KM did a good job with the scenes, but the material she had to work with was laughable.

    I get Liz warning one of her best friends about evil Britt. She warned Patrick about her and wasn’t jealous about Patrick/Britt. I think there is a layer of jealousy regarding Nik/Britt, but I think her motivation was mainly protection of her friend.

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    I didn’t understand Michael’s willingness to help Felix in this way. I would think that given Michael’s history of being raped by a man, getting flirty and physical with a man might be almost impossible for him. The man that raped Michael wasn’t gay – it was about power and control, but being touched in a sexual manner by a guy might bring back painful memories for Michael. Why wouldn’t Michael just threaten to have Sonny make Brad disappear? Brad isn’t a tough guy and would probably pee his pants at the thought of being killed by a mob boss.

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    Angie Lucy

    I could see it if Sam was simply talking to Jason. Lots of people believe that the dead can hear them or that their spirits become guardian angels or something. But that’s a whole lot different than actually praying to the dead person as if he were a deity. When said, “I’m praying to you Jason,” I just rolled my eyes. And this is as a onetime (though not recent) JaSam fan. That almost ruined an otherwise good scene. KeMo gave it 100%.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Perkie][quote; nysam]This one actually makes a little sense, since they’re living under the same roof and both seem to hate Sabrina and be annoyed by Felix.[/quote]

    …which raises another good point: why is Britt still living with Sabrina and Felix, when she is no longer on “bed rest” (or, more accurately, “wheelchair rest”)? Another thing that bothered me about her being in a wheelchair, why wasn’t it a motorized wheelchair? Manual chairs aren’t that easy to maneuver, so it couldn’t be healthy for someone who is supposed to avoid exertion. Walking is much less taxing than wheeling. Besides, it would have been hilarious to see her racing around as though she’s Dr. Strangebritt.

    I also like Felix and Michael becoming friends, and I can see Michael going through with this because he has a history of trying to help others. This whole plotline was worth seeing Binaca Brad show up at the door to play Magic Michael.

    One incidental comment: if someone’s Twitter account is shut down, there’s usually a pretty good reason for it. (I’m getting tired of reading that comment, which has more to do with those who cross the line on Twitter than it does about Ron Carlivati.)

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    Ron should be the one having his twitter shutdown. Seeing the crap that’s been onscreen it’s painfully obvious he doesn’t really pay attention to feedback from fans. Unless someone is sending him or his loved ones serious death threats, no ones twitter should be shutdown because he doesn’t like that people aren’t enjoy his shittastic writing. Ron used to actively search the #GH hashtag and respond to people’s comments on the show that didn’t even tweet him and then cried foul afterwards. He could lock his profile and ignore the tweets but he chooses to respond so that’s on him. If he can’t handle the opinions and criticisms, delete your account or make it private. Simple. Ron gives just as good as he gets on twitter

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    I have to agree. I think kelly did a bang up job with the material but the stupidity of praying to jason YIKES. I seriously give her lots of credit that she sold the hell out of such crap.

    I thoroughly disagree however with the idea that hugging or even kissing someone while standing vigil IN THE HOSPITAL is comparable to leaving your child alone in the hospital and ho ho ho ing your way over to spoon island. Sam hasnt left the hospital in what seems like days. (it may be easier for others to tell how time passes in pc but im not always sure if its one day or two days or a month)

    Not loving the felix michael plot. i like them as friends but its disgusting that felix is pimping him out for sabrina.

  17. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=GHteenybopper]Seeing the crap that’s been onscreen it’s painfully obvious he doesn’t really pay attention to feedback from fans.[/quote]

    Why should he? Many to most of them (on social media, anyway) are nuts.

    No soap writers have ever paid attention to fans. This is nothing new.

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    [quote=GHvetfan]She was even in the hospital hanging with Silas while Carly rescued her child. Some ride or die chick![/quote]

    Meh. Annoying, yes, but Carly/Janco agenda. Moving on.

    Love all the touchy-feely Siam scenes. Hot, hot, hot! S)

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    she was in the hospital with liz and patrick getting SIX STITCHES after being injured attempting a rescue. Carly found the baby by channeling her inner jason but also by sheer dumb luck. And I might point out that sam channeled her inner jason and went to the house assuming (correctly) that if franco was doing what jason would do his first instinct would be to look for sam. Again, total dumb luck that she guessed correctly but if we are going to credit carly for her guess, shouldnt we credit sam for hers?) While Sam was being treated, carly correctly guessed his next stop (which i would point out wasnt a spot that was significant to sam and jason but rather to liz and jason as well as to robin and jason and yet the idea didnt even dawn on liz).

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    Ya know, GH killed poor little Jake to give Tony Geary and Jonathon Jackson Emmy bait material and to clear the path for Sam and Jason to get back together and have Danny. I wonder if Franco will not be able to save Danny. That would free Sam from Mom duty and she could have her so-called action lifestyle back. That would free her up for the romance she wants with Dr. No-personality. That would be so sad that these writers are so plot driven that they have decided to kill another child.

  21. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Ha ha! Six whole stitches?! Wow!! That is totally worth forgetting about your kid over. Six!! Bet a butterfly bandaid wouldn’t have held that together.

  22. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=GHvetfan]Tealita – that is kind of the point. She is going for the hot hot hot instead of focusing on the dying child.Thanks for the assist.[/quote]

    No, Vet, the “hot, hot, hot,” is not happening to the exclusion of Sam caring for Danny. It’s happening in conjunction with, and due to the chemistry that Silas & Sam share, in a very organic manner.

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Silas told sam that she had to go to the hospital. When carly and silas found her she was disoriented. Then after she got stitches, she said I NEED TO FIND MY SON. DOCTOR Clay then tells her that she will only collapse from a concussion, an opinion that Monica concurred with, and still sam says I HAVE TO FIND MY SON. We then hear monica liz and dante castigate carly for basically getting in the way.

    Its interesting that when Sam jumps in a car with jason to go save jake and liz just lets them go while she waits and wrings her hands we heard agenda agenda agenda while sam takes a nanosecond to get some stitches and shes the worst mother in the world. Lets face it vet, if she shrugged off the gash in her head and went off, you would be trashing her for putting her child at risk by interfering with the police.

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    [quote=TV Gord][quote=GHteenybopper]Seeing the crap that’s been onscreen it’s painfully obvious he doesn’t really pay attention to feedback from fans.[/quote]

    Why should he? Many to most of them (on social media, anyway) are nuts.

    No soap writers have ever paid attention to fans. This is nothing new.[/quote]

    LMAO. Shonda Rhimes’ twitter page tells fans not to tweet her their craziness, since she makes stuff up for a living.

  25. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    This is about as forced as forced can get. It is totally agenda in getting the OLTL3 back in the same story they left.

    I hope Dr. Incrediblyexcited2hearhimselftalk has a really comfortable couch cause Sam will be sitting on it very soon and for a very long time. That is how she is written.

    Liz had another child in that cabin and she is not “ride or die” like you believe Sam is. She was never written as the “action” chick who cannot shoot what she aims at. I never would expect her to leave Cam to run off to rescue Jake.

    Sam could have put her foot down and went after Danny. She chose to moon and bat her eyes at the Doc. There isn’t anything natural about forgetting your dying child to hold hands with a guy who is more attracted to his own voice than caring for his patients or his nephew. Silas hasn’t been given a nice caring personality. He is a jerk. Yet, Sam is all about a swoon and less about Danny.

  26. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I don’t tweet. What is he against? Fans posting negative reactions to storylines? I would think he should expect that there would never be total agreement on quality. If he wants only positive feedback, he should probably only talk to his mother. If he can’t handle negative feedback, he shouldn’t read what people are saying. If people are getting personal, he should just not follow them or just block. I don’t really know how it works but people in the public eye who embrace social media have to expect more that compliments and sunshine.

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    Ok, I am going to pop into this discussion about the six stitches and Sam….First off…It was very uncharacteristic of Sam NOT to continue searching for her Danny and give in and go to the hospital. Once again this is a case of out of character behavior, in order to advance an agenda. RC WANTED Carly to find Franco so that they could bond. HE made the call to put Sam out of commission, so he could advance his future Carly/Franco coupling. If there is a problem, it is the writer of the show not writing the characters true to form, and sacrificing who they are to force plot points.

    EET…as for Liz not going with Jason…She did have Cam in her arms who had just gone through the experience of being in a shootout…and once again they excluded Liz to allow Sam and Jason to bond, by having Sam save Jake…After that, Jason was indebted to her, and helped to forgive her sin of allowing Jake to be kidnapped the first time.

    It happens to all of the characters at one time or another…some more so than others unfortunately. I really wish they would start writing Liz better. Sam has been written in a favorable light now for some time.

  28. Profile photo of GHFan777

    OH and I don’t care if Sam was being comforted by Silas. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Her son is dying. He is their doctor that has already helped them by diagnosing and treating Danny. They ARE developing a bond, and if getting a hug from him helps her to feel better, and gain some strength…I can accept and understand that…I don’t think less of her…She is human and we all need comfort.

  29. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    I don’t like Sam, I don’t think KeMo has very much range as an actor, but I do think she was justified in this. Why do we have to bring Elizabeth into it? Jason’s dead (I hope, but since he didn’t give her a sign, maybe not :)) and the rivalry is over.

    Let Sam be happy with Silas–who has become mighty fine might quickly.

    As for Twitter no one has the power to close anyone’s Twitter account down. Only Twitter can do that. So all you Ron haters can relax, though I know you won’t.

    Nicholas is so hot right now. Maybe he can hook up with a Baldwin daughter. (Isn’t one of them supposed to be coming?)

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    777 I completely agree that both situations were written to advance an agenda. the scabs pretty much trashed everything that was going on with stories when they came in and the only way to redeem sam on any level from the complete ooc hack job they did on the character was to write the cabin story. And now the only way you begin to put carly in francos orbit is for her to see jason inside franco (which personally i find disgusting on so many levels. i think they will destroy the character of carly for me if she beds the man that got her son raped tumor or no tumor. Forgiveness is one thing, but i dont know how any even semi decent mother could look at this guy and not see his role in what happened to her son.) My only point was that in both cases they needed to sideline mom as part of an agenda, but vet only wants to see that in one of the two instances.

    I will say however that its a matter of time – would sam pop in for stitches after days of worry and exhaustion only to go back out? I didnt think that was some big travesty particularly when she didnt really have a hot lead to work off of – she got her stitches and then was insistent that she was going back out. ONly dante arriving with an update kept her from leaving immediately and again, wouldnt one assume that if anyone had a lead it would be the cop heading the investigation.

    As for liz, i thought they were writing her better than she has been in a long time though i dont really love the aj/liz relationship. i only see them as friends. that said, i am so disappointed that once again they are having liz be the jealous gal who changes her mind the second the guy she had been spurning suddenly has another option. its so tired that they once again have liz in this role and that they think the only way to have angst is to go with a triangle. Why not have liz and nik kissing here and there, stopping right at the brink of ripping each others clothes off, but have lauras disapproval or lulus input coming between them. Or seeing nik taking a call from schmucky where he is getting guilted about liz. I think women struggle way more with bending to the opinions of others and how they might be seen, and that has historically been a very big problem for liz. I think that issue would resonate with viewers and having her tackle it head on might lead to some growth. Since they are playing the same sort of issues with michael and kiki they could have an interesting juxtaposition.

  31. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Actually, the point I made was that Sam hanging with Dr. Nopersonalityandnoteven remotelyattractive instead of looking for her kid was so very similar to Liz leaving to see Nik. Liz was attacked but Sam is defended. I was simply noting Liz haters hypocrital attitude which EET demonstrates so very well. I laughed when I saw it because I knew EET would work overtime to defend.

    I enjoy it and pointed out that the writing will always come back around. This was so predictable.

  32. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    More baiting YAWN

    I did not work overtime to defend. You clearly dont remember my position back when the story aired but I do. I dont know what anyone else said, but liz ffs were going crazy saying the kid was in intensive care and had round the clock nurses. I said it didnt matter because if Jake woke up in a hospital bed with neither parent around he might well be freaked out. I WOULD NOT HAVE LEFT THE HOSPITAL. The fact that she LEFT was only compounded by the fact that she LEFT for sex with the brother of her fiancee. She didnt leave to take an hour for a meal and return. She didnt leave to go get some clean clothes. She left for a hook up. Contrast that to dante who didnt leave Olivia (a grown ass woman) even for clothes or food. Now you are comparing sam feeling close and accepting HUGS from Silas and saying thats an equal transaction GIMME A BREAK

    Who is working overtime? Given that neither lucy nor 777 are sam ffs and neither faulted her for the closeness, i think you are spending energy trying to bait the sam fans. I shouldnt let it work – thats on me – and the rest of the sam ffs have mostly given up on the board. that or they are smarter than i am and ignore the baiting.

    And for the record, the first time I saw Michael Easton was on Ally McBeal. I thought he was hot then and my opinion hasnt changed. (though the pony tail was silly.) That you think he isnt attractive is the minority opinion but whatever.

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