More All My Children Catches Up With Sal Stowers (VIDEO)

This week on More All My Children Sal Stowers talks about her time on America’s Next Top Model and what it’s like to play Cassandra. Fans get more scoop on Cady McClain’s summer film project. Plus, who's judging Vincent Irizarry? Watch this week’s More All My Children after the jump!


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Sal Stowers is doing a great job as Cassandra. I enjoyed her scenes with Brooke Newton (Colby).They both had me in tears with their performances.

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I found those scenes to be very moving. It showed a different side, particularly of Colby--that she could be a loving and loyal friend in addition to the scheming side.

I like the fact that this AMC is doing a lot of complexity with relationships between characters.
In the characters of Colby, David and even Billy Clyde Tuggle, AMC has been quite effective at showing that they are not just sinister figures but they also have different aspects of their personalities. It's being done in a way that is believable and not just 'insta' forced.