Wyatt BLASTS Daddy Dollar Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful! (SNEAK PEEK)

Friday is the day for explosive confrontations in SoCal on The Bold and the Beautiful. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) goes off on Bill (Don Diamont) about trying to pay to have him aborted all those years ago. Meanwhile, Quinn (Rena Sofer) tears into Hope (Kim Matula) for forcing the issue of her son's paternity to come out. Watch a sneak peek of today's B&B after the jump!

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    ^^^^^^^Better than another year of the Lame one getting another, aka Liam/sc for the stoopid look with spittle coming out the side of his mouth.

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    I want whatever yesterday’s episode’s script writer was smoking. Wyatt saying to Bill “You were like the Tooth Fairy leaving money under my pillow, except that you didn’t want me to be born!” (paraphrase, but you get the gist) is the sort of craziness that keeps me hooked to watching soaps. (DAYS has a lot of a moments like that recently, with Kristen DiMera vs. Jesus Christ in the rectory office being the highlight.)

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    This is bullshit. How many more children is Bill Spencer going to have? For a smart man, he never heard of a condom? B&B had a good few weeks until this contrived lazy writing came to be. I am sure B&B could have found another way to secure Wyatt to the canvas than this ridiculous way. A wealthy man never heard of a condom. Just stupid!

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    Love Wyatt. Love Wyatt and Hope. Yea I know, another kid for Bill and another recycled storyline but so what? Love Wyatt. Love Wyatt and Hope. :bigsmile:

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    Bill was young and dumb and like most men he just wants to stick it in and be done with it. Bill wasn’t thinking about wearing a rubber or getting an STD. Bill uses the old method pull it out when you cum.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we find out that Bill has a daughter with some other Female name Erica played by (Beth Ehlers) and has a young 19 yr daughter name Jessie who has aspirations of being a model who fights with Hope, but wants to be with Thomas and she works at Forester….

    Only time will tell about Dollar Bill… I just wish they would not have him in those jeans. What CEO wears jeans to work? The majority of CEO are stuffy wearing suits.

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    Well, I like Darin Brooks, and Wyatt is exponentially a more interesting character than Liam. So, yes, in that respect this is better.

    But I am not interested in seeing any kind of a triangle with Liam and Hope. In ways, it’s even worse than Steffy/Liam/Hope, now with Hopeless Hope being in the middle this time. This means she will be even more of the princess than she has been thusfar.

    And the same goes for Rena Sofer and Quinn. Love the actress, love the character. But not if she’s just going to wind up in a long string of Bill’s women.

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    I really thought the show was going to get better but besides the Batie story, everything else is crap, and Liam and Hope continue to have so much airtime, they need to go on the backburner, or better still be written out.

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    brettyboy, Agreed. After the Katie/Bill/Brooke scenes I have yet to see anything else that interests me. And honestly I can’t see what they could do that would get me interested. IMO it’s almost a given that Katie will be put to the backburner now that she’s had her revenge. And/or that she will made into the doormat again. I hope this wouldn’t happen, but it’s really the only way it can go as long as Brooke is insisted on being some sort of heroine/ front and center.

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