Genie Francis Glows at General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Event (PHOTOS)

General Hospital icon and the better half of Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura, Genie Francis hosted an event at General Hospital Fan Club Weekend. Francis spent time with fans, laughed and mingled. See more photos of the July 28 event after the jump!

Genie Francis

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    Genie looks amazing.

    Woo Hoo! Commander Riker! I am currently watching old Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD’s and Jonathan Frakes still looks very handsome.

    I’m just happy that the vets are still around and know that GH can not afford to show them everyday like they did fifteen years ago.

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    Stephen Nichols(Stefan)at Tyler Christophers(Nikolas)event and Genie Francis at GH event,is their a family reunion in the works?! Sure hope so,Laura & Stefan were so hot together and GF & SN chemistry is incredible! Laura needs the only man who truly cherished her to return and Nikolas needs his dad. Helena lied,Stefan will always be his real father!

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    Gracious, charming, with a dazzling smile and a genuine interest in what you you were saying when she spoke with one. I count myself fortunate to have been at her gathering… 0:)

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    Yoryla-Yes, and the event was run,(speaking for myself only), smoothly, which was also a pleasure. She is quite happy to be back, and also spoke of her belief that Anthony Geary is “the best” acting/screen partner she’s ever worked with. They told Gloria Monty, in answer to the question as to when did Luke and Laura fall in love with each other, both actors pointed to the same scene in the hospital after the rape, when Luke brought her flowers. They did not consult with one another at that time and were asked seperately about their view of that particular moment. She spoke of his having a much more difficult time dealing with the recast L than she herself, and that “Julie is the top” in terms of her abilities as an actress. It was also quite touching when she admitted that the initial Luke/Laura scenes on her latest return were “awkward”. However, she loved the scenes with their “break-up” kiss, and said “Laura’s lying. She still loves him.”

    She spoke very fondly of the late Patrick Swayze and her work with him in “North and South “, describing a warm and giving man and actor.

    Someone posed the question/idea of Laura’s life/story during the four years she’s been in Paris and her face lit up at that. She mentioned (paraphrasing here), “…the network, producer, headwriter all have a certain “say” in how the character is seen…” and that the actors have less say in this area than the general viewing public may believe. She said she has suggested this particular area of Laura’s story for exploration to FV but nothing has come of it. She was a little wistful there. (I’d love to see her tackle that, too. Sigh… :~ )

    She is best friends with Denise Alexander (“…a mother figure…”), and also named Jane Elliot as both “…friend and mentor.”

    There is the distinct possibility of her “Hallmark” film series having another installment. And she just celebrated her wedding anniversary (25 years), with Jonathan Frakes who is actively directing, including episodes of “NCIS/LA”, “Burn Notice”, “King and Max”. He was there, too so that was a sweet bit of a bonus.

    All in all, a very satisfying time. And, yes, I fuzzed up when I got my chance to speak with her… 0:)

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    SwanQueen, i’m so grateful for all the vivid details you shared, thank you! And yes, that smile of Genie’s, still WOW. This is all so interesting…anything about Stefan returning? LOL

    Btw, anyone who has doubts of Genie’s current hair color need be reminded of the Left Handed Boy story — remember her in the dark wig? Still GORGEOUS!

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