Eileen Davidson on DAYS Exit: “Not Really Sure What’s Next For Me Work Wise”

Should The Young and the Restless fans be holding out hope that Eileen Davidson's exit from Days of Our Lives, means Ashley Abbott might return to Genoa City? The striking talent took to her Facebook page to speak out on her shocking move to leave behind the game-changing role of Kristen Blake DiMera once again. Davidson posted:

I think NBC should offer Davidson Jay Leno's job on The Tonight Show to convince her stick around Salem!

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    From the sound of it, she needs some time off. Kristen was pretty much front and center since her return. I wish that Eileen just takes a short break and maybe will be back on DAYS before her last appearance airs.

    At this point I’d think she isn’t returning to Y&R anytime soon. Since Arena Bell is gone there was simply no reason for why she couldn’t be on both shows, like the original plan was. But she was only asked back to appear in a handful of episodes.
    Just don’t believe so much has changed. And JFP is much more invested in the younger generation than in vets.

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    Samantha Capwell

    I would imagine she needs some R&R. Kristen is probably an exhausting character to play and she’s been on the frontburner for months. I hope she’ll be back in Salem in the not too distant future.

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    ^^^ First off, hilarious. Secondly, i think the above poster was talking about a Kristen recast? Tho Kelly’s about 17 years younger than Eileen LOL, Eileen could be her mother! (But doesn’t look it of course)

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    I really don’t still even understand this. WHY exactly is she leaving? Is it because of exhaustion? I mean, she did work an awful lot this year, and was the focal point of the show – but actors rarely want out of something like that, quite the opposite. I have to be inclined to think she must have some heavy personal reasons to leave. I just hope there was no backstage shenanigans going on. She’s obviously gotten along well with her co-stars, she continuosly tweets with EM, KA, AZ, GV, DH and AS. And her contract was until July 2014. Sony and KC wanted her there, etc. I really don’t understand.

    I hope we get some more intel on this later on, once the dust has settled. I really PRAY and HOPE she isn’t doing this to go back to Y&R at some point and wish for some better writing. Because, I’m sorry, but that is never ever going to happen.

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    The role of Kristen Dimera will now be played by Tracy Melchior!

    Just kidding, I don’t think you can recast Kristen that easily, even if the actress looks like Eileen Davidson. Eileen has made Kristen hers and hers alone.

    She was my only reason for watching Days, and unless the show dumps Daniel, I am deleting it from my DVR permanently. Seriously, there’s no reason to watch after Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson, Drake Hogestyn, Bryan Dattilo, and Deirdre Hall (have a feeling she will be dropped to recurring in true Tomlin style).

    Enjoy the show now folks.

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    I find it odd that she left so suddenly too.

    Sad for Days fans, because I know a lot of them loved her as the reason for their recent ratings spike.

    Wouldn’t it be great for us YR fans to find out both her and Kay Alden are coming home!


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    Yoryla, i was doing SO well today, until you just dropped a bomb that ED was signed til 7/2014 ??? :( Well, her mother is 90 years old, i’m really wondering if she’s frail and Eileen wants to be with her full time? Maybe there is something deeply personal going on. I can’t imagine she’d jump DOOL while having a ball and go over to JFP’s ship. Eee gads i wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

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    IOWA, I know! (P.s. Sorry to worsen your day! :D)

    But yes, it does raise the suspicion that SOMETHING is going on. However, I’m inclined to think it’s something of a more personal nature. Eileen has tweeted though that her family is fine, so it’s not that… Hm?

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    Man that does suck that she’s leaving after a year when she signed on for two years. I really hope it is for family and not going to Y&R. Kristen is so much more interesting to play than Ashley, just my opinion.

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    The problem is that Ashley’s character became too tied to Victor when she returned. MAB wasn’t successful (surprise) writing for her…Latham wasn’t successful with anything, but I’d like to see what Josh could write for her. Tucker was not right for her, but she needs a love interest and to be back at Jabot.

    I hope something is up. Not wrong.

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    The only issue I see with the possibility that Ashley could return now that Eileen is a free agent is that there is no where in the landscape of Genoa City for her to fall and take up story.

    As it is, corporate wise, there is no jobs left to be had in GC. Jabot is run by Jack while the fashion division is run by Neil. Newman has two people at the helm and Whine-toria is constantly flip flopping on whether she wants to do it or not and scheming to get there.

    On the romantic front, there is no eligible man in the picture for her that I feel, personally, would be of the level Ashley deserves this time around unless a new one arrives in town.

    On the friendship level, Dr Olivia is not in town so other than Avery, who would Ashley have as a girlfriend. They can’t play her constantly with Tracey even if they are sisters because it will be like watching two spinsters chatting over tea all the time.

    On the enemy front, they have pigeoned holed Nikki into a corner with MS because no one tells her anything upsetting anymore IN CASE IT FLARES UP HER MS, which is a crappy way of keeping Nikki out of story. But it’s how they are writing Nikki and you can’t have Ashley without a sniping match with Nikki.

    As much as I would love to see Ashley with Tyler… what a hot sexy cougar Ashley would make… I don’t think Tyler has the chops or the tools to keep Ashley satisfied.

    BUT… and it’s something I said when she was with Tucker… if they brought on a character that was around her age (not saying that she needs a age appropriate romance, only suggesting so there is no “he too old” “he too young” comments on boards) who is basically blue collar and they turned it into a sweet romance. As much as we all hated that vet doc from Arizona that Sharon met, what I did like about him was the fact that he wasn’t uber wealthy and a mix of Victor and muscle.

    On that end, once Sharon is cured of her CRAY CRAY, it could be a story where Sharon meets him first, they date and a romance is started. The fans could love that Sharon has a normal relatable man in her life. Then as they establish that relationship in comes Ashley and innocently a connection is made and a nice love triangle created.

    BASICALLY, my point is as much as I want AShley back… as a fan, I have no idea where in the GENOA CITY landscape she would fit. OOOOOOOOOOOOO… maybe her story will be she is driving back to town and Ashley swerves by accident to miss a kid in the road and accidentally runs over Dylan and he quickly and in a NON SOAP way, dies instantly WITHOUT uttering another word. Chelsea says PHEW… I mean, NOOOOO… and then heads to Adam’s and says “Take me. Take me now. Bitch slap me and call me names. Treat me badly. I have been with Dylan and he is OVERLY BORING & SACCHARIN SWEET. I need drama!!!”

    Just my take.

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    hey mon

    I wold NOT want to see Ashley written under a JFP regime. This is not JoshG’s show, this is JillPhil’s show.

    Ashley would become nothing more than an extension of Abby’s mom, and that wouldnt do at all.

    The natural place for her would be she and Cane, but that is going to Rose and Neil’s daughter, whom-ever-she-is.

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    Great post PJC, and let it be said that Eileen arguably was hard to match chemistry-wise thru all her years on Y/R. Hell, i wasn’t even a Victor/Ashley fan…She’s a strong presence, and i’d even throw out there that the only person she clicked with was Drake on Days (as cheesy as he was/is), but now that i’m going back and watching last Nov/Dec eps of her return to Salem, she and Eric Martsolf def. had some sparks between them. Maybe it worked only b/c Brady was vulnerable and down on his luck at that point and that then serves as a way to add internal conflict to Kristen and her true end game.

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    I think Josh could write for her.

    I noticed Angelica McD was tweeting Eileen to “c’mon”…I’m hoping that means there have already been discussions to reprise Ashley!

    I caught a little bit of her on Days yesterday since I couldn’t watch YR.

    While Days wasn’t obviously the show for me… :~ …it was good to see her on my TV.

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    @SoapArmageddon — Yeah, i think i saw something. I’d need to watch the “rape” scenes again too, since i was just getting back into Days when i heard how scandalous it had gotten!

    @Pfferando — for argument’s sake, I’d say right now that DOOL is actually more Y/R than Y/R is Y/R! LOL

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