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Connie overhears Morgan tell Sonny that Ava confessed to him Kiki isn’t Franco’s daughter. He knows Kiki will choose Michael over him if she knows the truth.  Sonny wonders why Morgan would want to be with someone who has feelings for his brother. Morgan loves Kiki, and wants to be with her.  He asks his father not to say anything, but Sonny refuses to keep quiet. 

Lulu stops by to talk to Maxie about birthing classes, and Spin helping them out.  She’s ready to be there for the next class, and the real thing.  Derek Wells arrives and immediately throws his weight around with Maxie. He also takes over Connie's office.  Maxie calls Connie to inform her of Derrick's actions. 

Felix wants Spin’s detective services, and explains he thinks Brad and Britt are lying about the paternity of the baby.  Spinelli tells him about how Ellie lost her promotion, and Brad's secret file.  Felix mentions Britt’s mother, and she being the reason he needs Spin’s help. 
Britt points out Patrick is not the baby’s father, but her mother is sure Patrick will fall in love with the baby. She feels he never needs to know the truth.  Dr. Obrecht explains to Britt how she changed the DNA on file, and Ellie had no idea it wasn’t Patrick’s DNA.  She wants Britt to remain vigilant, even though Britt is feeling guilty.  Dr. Obrecht knows Patrick will be happy, but Britt is concerned about the biological father and his feelings. Her mother warns her to keep her mouth shut. 
Patrick gets home to find Sabrina waiting for him.  He tells her Franco’s surgery was a success, and he’s a match for Danny. However, Franco may have cancerous cells.  He tells Sabrina about Emma's conception and birth, He loves her very much, and knows he’ll love Britt’s baby as much.  Sabrina is still not convinced he’s the father, and believes Britt and her mother are hiding something.  Patrick has already accepted the baby. 
Michael tells Kiki he can’t stay away from her, and explains they’ll be around each other a lot, once she marries Morgan. He stresses they need to get used to it.  Kiki wants them to be friends.  Michael asks if she loves Morgan, and she says she wants to.   Michael feels she shouldn’t have to work at love, but Kiki tells him there was something there before Michael came into the picture.  
Connie arrives at the office, only to have Derek tell her Crimson is done.  She was told to come up with a good story, and claims she has one about ELQ.  She spills the vote was inaccurate, and it will be a big story.  Maxie wonders why she didn’t give Derek all the information, but Connie knows it will affect a lot of people and needs time.
Sonny feels Kiki has a right to know her father's true identity. Morgan points out Sonny kept AJ away from Michael, and Sonny claims he was the better father.  Morgan accuses Sonny of not caring about him, which was the reason he was sent away. It was all so Michael could have more attention.  Sonny denies it, but Morgan shouts he grew up in a dorm, because he didn’t feel welcome at home. He whines that Michael always gets what he wants, even though he isn’t Sonny’s flesh and blood.
Sonny angrily tells Morgan biology doesn’t matter, and he loves his children equally.  Morgan wants his father to put him first, for once, and let him marry Kiki.  He swears Kiki will love him, and forget about Michael.  Sonny agrees to keep the secret.    
Derek calls someone to inform them he’s in town.
Connie returns home, and is surprised to hear Sonny gave Morgan his blessing.  
Morgan finds Kiki at the hospital, after Michael has given her his blessing. 

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    That Sonny/Morgan conversation was perfection. Everything Morgan was saying I so agreed with. Morgan was an afterthought. Everything was about Michael. It’s about time this show actually had a character driven scene instead of these constant plot contrived scenes.

    I love Britt. I want her to win.

    I don’t like this pod Patrick. Patrick is the most egotistical person ever to come into Port Charles. They are trying to tell me Patrick needed Sabrina’s mother stethoscope to bring him luck in Franco’s surgery? Really? Patrick has done a billion brain surgery since when has he ever needed luck? I need the real Patrick to stand up. And whenever Patrick talks to Suckbrina about his life with Robin, I don’t know why my blood boils.

    Felix needs a life. Everytime Felix sticks his nosy behind in Britt’s business and calls her names, it makes me hate Felix/Suckbrina more.

    They need to hurry and birth these babies. It seems they’ve been pregnant for years.

    KiKi and Michael, get over it. Kate needs to hurry and publish that info on Kiki and just get them together. Sick of those horrid “longing looks” they give each other.

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    For the first time sine they recast Morgan, I actually liked him. I thought BC did a fantastic job in those scenes. Jealousy over Michael, desperation over kiki and a wee bit of manipulating dear old dad to get what he wants.

    So, who’s the real father of Britt’s baby and is she the actual mother?

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    Daniel St. John

    I agree that the Sonny/Morgan scenes were great and the highlight of this episode. I also finally felt something besides indifference for Morgan and now understand the characters motivations after his emotional outburst at feeling slighted by his parents in favor of The Chosen One Michael. Maurice Benard was really good in those scenes too…sometimes I forget how much I dislike the character he plays when he has scenes like this.

    William Devry plays the part of an asshole very well.

    And another day with the magnificent Dr. O made me a happy camper.

    The rest of the show was very blah though.

  4. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I always enjoy when Sonny interacts with his lost son “Morgan”

    I think the baby is Dante/LuLu’s

    Dr. O is a mustache twirling villain and unfortunately not enough to make me feel sorry for Britt, she needs to get taken down they are using her mother as a sorry excuse if you are a bitch then own it none of this backpeddling.

    I’m tired of KiKi does she ever get a day off? Someone on another forum has kept a tally on how many times her name is said in dialog per eppy per week.

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    Morgan/Sonny. That was acting I havent seen in a long time. Bryan Craig certainly knew how to bring out the best in MB. Maurice was perfect. I like when he said blood dosent matter to him cause how many are being raised by people who arent blood. Some people just cant understand how you just dont look at blood. Devry is hot. I’d like to see him give Alexis the run around.

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    Lucy D.

    Britt clearly said Patrick is NOT the biological father so I don’t see how the baby can be Patrick and Robin’s.

    I thought the Morgan/Sonny scenes were very character revealing. Morgan just wants to feel loved and part of a family. I feel bad for him, but we all know this isn’t going to end well.

    I know Maya Ward has a sister. Is she a Quartermaine too, or only Maya?

    This Derek guy is going to be an interesting addition. I am interested in finding out what he’s up to.

    Is Connie going to spill the beans on Kiki? Will she try to & will Ava kill her? I hope the show doesn’t get all mobbed up again. I find the mob stories boring and repetitive. And badly acted.

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    [quote=Lucy D.]I know Maya Ward has a sister. Is she a Quartermaine too, or only Maya?[/quote]
    No, Maya’s sister is not related to the Quartermaine clan in anyway. Maya’s sister, Zoe Richardson was supposed to be introduced as Maya’s paternal half-sister; Maya is connected to the Quartermaines through her mother, Faith Ward, Edward’s granddaughter.

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    I enjoyed Morgan very much. I like that he finally was given a point of view. I really hate that Sonny vowed to keep the secret. I hope that doesn’t last long. Morgan is going to get hurt. Sonny should stop it before the wedding. I hope he does.

    Sabrina annoyed the hell out of me.

    Patrick is so not the guy Robin dragged to Port Charles anymore. What the hell happened to him?

    I wish we would see more of Maxie and Lulu together. Lulu was very involved before the recast but is less so the closer Maxie gets to delivery. That seems odd.

    I found Spinelli thinking Felix’s name calling of Britt a bit odd too considering he was the king of nicknames. I do like when characters who normally do not interact have scenes together.

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    Morgan is growing on me, not so much the character, I still find him annoying and cringe when he acts like a typical self absorbed rich kid, however the actor is finally showing some spark and is proving that he is actually a decent actor. Sometimes its easy to confuse the dislike for a character with disliking the actor. I think there’s promise there. I’m crossing my finger’s that Britt’s baby isn’t Lante’s. When she said Patrick isn’t the father of the baby I’m CARRYING it’s obviously hinting at the baby being Lantes. However, I’m hoping the baby is actually Britt’s biological child (even though I don’t want her to be saddled raising a kid) and the biological father is William Devry’s character.

    Derek is more than likely Ava’s brother and will be thrown up against Sonny, and even though I can’t rationalize it in my mind, Sam’s dad. So having him be the father of Britt’s baby doesn’t serve any purpose so it’ll go the predictable route. Britt’s baby is Lantes. Derek is somehow related to Sam. blah blah blah

    I just want to be surprised or shocked by a storyline…. being able to predict majority of the storyline takes out some of the joy. Shock me.

    I’m done venting now. Onto the good :)
    BC is showing spark and might actually turn out to be a decent actor–I’ve been holding out judgement knowing that it takes some time for new actors to get in sync with everything and I’ve been hoping the character will grow on me.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Felix and the actor. He’s brilliant and needed on the show. I love him even more now that they have him interacting with people other than Sabrina. Even though all he talks about with these people is Sabrina, its still nice to seem on his own. Now if we could get him his own storyline I’d be set.

    Speaking of Sabrina, it’s not the actress, it’s the character. I think the actress is good and is playing the character they gave her to the best of her ability. However, Sabrina doesn’t have an edge, I can’t find anything interesting about her. She’s sweet…and nosey…that’s about all there is to that character. I’m hoping when Robin comes back from the not so dead, Sabrina goes a little crazy…kidnaps Emma, stalks Patrick, SOMETHING, ANYTHING really. Anything but bowing out gracefully…this is a soap, give me something interesting. However the actress is good and she’s beautiful, more beautiful in real life without the Barbie makeup they give her on the show.

    I don’t mind KA as an actress. I don’t think she’s terrible like some people do. With the exception of the name, I’m not hating the Kiki character now that they’ve toned her down a little. Maybe they’ve toned her down a little to much now…I still want some of that spunk she had when she basically invited herself to stay at Michaels.

    Love Spinny as always.
    Emme Rylan is growing on me as Lulu…still miss JMB, but it helps that Emme is a decent actress. I always take a while to adjust to recasts (I never recovered when Laura Wright left Guiding Light)

    The show is kind of hit and miss lately, but I plan on sticking it out. I’ve already lost GL and ATWT…I don’t want to add GH to the list :)

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    This is hilarious, TPTB brought Kristina back portrayed by Lindsey Morgan and apparently it is NuMorgan that has stolen the show. This kid is amazing. The scene between him and Sonny has me tearing up. It was about time that Morgan had that talk with his dad. He is definitely as manipulative as Carly. This is all going to blow up in his face.

    Connie will get killed by a Jerome before she revels the truth.

    Why is Ellie on Dr. O’s shit list? That was odd of her going off like that about Ellie.

    Felix, Maxi, Spin, and Lulu all made a cute group. They look like people who actually hang out off set. I would like to see more interactions like that. I only wish Ellie would be part of that group and I am praying that she is still in the running to be a Q heir.

    Today was a really good show. I can not wait to see what happens next. Great job to Maurice and Aaron Refvem who happens to be from NYC. I thought there was something very NYish about him. Big-up NYC!!!! xoxo.

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    Maybe I blinked and missed something important, but I’m confused by Ava’s motivation. If Franco isn’t actually Kiki’s dad, then why did she shoot him? Was she afraid that he would eventually figure out that Kiki is not 19 but 21 and blow her entire ruse? Does she not think that it won’t come out eventually? That’s a pretty tough charade to keep up, especially when Kiki’s age is probably readily available from the New York State DMV for anyone who wants to find it. Perhaps the brilliant Silas Clay — who has mysteriously become a watered-down John McBain! — will think of that next week.

  12. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I have been saying since day one that this new actor (BC) portraying Morgan was a good actor, and yesterday proved that. The Sonny/Morgan scenes were excellent and very moving. I see so much of Carly in Morgan. He knows what is right…wants to do what is right…but is too selfish to do it. He is so much like his mother. As for his POV about being the afterthought…I knew that was coming also..because face it…It has ALWAYS been about Michael. Sun rises and sets on Michael, and it has been “Morgan who?” for far too long.

    The new guy does come off as a DBag..and DOES look too young to be Sam’s father.

    As for the father of Britt’s baby…we need to think who has sperm stored or been a patient at the clinic. Jax is the only other guy I remember storing sperm at GH. I lean this way because they may need a baby with the same genes as Jerry if they are using this for a cure to his poisoning. Dr O decided to kill two birds with one stone. Help Britt secure Pat, and get what she needed for a baby for Jerry’s cure. If it was Lante’s baby, why does Britt only feel bad for the father of her baby, and not the mother?…Unless it is Britt’s egg with Dante’s sperm. Maybe it is Starvo’s sperm, he was a patient at the clinic… All I know is the father can only be someone who they have access in acquiring sperm from…or the sperm that has been donated and stored.

    I have also liked Britt…but we have to remember she is not a total victim of her mother’s plot. She herself said she doesn’t have any guilt saddling Patrick with someone’s child… She is also going along with her mother knowing Robin is alive, and having someone’s baby without their knowledge. She is far from a innocent pawn in this, and shares guilt.

  13. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    Thanks for the info about Maya and her sister Nk3play2.

    Very interesting theory GHFan777. Britt doesn’t know Robin’s alive though, right?

  14. Profile photo of Perkie

    My only complaint about Morgan going off on Sonny, is that Morgan was mostly raised by Jax before being sent away, yet none of that came out yesterday. He complained of living in the dorm and spending time with other people’s families at holidays because he wasnt’ wanted at home, but Jax loved him like his own and was planning on adopting him, until tptb dropped that. So I call a little baloney on that.

  15. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    But Perkie, from Morgan’s point of view, he was sent away to keep him away from Sonny and safe from Sonny’s enemies. Michael got to stay. Jocelyn got to stay. His belief seems justified. Carly even stripped him of his family name.

  16. Profile photo of Cornfed

    [quote=GHvetfan]I wish we would see more of Maxie and Lulu together. Lulu was very involved before the recast but is less so the closer Maxie gets to delivery. That seems odd. [/quote]

    This seems “odd”? IT’S NOT ODD B/C RYLAN SUCKS IN THE ROLE OF LULU…i realize she’s a big name and a big “get” from Y/R, but GH, i’d cut your losses and recast this part. Lulu has become irrelevant, big time! :(

  17. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=Perkie]My only complaint about Morgan going off on Sonny, is that Morgan was mostly raised by Jax before being sent away, yet none of that came out yesterday. He complained of living in the dorm and spending time with other people’s families at holidays because he wasnt’ wanted at home, but Jax loved him like his own and was planning on adopting him, until tptb dropped that. So I call a little baloney on that.[/quote]
    We also have to take I to consideration the amount of SORAS years Morgan has been away…looking at it through that lens Morgan has been “exiled” from his family from elementary school age to young adulthood.
    So he probably lumps Jax in with Carly and Sonny as far as his feelings of abandonment go.

  18. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Lucy I would have to go back and view the scenes when they first showed Dr O talking to Britt. I can’t say exactly what happened or was said back then, but for some reason I have the impression that Britt knows Robin is alive. I could be wrong…wouldn’t be the first time…but that is the impression I have…If I am wrong…Britt is still an accomplice in her mother’s plan willingly…and she does know that she is up to no good and is plotting against others….Don’t get me wrong…I find myself liking Britt…MUCH better than Sabrina…maybe that is why I don’t really care that she is bad…I just know that the things she has done will be hard for people to forgive and forget. They are going to blame her right along with Dr O when things come out.

    Maybe someone else will know for sure if Britt knows. If you do speak up please LOL.

  19. Profile photo of giogio

    GHFAN777 – I kind of get the feeling she knows also. What about that phone call Emma got from Robin. Wasnt Britt there? Im liking Britt now also, but not for Patrick. I think she looks adorable near Nicholas.

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Ive been talking about how the show has been introducing newbies for a while now and todays morgan/sonny scenes prove it. The show SHOULD have introduced morgan without kiki and given us morgan with HIS FAMILY first, slowly, then by the time he met kiki on line and started gambling we would give a damn. instead they gave us two newbies mostly in scenes together. bc and mb shined yesterday and had morgans story started out that way it would have been all the better

  21. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    I thought Maya was Justus Wards daughter, the sister who never materialized wasn’t a Quartermaine though. Hmmm, might be interesting if we found out that Taylor and Felix were both Mayas’ younger siblings.

    Loved the Morgan/Sonny scene. For the first time I felt something for Morgan. The character has been pretty tiresome for me up to now, but today was good.It’s about time Morgan called out at least one of his parents on their blatant favoritism toward Michael. Good Job!!

    I too think Britts baby is Lulu and Dantes baby. It wouldn’t make a difference who the surrogate is, Lily will get her biological baby and Maxie will get to keep hers.

  22. Profile photo of Perkie

    I get what people are saying about Morgan and I would agree if it was about their relationship now. He’s got gambling debts while Michael’s the golden boy at ELQ. Michael has two fathers fighting for his attention. Michael does nothing and the girl is interested. I get Morgan being ticked at that.

    But the older stuff, Morgan was sent away for his protection and while he was gone, it’s not like Michael was being showered with puppies and unicorns and rainbows. Michael was busy getting shot in the head, being in a coma for a year, dealing with rage issues, killing his stepmother, going to jail and getting raped. Not exactly something that Morgan should be jealous of.

    Now, dont’ get me wrong, I understand the brother versus brother storytelling and I like it and it does work in this case, somewhat, I just felt Morgan was laying it on a wee bit thick.

  23. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving Morgan the POV I have always wanted for him. IMHO Molly and Morgan have always been after thoughts to Alexis, Sonny and Carly. Michael and Krissy being the golden children. So I loved that he got to voice it. No matter how this plays out I so am on team Morgan.. Michael is being just awful about the whole thing.

    Please can I have a break from KA already!! I still don’t see anything with the characters. Maybe its because her head is bigger than CD’S but I just can’t stand watching them.. Please grant my wish and hook up Ellie and Michael.

    Loved watching Lulu protective over Maxie…

  24. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    Thanks GHFan777 and giogio. I don’t hate Britt the way I did, since I feel bad for her. It doesn’t excuse her excessive meanness to Emma–which still makes no sense.

    But I don’t think she knows about Robin. Not excusing her behavior, still think she’s in too deep, but I think she’s in the dark there. I like the theory someone else had though. If Jerry Jax has Robin (which I think is right)then maybe the baby is Robin’s & Jerry’s done thru (I hope) artificial insemination. Or Jax’s as someone mentioned since maybe Jerry’s genes would be poisoned as well.

  25. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Britt doesn’t know about Robin. It would make the story better if Britt did know about Robin and she aligned with her mother to get Patrick to forget about Robin. Sadly TIIC instead made this all about Suckbrina.

    Maya isn’t Jutus’ daughter. She’s Faith daughter, Justus’ sister. Faith was never shown but was talked about. Maya has a half sister that must be her father’s daughter with another woman. It would be so cool if Taylor was really a Quatermaine. Taylor could be both Felix and Maya’s half sister. Maybe Maya’s father remarried and had Taylor. That would be so cool then Maya could come to PC to look after her sister, get involved in ELQ and hook up with Sean

  26. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Perkie on My only complaint about Morgan going off on Sonny, is that Morgan was mostly raised by Jax before being sent away, yet none of that came out yesterday.

    Enjoyed the Jax/Morgan relationship. Has Morgan and Dante ever had a scene together? That’s another missing detail in Morgan’s characterization for me they were very close and I find it odd he’s going through all of this with little interaction with his brother; Maybe I missed it because I don’t care for the KiKi character so I avoid her whenever I can but
    I am not getting the feel that they are close. I know Dante is in the baby storyline but can’t he have some scenes re: his brother’s story?

    There are many loopholes like this on this show history that isn’t brought out for new audience; Where is Elizabeth Korte when you need her.

    Thanks to logan_echolls and all who contributed to the Ward history. I’ve forgotten a lot of details.

  27. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @giogio — Yes, still not watching but did YT the Felix/Brad scenes last week, FF’d in between those and saw that nothing else has changed (Kiki /KA still in over her head as usual in the ELQ scenes, FrankenToddJason being propped,etc) I scan Perkie’s summaries here, but another soap friend also tells me who has/hasn’t been on…

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