Is Michael Damian Returning to The Young and the Restless?

Is The Young and the Restless'  Michael Damian heading back to Genoa City? Damian's co-star Eric Braeden sent Twitter buzzing when he responded to a fan of Damian's. Braeden remarked:


 Last LasLastLl

Last time Danny was seen in town, he attended ex-wife Phyllis' (Michell Stafford) trial for running down Paul (Doug Davidson) and Christine (Lauralee Bell).

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    I HAVE to ask: is that REALLY EB on Twitter? Because he doesn’t seem to realize that sentences end in punctuation other than exclamation marks!!!!! That just doesn’t seem like something EB would do.

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    I can believe he will be on in a few weeks. Katherine’s funeral is early September, and she was his step-mother when Katherine was married to Rex. I hope Gina comes back for the funeral as well.

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    So far Daniel’s return has actually been great. So I’d love to see Danny back as well.

    After yesterday’s show, which was pretty bad…(this Winters/Rose story has been dumb and contrived), today’s was GREAT.

    I often wonder who is writing which story? Still times when the writing is VERY uneven.

    I’m still worried about Kay’s story. Unless Jill is the focus going forward, it may failing miserably.

    But any vets we can get back to be a part of that story would be great!

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    Michael Damian is always welcomed back. He should be there for Kay’s funeral. I’m a little perplexed that why has there not been any other announcements about people returning for the funeral episodes???

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    Yoryla…Me too.

    I’m expecting more missed opportunities once this rolls out.

    Unless they are getting people to keep quiet about it, it’s not looking good yet.

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    Is it going to turn out that Hillary is the daughter of Gus and Rose, making her Leslie and Tyler’s half-sister? And was Neil somehow involved in Rose’s death? Is that why she is doing this to Neil and his family?

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    [quote=hey mon]If Danny comes back, Christine should at least make an appearance.[/quote]I’m surprised Danny even showed his face in Genoa City
    after Christine dumped him like a hot potato. It would be pathetic if he still keeps chasing after a woman who dumped him.
    After Christine dumped Danny, she hooked up with Paul.

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