Is Joan Collins PISSED About Shirley Jones’ ‘Swinging’ New Memoir?

Hell hath no fury like Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan! TMZ is reporting soap mega goddess Joan Collins is livid over allegations in Shirley Jones' new memoir that, back in the 60's, Collins and then-husband Anthony Newley almost engaged in a partner-swapping orgy with Jones and then-husband Jack Cassidy.

According to the celebrity news website, the Dynasty legend sent the The Partridge Family matriarch a cease and desist letter, demanding her book, Shirley Jones: A Memoir, be removed from stores. Am I the only one thinking a mud puddle and a pair of Nolan Miller gowns would be the best way to settle this?

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    It’s great PR. Either Collins and Jones laughing about this behind close doors or Jones is smiling anyway because her memoir gets so much attention.

    And honestly, after seeing some interviews with Joan Collins I doubt that she has a real problem with that reveal. It all adds to the diva legend she is.

    As I said … great PR.

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    Can we please get a Dynasty continuation much like Dallas. I liked Dallas and all but nobody did soap bitch goddess like Joan! NOBODY! Could you imagine little Krystina grown up? What about LB? Jamie did a casting for it a while back! Come on someone call that man up and get him on a soap opera writing team! I think we need to start a petition Dynasty was my favorite campy 80’s soap. I’ve watched them all but Dynasty was it for me. And I was born in the late 80’s! LOL! Soapnet was the shit a while back. Melrose Place, Dynasty, Ryan’s Hope! I watched them all but Dynasty did it for me!

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    TV Gord

    Shirley has been telling that story for years, so this can’t be the first time it got back to Joan. Maybe it’s different now that it’s in print.

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    TV Gord

    There’s an update to the story that the publisher has agreed to removed Joan’s name from the eBook editions and future printings. I guess that’s a compromise. So, if anyone sees Collins buying up existing copies in various book stores, now you’ll know why! ;-)

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