TOLN Announces All My Children and One Life to Live First Season Finales

All My Children and One Life to Live’s first seasons on the web will be coming to an end soon. TOLN announced today that OLTL will end its first season on Monday, August 19, while All My Children will drop the curtain on its first season on Monday, September 2.

Though TOLN does not provide a Season 2 premiere date for either soap, it does promise “a new, user-friendly web portal and app that will make it even easier for fans to connect with their favorite characters and will take their level of interaction to a whole new level.”

Check out the entire press release after the jump!


Los Angeles, CA – AUGUST1, 2013 — Prospect Park's The OnLine Network (TOLN) today announced their first season finales of their acclaimed dramas, “One Life To Live” on Monday, August 19th and “All My Children” on Monday, September 2nd. Both of these iconic series, which premiered to great fanfare this past April, have consistently ranked in the top 10 on iTunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus, and have had tens of millions of views since their historic online debut.  TOLN also announced that future seasons of the shows will benefit from the launch of a new, user-friendly web portal and app that will make it even easier for fans to connect with their favorite characters and will take their level of interaction to a whole new level.

"We could not be more proud to have delivered a stunning season of ‘All My Children’ and One Life to Live,’ and really thank the creative teams and cast for being true partners in this journey. Together we have tackled more business, creative, and logistical challenges than most shows experience in a lifetime of production, yet we continue to prevail with these top rated, critically acclaimed shows,” said Kwatinetz. “We are prepping now for next season and have more surprises and twists and turns to deliver audiences—I am just hoping they stay on the soaps and not in our way.” 

TOLN’s new digital destination for the network,, will feature dedicated series pages, enhanced video content, detailed show descriptions, cast and character pages, a photo gallery with social shopping functionality, links to the social media communities for both shows on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and much more.  The complimentary mobile app for iOS and Android will allow fans to watch full length episodes of ”One Life to Live” and “All My Children,” in addition to exclusive clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. The TOLN app will work on iOS (3G and Retina Display) and Android devices.

The first season of “All My Children” wraps up by answering many of the seasons burning questions.  Will Angie and Jesse finally bring home Cassandra after her horrific journey?  Will the ordeal bring them closer or is Jesse keeping another secret that could put his family in jeopardy?  Will Pete finally end up with Celia or do Colby and Opal have other plans?  And what of Dimitri’s feelings for Brooke? Miranda’s for AJ?  Zach’s for Kendall?  And is there a big surprise in store for Cara, JR and David about Oliver?  Lots of action to come.

This season of “One Life to Live” wraps as the entire town of Llanview attends the annual Man of the Year Gala. Viki and Dorian, co-chairs of the planning committee, hope that the event will go off without a hitch. However, with the conflicts between many of the characters brewing to the surface, that looks nearly impossible.  Fireworks explode and it all comes to a head with the shocking return of a fan favorite in a big way. Everything comes to a head on the season finale of “One Life to Live!”

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  1. Profile photo of appleridge

    Ok Im cool with this & PP doing seasons of these shows. Love the new app could help those who cant access hulu to watch. Also Im sure the new episodes second season will air on Hulu first then be available on the app afterwards.

  2. Profile photo of nysam

    hmmm. another change from what was originally promised. Season finale with no mention when season 2 will premiere?? I thought the shows were going to continue airing new episodes through the end of the year?

  3. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I have to agree. I was in the minority initially, but seasons are a good way to generate buzz when the premieres launch. All My Children has been excellent. I am loving the entirety of the Angie/Jesse/Cassandra storyline and every other story that touches it. Plus, superficially, I am like, damn, every woman (especially Angie) look so good clothes-wise. I was expecting far worse.

    I subscribed via iTunes from the start and I am finally going to the gym because of these shows. My formerly fat ass thanks TOLN.

  4. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    For some reason, in the beginning, I believed that they were going to present the episodes in a Seasonal format. I was surprised when I heard that they weren’t doing it. I guess they are after all.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Prospect Park is back from their short summer break and finally releasing an official statement again. Oh how I missed those press releases. I expect one to follow next week about the app or a delay in production or something. I’m sure PP won’t disappoint.

  6. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I really think these NEW versions of both shows are great. Love the changes.

    I was not into AMC at all on tv. This online version has me hooked.

    I am sorry they are not going to continue without interruption but whatever keeps them going is the best way to go.

  7. Profile photo of Daring2bReal

    This first season has been filled with bumps and bruises, for sure. But it’s been surprisingly satisfying, I have to admit… and I wasn’t 100% in favor of the shows returning. I didn’t want the legacy of the show’s tarnished.

    In the end, the underdog of the two, AMC, has been remarkably good. OLTL was never my personal favorite show, and that hasn’t changed. But I respect what has been accomplished.

    I am guardedly optimistic that this break will do both shows well. I don’t mind soaps taking on the seasonal breaks that other shows do. It might do other shows to consider taking a pause to rejigger stories!

  8. Profile photo of appleridge

    Each show only shot around 40 episodes so far. These episodes are filmed around 80k an episode, not 200k an episode at ABC

    Maybe they realized they need to take their time to get the best quality shows

    At ABC they were shooting 10 shows a week. Rob Gorrie said they shoot 6-7 a week now.

    I dont need 260 new shows. I will be happy with what they can get. AMC starts filming Aug 12 and OLTL Sept 9th 6 & their lease ends Dec 31. Im sure they will film into December. Take a Holiday break. Renew their lease & start shooting again in Feb 2014.

    I have a feeling Hulu will start airing new episodes sometime in October before sweeps began.

    I bet bu December each show will have somewhere between 80 and 90 episodes filmed.

  9. Profile photo of missmuffett41

    I hope season breaks of both shows helps them get picked up by a cable network like TNT, USA, or BRAVO. This way a cable company knows the beginning and ending of a story arc and can repeat the series in syndication without any confusion.

  10. Profile photo of brettyboy

    This has come from left field, I had no idea these were ‘seasons'; I just thought it was continuos how they’ve always been. I’m sure they said there were enough episodes for our viewing to be uninterrupted.

  11. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    AMC has been really good, almost from the start IMO. OLTL still needs to find a way to generate some connective tissue on the canvas–there’s really no rhyme or reason to a lot of what happens right now–but it’s gotten better in the last month or so I think.

  12. Profile photo of brettyboy

    [quote=Jon]Starting Monday 8/5, OWN will be airing AMC and OLTL only once each per day. AMC will air at 1pm and OLTL at 1:30pm Mon-Thu.[/quote]

    Madness! Why air them in this way while soaps are airing on the networks? They should show them at 3:00!

  13. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    It makes even less sense when you consider that for most of this summer the ratings for the network soaps have been on the upswing so those soaps on OWN are in a timeslot that is definitely not attracting soap viewers.

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