Will Liam Annul His Marriage to Please Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful? (SNEAK PEEK)

Hope Logan (Kim Matula) finally has Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) all to herself, but the fashionista needs one more thing from the publishing heir — an anulment of his brief marriage to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)!

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope makes it clear they can't be together unless Liam makes it like his marriage to her ex-stepsister never happened. Will he comply? Meanwhile, Rick (Jacob Young) turns to Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) for help, when his job running Forrester Creations is put on the line. Watch a sneak peek below! 

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    House of Plantagenet

    I didn’t think there was anyway I could hate Hope anymore, but she does this. This spoiled brat has Liam. Steffy gave him to Hope. But no. The bastard daughter of Brooke and Deacon wants to pretend like the marriage didn’t happen. Like Steffy and Liam did not lose a child. Hope, you are despicable. Steffy is the better woman.

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    It is so silly that these young kids get married to each other every three months, only to get the marriage annulled or of course forget to sign some papers. In her conversation with Brooke, I had to roll my eyes when Hope spoke about planing her wedding to Liam. It’s ridiculous.

    These kids are in their early 20s, right!? If you screw around with someone else in a few weeks anyway why even touch the topic of a marriage. Hope Logan already had enough weddings for a lifetime. And we all know that the wedding she’s planing on having now, is either not happening or set up to fail because of Wyatt.

    That’s where B&B still needs fixing. STOP marrying these young kids that no nothing about life nor what a marriage should be like. Hearing Hope talking about it gives the impression that she’s only a teenager anyway.
    And you don’t necessary need a wedding to serve a plot, Brad Bell.

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    Its good she does this. She deserves some proof that he is finally committing to her. The idiot is such a waffler. I hope he comes back with the papers not signed so that she dumps his lazy ass and runs off with Wyatt.

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    Steffy the better woman? Don’t make me laugh. Oh, actually I just did! Hope has every right to give Liam an ultimatum. He has been stringing Hope along for long enough. If Steffy wants to do the noble thing then do it. Stop this I do not want an annulment because an annulment means we were never married bullcrap.

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    This Lope/Wype is just zzzzz.

    This same old plot with Thorne and/or Thomas rising from the basement for a week or two to challenge whoever is on the CEO spot at the time – usually Ridge or Rick, this time the latter – has been done SO many times already, it’s really been beaten to death.

    The two first times when they did this good were in 2001 when Rick challenged big brother Ridge at Forrester with Amber on his side. That time it ended on Ridge ending up at Spectra. And the second time it worked was in 2004 when Thorne took a shot at trying to take down Ridge. But even then, it ended stupidly by the bros just “making up”. Yuck.

    After that all the FC CEO stories have been awful.

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    I’m sorry, I know the DC team on the podcast disagree, but I don’t think B&B has got past it’s awful phase, with the exception of the BATIE story, the rest of the show is shite. The triangle from hell is now a square from hell, and don’t even get me started on this awful ‘Bill has yet another son he didn’t know about’ Puh-lease.

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    I don’t understand the plot contrivance of having Steffy block the annulment when she left town so that Liam and Hope could be together. That part makes no sense at all.

    As far as Bill’s new son, I’m surprised he didn’t ask Wyatt to submit to a DNA test, just so he could be sure of Wyatt’s Spencer lineage.

    I do hope that the next phase of the Wyatt/Hope/Liam story is building Quinn’s hate for Hope (now that we know that she hates Hope over the Wyatt reveal). With Taylor gone, starting a new rivalry between Quinn and Brooke is the way to go.

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