EXCLUSIVE: Can Zach and Lea Work Things Out on All My Children? (SNEAK PEEK)

Poor Lea (Paula Garcés). Girlfriend was just trying to do her job with everything that happened with Jesse (Darnell Williams), but Zach (Thorsten Kaye) isn't trying to hear what she has to say these days on All My Children.

In this exclusive clip, the sexy FBI agent tries to explain things to Zach and hopes for a "do-over" on their romance. Is it too late for the couple to start again? Watch Lea begging like Keith Sweat after the jump!

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    Lea and Zach have definite chemistry but I don’t want to see too much of Lea pleading for chances with Zach.

    Paging Dr. Griffin Castillo!

    Considering Griffin’s ‘almost’ romantic history with Kendall, it might add a twist to see a future romantic entanglement with Agent Marquez.

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    The Zach/Lea pairing is actually one of my favorite parts of the show right now, which is saying ALOT considering I couldn’t stand Zach when he was eating the show’s previous iteration alive. That said, Paula Garces is way too hot to be begging any man for the time of day when she could have any hetero man with a heartbeat so I’m not feeling that part of the story. Still, I hope this situation resolves itself because I love those two together.

  3. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Ugh, another previously smart, independent, beautiful woman sacrificed to the altar of Zach Slater! She shouldn’t be begging him for anything, he is a buffoon!

    He is lucky she doesn’t bring him up on charges after he all but tampered with her investigations. Zach is NOT a cop, or any kind of govt’ agent, yet he has been involved way too much in he Cassandra kidnapping investigation.

    I think Griffin would be interesting to chem test with Lea, but Jordi Villasucio is not on contract. He is only recurring as far as I know. I don’t really care for Griffin or his bug eyed sister Cara, but I think the show is hurtin for some younger (30s-40s) leading men right now with Jr out of commission and injecting his booty with roids.

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    It doesn’t make any sense that Zach is more angry at the woman who was doing her job than the man who framed him for murder.

    SoapNet is showing AMC episodes towards the end of its run. Erica in Oakhaven after the whole Jane drama and Zach about to come back from the dead and all that. I wonder if they’re going to start again from the 1970s after the final episode airs.

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    I think he’s not mad at Jesse because he didn’t intentionally frame him. Also, if you look at Zach’s history, his family has been the most important thing to him. He has done some heinous and extreme things to protect them. Think of all the crimes he’s committed because of Kendall. So he’s not going to fault Jesse for doing what he had to do to protect his family. He’d do the same thing.

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    It would be kinda funny to see Lea tangle with Griffin, if only because PG and JV played cousins–Pilar and Tony Santos–back in the day on Guiding Light.

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