Jennifer Aniston on Katie Couric: “Is She a Legitimate Journalist?”

Things could be a little awk-ward the next time Chelsea Handler has her two BFFs, Katie Couric and Jennifer Aniston, over for dinner at the same time. During Aniston's recent appearance on Chelsea Lately, Handler informed her pal that Couric had asked about Aniston's engagement to Justin Theroux, when Handler appeared on Katie. Quipped Aniston:

"Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloid-y? Wasn't she on The Today Show?"

Burn! Chelsea better make sure Chuy seats those two across the room from one another next Chrismukkah.

Photo of Katie Couric by PR Photos

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    What is being sensationalized is the burn…but the real question is…why did Katie have Chelsea on her show…only to ask her about Jennifer?

    Was that a snarky comment? Yup.

    Was it deserved? Yup.

    It is tabloidy to talk to one celeb about another when you know you likely won’t get an interview from that one. It is insulting to Chelsea that you aren’t asking about her in her own interview, and frankly…Katie just demeaned herself.

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    TV Gord

    thecourt99, Katie had Chelsea on for almost the whole show, and there was one question about Jennifer, so it’s hardly as though they talked about nothing else. Katie promoted Chelsea Lately and After Lately and talked about Handler’s entire life, including the death of her brother and mother. In turn, Katie appeared on Chelsea Lately, too.

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    Couric keeps talking about wanting to do “hard news.” The only thing she cares about is sex. The woman is a horndog. The hard news she really cares about is in her boyfriend’s pants.

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